Fighter of the Destiny's premiere introduces 'Chen Changsheng' Luhan

Luhan Fighter of the Destiny

I may have found my next crack in Fighter of the Destiny 择天记, a Chinese drama starring Luhan, Gulnezer Bextiyar and Janice Wu though I have to add a caveat that this is a full on fantasy much like Ice Fantasy so it really depends whether this genre floats your boat. 

The show wastes no time in setting up the plot that revolves completely around Chen Changsheng as he takes on a very personal cause. It's like the drama gods know that we want more of him too, breezing through the childhood backstory before the first episode even ended in order to introduce Luhan as the main character. 

When he learns that he only has one year left to live, he sets out on a journey to fight destiny, clinging onto hope with earnest optimism. It's also adorable that he has a special fondness for his name that literally means long life. The hero is the underdog that is easy to root for and even easier when you're a fan of the actor playing him to begin with. 

Luhan Fighter of the Destiny
Of course, his real identity happens to be a prince, the true heir to a magical bloodline and he's undoubtedly going to have major mommy issues once the big reveal occurs. 

On a slightly different note, Chen Shu who plays the Empress brought up two hilariously valid points that came up while her family was watching the show, "The questions of these two viewers at home are very difficult. Dad asks: If you have to use blood as a sacrifice for the stars, won't taking a little bit of blood work, why offer the little baby? Young one asks: When you were carrying the baby to the stars, did Black Robe who was outside not care?"

Ah well, let's just agree to suspend our disbelief on this one or there wouldn't be a story. It is Luhan's first drama and while I find his acting cringing at times, his charisma more than makes up for it. I honestly can't say whether it's my biased tendencies talking but I'm pretty convinced that he is the living breathing Chen Changsheng.  

Luhan Fighter of the Destiny

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  1. I really like this drama, and I started reading the light novel, I hope it'll become even better