Liar Game (2014)

Liar Game k-drama
Nothing gets me more excited than Korean adaptations of coveted Japanese dramas or mangas, and while Liar Game came out three years ago, fans are still anticipating and wishing for a season 2 because it delivered in every aspect that I'd like to think, surpassed the original. Moreover, this is the drama that started my love affair with TvN series so you can have high hopes for this one.

Liar Game k-drama
The casting was superb, each actor nailing their respective roles - Kim So Eun playing the naive and vulnerable Nam Da Jung while Shin Sung Rok mostly known for his villainous roles, plays the Game Master, Kang Do Young, leaving you with shivers running down your back. Lee Sang Yoon won me over with his performance in this, playing the cold and calculating Cha Woo Jin, Professor turned swindler. Now that's just a drastic change in careers people are bound to question but if you ask me, having a Professor of Psychology swindle and lie to everyone seems fitting because it's all about knowing human behaviour.

Liar Game k-drama
I like this remake a lot, not only because I'm a fan of the Liar Game series but the drama really tries to be more realistic where the Japanese version is a lot more fantastical, it's fictional elements more apparent. Turning a series about betrayal and human greed into the context of a game show, the Korean adaptation of Liar Game seems more believable since the public is aware of the characters existence, finding pleasure in how contestants have to cheat and manipulate one another. It reflects the conditions of reality shows where money is on the line at the expense of 'entertainment.' 

Of course there's a grand plan for all of this, the Game Master hand-picking each and every one of the contestants for a specific reason; their all pawns in his game of chess. Let's just say this is one drama that really is all about psychological warfare.

Liar Game k-drama
The drama is digestible, only 12 episodes long (sadly) and just slightly a little over an hour. So if you're short on time but still need to satisfy your Korean drama craves, then Lair Game is highly recommended. It's intelligent, really well written and unique. You won't come across anything like it.

Release Date: October 20, 2014 (Eng Sub available on Viki)

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