Legal woes for Game of Hunting, If We Can Love Like This and Siege in Fog

Hunting Ground

It's ironic that drama can begin way before an actual drama even makes it to the small screen but that is exactly what is happening for Game of Hunting and If We Can Love Like This, which are stuck on the sidelines because of an ongoing war between its production company Qing Yu Chuan Mei and broadcasting network Hunan TV. 

Game of Hunting is Hu Ge's next drama after the double success of Nirvana in Fire and Disguiser while If We Can Love Like stars Dong Da Wei and Liu Shi Shi. I imagine that the hype is high for both which is why Hunan TV took the steps to secure exclusive broadcasting rights. 

If We Can Love Like This
Alas, trouble started brewing when Qing Yu accused Hunan TV of failing to make their payments on time and eventually wanted to be released from the contract. Hunan TV took matters to court and what ensues are a bunch of legalities that most of us probably couldn't care less about.

The court ruled that damages be paid to each other and that Hunan TV retain broadcast rights but it's not over since Qing Yu has appealed and the thing is, all of this happened last year for a show that was meant to broadcast last summer, so here's to hoping that it finally airs this year because for one, Hu Ge is gone at least for a while.

Siege in Fog

Siege in Fog is another show mired in a legal battle, this time between the production company and author Fei Wo Si Cun who also wrote Tears in Heaven, Sealed With A Kiss and Chronicle of Life

The author has been very vocal on weibo regarding the case and she shared on Jun. 12, 2016, "Everyone is worried about the Siege in Fog copyright infringement, court proceedings begin this month. I am determined to fight until the end. The process may be long and difficult, but I believe in light and justice, thieves are thieves, they will pay for breaking the law."

Fei Wo Si Cun

From what I gather, Fei Wo Si Cun sold the production license to her novel for five years ending March 14, 2016, yet filming only began two days before the deadline. Since it is impossible to finish before that, Fei Wo Si Cun was willing to accept a figurative sum way below the market rate as a contract renewal fee. The production company did not agree and went ahead without her consent.

Producer Chang Sha shared that the amount requested was 12 million which is a ridiculously high amount and she also said that they had already poured in huge sums into the screenplay due to many difficulties with no help from the author who refused to lift a finger.  

It's a lot of he said she said that has worsened into name calling and to be honest, we won't ever know who's really right or wrong so it's ultimately up to the court. It is a pity because the cast is spot on starring Elvis Han (Monster Killer 2), Sun Yi (Because of Meeting You), Alex Fong (Liu Shan Men), Jeremy Jones (Angelo), Yu Bo (General and I), etc. Yet this show may drag on for a while with no air date nor broadcast network in sight. 

Source: Money163, Sina


  1. When I saw this I was hoping we would get an update on 'Siege in the Fog' airing but I guess not :( I don't know enough about the situation but I do tend to side with the authors with these stories.
    Speaking of which it's sad the author of the original novel that Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms was plagiarised from hasn't received any justice and has to watch Tang Qi get richer and all the recognition.

    1. haha no... the latest update when i was reading the articles last night was no update. not sure if u follow Hunting Ground but that one may actually air in October or December (all rumors tho).

      And yes.. i don't read novels but a commenter informed me about the controversy and even gave a link.. crazy how much of the work seems plagiarized:( feel bad for the original author. i feel a little uncomfortable supporting Tang Qi's work by loving the drama but I try to not think of it that way since we're ultimately supporting the show, the ppl who made it and everyone in it.