New Dragon Gate Inn

Ma Ke New Dragon Gate Inn

New Dragon Gate Inn 新龙门客栈 is a 40-episode Chinese TV series inspired by a wuxia cult classic that has sparked many adaptations over the years though it was originally a movie written and directed by the late King Hu during the 1960's. 

The series stars Ma Ke (Journey of Flower), Qi Wei, Shen Meng Chen, Bao Jian Feng (Zhao Ge) and Daniel Chan (Lan Ling Wang). The first stills aren't as hype-worthy as I'd imagined but I'm looking forward to seeing Daniel Chan in the flesh.

Towards the end of the Ming Dynasty, Zhou Huai An, an official serving under the Jin Yi Wei, takes up arms against the eunuchs in Dong Chang to protect the only son of Ying Wang. His stand against a corrupt organization ignites an extraordinary adventure that leads him to the Dragon Gate Inn. 

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Qi Wei New Dragon Gate Inn

Shen Meng Chen New Dragon Gate Inn

Bao Jian Feng New Dragon Gate Inn


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