Legend of Zu 2 (2018)

Chen Zhe Yuan Legend of Zu 2

Nicky Wu has bought the rights to reproduce Legend of Zu in the form of dramas, movies, web series, manhwa (comics), mobile games and e-commerce since December 2014. It is an all-encompassing deal that he kickstarted with the Chinese drama starring Zhao Li Ying and William Chan so it's not at all surprisingly to see him following it up with Legend of Zu 2 蜀山战纪之踏火行歌 . 

Other than Nicky Wu who plays a significant role, the cast is made up entirely of newcomers that include Yu Ting Er, Chen Zhe Yuan, Nie Zi Hao and Liu Yi Tong. It is a young cast for sure, mostly born in the 1990's, the youngest of which is leading lady Yu Ting Er who just turned seventeen. 

The sequel revolves around Yu Ying Qi, a man from a tribe of people skilled in medicine who are forced into hiding because of a conspiracy. Yu Ying Nan is his adopted sister who ends up going to Zu Mountain to learn the art of cultivation. Although the story follows its own course, expect some crossover from the original as the Chi Hun Stone makes an appearance once again. 

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Yu Ting Er Legend of Zu 2

Nie Zi Hao as Bai Gu Yi
Liu Yi Tong Legend of Zu 2

Nicky Wu Legend of Zu 2


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