The Legends of Monkey King

Legends of Monkey King

Because of the wide reach of the classic Monkey King story, several versions continue to be made so I literally had to do a double take upon hearing that another one is in the works starring Raymond Lam (Rule the World), Kenji Wu, Jiang Meng Jie (Sword Master) and Jin Akanishi

The Legend of Monkey King 大泼猴 is a 45-episode Chinese TV series based on a novel by Jia Yu Bu Shi Gui 甲鱼不是龟 and it follows a trend of Journey to the West inspired adaptations that are far from conventional. 

A young man accidentally travels through time and becomes the Monkey King incarnate. Unwilling to accept his fate, he embarks on a xianxia adventure that brings him face to face with gods, demons and even an unexpected romance.

For synopsis, cast and ratings, see 2017 c-drama recommendations.


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