Angelababy confirmed for Entrepreneurial Age, Huang Xuan still a maybe

Chuang Ye Shi Dai

Seeing Angelababy headline another Chinese drama scares me a little because inasmuch as I find her likeable, I never managed to get through any of her dramas, take Song in the Clouds and General and I for instance.  

In her defense, I feel like she'd actually do well in candy roles but Entrepreneurial Age 创业时代 certainly seems far from one as it tells the founding of tech giants and their struggles to get to where they are

Filming is expected to begin in May and it will be her first project after giving birth in January. Huang Xuan (Tribes and Empires) who is a quite a solid actor is rumored to be her leading man.

Entrepreneurial Age


  1. Why is AB suddenly so interested in dramas? I thought she was a film actress.

    On the other hand, Huang Xuan is known for bringing out the best in mediocre actresses like he did to Yang Mi in The Interpreters. Hopefully they will have great chemistry together.

    1. "Huang Xuan is known for bringing out the best in mediocre actresses"? Don't make me laugh. I don't recall him cooperating with "mediocre" actresses other than YM and Liu Shi Shi. LSS was awful in the Ming Doctress drama. Moreover, YM was terrible in Les Interpretes as well. She's a decent actress when she tries though (see her earlier works and the more recent Eternal Love). So even if you thought she wasn't that bad, it still doesn't make sense to give HX the credit.

  2. She was fine in General and I. I like Huang Xuan in Les Intepretes, it just the story is bad in the second half. I'm actually looking forward to this pair.

  3. I read Wallace Chung is confirmed for thus now