Qiao Zhenyu to become the Qin Emperor in Hero's Dream, Tiffany Tang guest stars

Hero's Dream Qiao Zhenyu

When you're ready for something other than fantasy, there's always science fiction. Hero's Dream is an upcoming costume drama 天意之秦天宝鉴 that combines elements of sci-fi, romance, suspense, adventure and history into one. It is set during the end of the Qin Dynasty and tells the story of a young hero who meets a mysterious man in black that offers him a deal that will change his life. 

The poster featuring Qiao Zhenyu (Song of Phoenix) is the first to be unveiled and he plays Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of the Qin Dynasty who seems to be a popular character choice these days given that it is also a main character in The King's Woman and Win the World, two c-dramas tackling the same time period. Tiffany Tang Yan (Princess Weiyoung) makes a special appearance as Nu Xi.

Tiffany Tang Her's Dream

Hero's Dream

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