Ode to Joy 2 (2017)

Ode to Joy 2

Liu Tao posted on weibo a picture of herself and the girls with the caption, "Yes~we're back," and just like that the much-loved cast returns with Ode to Joy 2 欢乐颂2 starring Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Olivia Wang, Yang Zi, Qiao Xin, Wang Kai, Yang Shuo and more. 

It is a 52-episode Chinese drama produced once again by Hou Hong Liang that continues to revolve around five modern day women encountering new obstacles with regards to their personal lives. 

Andy welcomes a romance with wealthy heir Bao Yi Fan yet his complicated background is ultimately a source of problems. Fan Sheng Mei also attempts to start anew yet she feels constrained by her family and finds herself pushing Wang Bo Chuan. 

Qu Xiao Xiao and Zhao Qi Ping have a hard time seeing eye to eye while Qiu Ying Ying is passionately in love with Ying Qin. Guan Ju Er has fallen deeply for young rocker Xie Bin, yet her parents are strongly against their relationship.

Release Date: May 8, 2017 Dragon TV and Zhejiang TV

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Ode to Joy Season 2

Liu Tao Ode to Joy Season 2

Olivia Wang Ode to Joy 2

Jiang Xin Ode to Joy 2

Yang Zi Ode to Joy 2

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Ode to Joy 2

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