Chinese celebs send their greetings for the Lantern Festival

Angelababy Lantern Festival

Yuan Xiao Jie or Lantern Festival was yesterday Feb 11, 2017. It signifies the 15th day of the first month of Lunar New Year and marks the end of the new year celebrations. The day itself typically gets a grand sendoff with a sea of lanterns filling the sky. 

For most of us, all we can do in the comforts of our home is to have some tang yuan aka rice balls in keeping with the tradition of eating something sticky and round for the family togetherness and happiness.

Ma Ke literally posted a picture of animated rice balls. Luhan greeted everyone the night before while the rest of the stars like Angelababy, Jelly Lin, Feng Shao Feng, Liu Tao, William Yang Xuwen, Yang Zi, Deng Sha, Wang Kai and Wu Lei posted their greetings along with a picture of themselves, their food and (or) what's left of it. 

Ma Ke Lantern Festival
Luhan Lantern Festival

Jelly Lin Yun Lantern Festival

Feng Shao Feng Lantern Festival

Liu Tao Lantern Festival

Yang Xu Wen Lantern Festival

Yang Zi Lantern Festival

Deng Sha Lantern Festival

Wang Kai Lantern Festival

Wu Lei Lantern Festival
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