Dilraba Dilmurat and Zhang Bin Bin headline the prequel to Legend of Qin

Legend of Qin 2 Dilraba Dilmurat Zhang Bin Bin

Aww.... this news deserves a happy dance all around because not only are we getting another Legend of Qin inspired TV adaptation with The King's Woman 丽姬传 but it also brings together Dilraba Dilmurat and Zhang Bin Bin, two charismatic young artists with tons of chemistry. 

For those who don't know, both are being managed by Yang Mi Studio, which explains why they are often working on the same projects. I was seriously suffering from a severe case of second lead syndrome after rooting tirelessly for Zhang Bin Bin to get the girl in Pretty Li Hui Zhenso imagine my excitement upon hearing that they will be paired together as the leads this time around

The series will revolve around the older generation to tell the events that occurred before the heroes of Qin's Moon were born. 

The King's Woman


  1. So excited for this drama THey are both so good looking AND very good actors which isn't always the case with the new crop of C-actors. Their chemistry was off the charts in Pretty Li Hui Zhen so I hope it's just as amazing here.

    1. yes can't agree more, I rally liked them in Pretty Li Hui Zhen, their friendship just seemed to much more natural and Zhang Bin Bin's character in the show is just sweet all around.

  2. I love their characters from Eternal Love! They are people that i have certainly noticed during the drama. They are both beautiful people, i can't wait to watch this drama. Im hung up on Eternal Love and i need a new c-drama fast!

  3. I love their chemistry. Im so hooked to King's Woman. Cant wait for Li to fall inluv with Zheng❤❤❤

  4. The Drama is so DAEBAK!!! It'been now 30++ episodes but I still hooked, so it prove it how good the drama is. Sometimes when I watch kdrama, I lost interest when it begin to ep 7 and more, the conflict getting boring.