The Surgeons (2017)

The Surgeon c-drama

The Surgeons 外科风云 is a 45-episode Chinese medical drama about uncovering the truth behind a malpractice case that ended in tragedy for everyone involved. The series stars Jin Dong (Candle in the Tomb), Bai Bai He, Li Jia Hang, Liu Yi Jun (Lost Love in Times) and Lan Ying Ying (The Classic of Mountains and Seas).  

Zhuang Shu is a remarkable surgeon from the US who has returned to China to find the truth behind his mother's death as well as search for his long-lost sister. He crosses paths with Lu Chen Xi, the daughter of the patient who ignited the chain of events after mysteriously dying 29 years ago. As luck would have it, both grew up to become doctors working in the same hospital, which also paves the way for an eventual romance.

It seems interesting and all but did anyone notice that Jin Dong and Liu Yi Jun are together again? After Disguiser and Nirvana in Fire, I would watch this just to see them duke it out once more. 

Release Date: April 17, 2017 Beijing TV and Zhejiang TV

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Jin Dong Surgeons Chinese drama

 Surgeons Chinese drama Bai Bai He

Li Jia Hang Surgeons Chinese drama

Liu Yi Jun Surgeons Chinese drama

Lan Ying Yin Surgeons Chinese drama

He Du Juan The Surgeons

The Surgeon c-drama

The Surgeon c-drama

The Surgeon c-drama

The Surgeon c-drama
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