Jing Tian and Carina Lau up for new Sword of Legends movie

Jing Tian Sword of Legends

You may have heard about the upcoming Sword of Legends movie starring Victoria Song but wait, there is another one making the rounds online that will potentially cast rising star Jing Tian and veteran actress Carina Lau.   

The latest movie adaptation of the famous role-playing game will be brought to us by H&R Century Pictures which produced the 2014 hit series Sword of Legends that started the mania in the first place. 

What this means it that there is a high chance the story will revolve around our beloved characters Baili Tusu and Feng Qing Xue. There is no word yet on the male lead though filming is expected to begin in the latter half of this year. 

I'm honestly a bit disappointed with The Glory of Tang Dynasty, which currently features Jing Tian as the titular heroine though I have to admit, the lure of Sword of Legends is too strong to resist.  

Carina Lau Sword of Legends


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