Chen Ruo Xuan becomes An Yue Xi's leading man in The Endless Love

The Endless Love Chen Ruo Xi An Yue Xi
Chen Ruo Xuan replaces Song Wei Long in The Endless Love 路從今夜白 because of the latter's scheduling conflicts that is likely due to a certain Yu Zheng drama which started filming recently and it actually seems like a win-win situation for both actors. 

Chen Ruo Xuan (Novoland) has been reaching a wider audience after headlining the popular web series Evil Minds and it's nice to see him elevating to leading man status in a mainstream broadcast scheduled to appear on Hunan TV no less. On the other hand, An Yue Xi (Whirlwind Girl 2) who gives off a bright and cheery image remains as the lead. 

The story is adapted from a novel by Mo Wu Bi Ge 墨舞碧歌 about former college sweethearts crossing paths years after they broke up due to a misunderstanding. 

Source: AnYueXi, ChenRuoXuan


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