Legend of White Snake

Sun Xiao Xiao Legend of White Snake
I have high regard for timeless classics but even I think that three's a crowd with the addition of yet another Chinese drama inspired by the Legend of the White Snake 白蛇传.

When I first heard of a New Legend of Madam White Snake, I was stoked at the thought and intrigued with the secrecy surrounding a cast whose faces have yet to be revealed to this day. Then I hear even better news that Yang Zi and Ren Jialun will headline another version titled The Destiny of White Snake

I have to admit though that my interest is beginning to wane after hearing that one more remake has began filming last March. It sticks to the traditional story about a white snake saved by a simple man. She vows to remain in his gratitude forever thus paving the way for a forbidden romance. 

Given three very similar shows, it's got to be a challenge to stand out, if at all. The series stars Sun Xiao XiaoLu HongZhang Tian Yang and Wang Yu

Rate your favorite Chinese dramas in 2017.

Lu Hong Legend of White Snake

Zhang Tian Yang White Snake

Wang Yu White Snake

Xia Ling Xi Legend of White Snake


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