How Angelababy got her name


Angelababy is perhaps the only actress more recognizable to Chinese audiences for her English name rather than her Chinese name Yang Ying 杨颖 and also the only female member of the Chinese version of Running Man. Neither are spectacular merits but to be the only one in anything is noteworthy on its own.  

I have been asked on more than one occasion regarding her name and whaddoyouknow I stumble across an article specifically about it. She used to go by Angela as a young girl, a name just like an angel but the combination of baby fat and classmates wanting an easier name to pronounce led to the nickname Baby. 

She thought of the name Angela as a stage name but ultimately decided on Angelababy to distinguish herself as a model. I honestly found her name awkward at first but it is certainly unique so who's to say it wasn't a good move. After all, she has got fame, fortune, romance and recently welcomed a baby boy with hubby Huang Xiaoming.  


  1. If Angela isn't her real name, but a stage name, how were people calling her Baby as a kid because it was easier than Angela?? *scratches head* I'm still confused

    1. oops maybe i am not clear:) from what i gather, Angela is her real English name but people chose to call her Baby instead, coz it's easier to pronounce or at least shorter by one syllable.

  2. I got used to her name but thought it was really tacky in the beginning.