Character introductions: Oh My General

Oh My General Sandra Ma

Oh My General 将军在上 unveils the Ye Family Army and each one of them is a sight to behold including Sheng Yi Lun whose character is initially but a royal without a care for the world.

Sandra Ma (Soulmate) plays Ye Zhao, a martial arts expert cross dressing as a boy. She leads an entire army to victory at the age of sixteen and makes a name for herself as a ruthless killer, earning the title "living king of hell."

Oh My General Sheng Yi Lun
Sheng Yi Lun (Go Princess Go) plays Zhao Yu Jin, a titled prince that grows up in the comforts of the palace. He is the number one flower boy of the Song Dynasty and the nephew of the king. Refusing to be seen as the weaker one in an arranged marriage with Ye Zhao, Zhao Yu Jin does everything in his power to try and escape. 

Oh My General Ding Chuan
Ding Chuan as Hu Qing is the military strategist of the Ye Family Army who has always harbored deep feelings for the general in spite of thinking that she is a man. He realizes the truth eventually yet she is already betrothed to another. 

Oh My General Wang Chu Ran
Wang Chu Ran plays Liu Xi Yin, a character well-loved by fans of the novel. She is the cousin of Ye Zhao, intelligent, strong-willed and beautiful beyond compare. She was rescued by Ye Zhao as a child and continues to believe in a promise that Ye Zhao once jokingly said to marry her when she grows up. 

Oh My General Pan Shi Qi
Pan Shi Qi as Qiu Shui, the older of two siblings loyal to Ye Zhao. 

Oh My General Wang Xuan
Wang Xuan as Qiu Hua, the younger of two siblings loyal to Ye Zhao. Following Ye Zhao, she cross dresses to join the Ye Family Army and will play a pivotal role in the upcoming battles. 


  1. Ah, looks pretty bad-ass. Let's hope for the best.
    *grumble* more to watch *sigh*

    1. Yes seriously I'm grumbling too but secretly happy inside. I promise I'm not purposely keeping count but I noticed that you've passed the second comment and third and still counting. Thank u.. I'm touched:)

  2. Hah, yes, I seem to be doing well in actually writing an opinion when I have one. Real life keeps leading me astray and I'm by inclination more of a kdrama-watcher, however, you make me aware of so many interesting new cdramas (or they've gotten better on the whole) that I simply have to come back here.

    As for this show, now that I've watched "Go Princess Go" (which I found weird but immensly entertaining) I'm interested in the main lead.