Healing Love

Wallace Chung Healing Love

Healing Love 幸福的理由 is a 55-episode Chinese TV series that sets itself apart with a theme around musical healing. Wallace Chung (Liang Sheng, Must We Be Sorrowful) who is also listed as a producer headlines as the main lead and he even took violin lessons and the like to get into character. Qiao Zhenyu (Hero's Dream), Wang Xiao Chen, Chen Ran also star. 

The story revolves around a musical genius who falls into despair after being afflicted with a hearing impairment. He returns to his country to teach instead and meets a language therapist who helps in his road to healing, yet the journey is riddled with difficulties complicated by a disapproving father, an obsessive ex and corporate problems. 

I can't say that I'm convinced to watch this at all, but General and I is proof that Wallace Chung's charisma has no limits and for that, I might just tune. Call it a coincidence but Wallace Chung previously released a song with the same Chinese title as the drama. 

Qiao Zhenyu Healing Love

Wang Xiao Chen Healing Love

Chen Ran Healing Love

Ning Xin Healing Love

Zhang Mei Qi Healing Love

Chen Xiang Xi Healing Love


  1. Hi, can you please advise when Healing Love by Wallace Chung will be available to view. Thank you so much.

    1. hi Ivy, there's no date yet. but will definitely update once there is:)