Character introductions: The Glory of Tang Dynasty

Jing Tian The Glory of Tang Dynasty

Jing Tian (Legend of Banshu) headlines The Glory of Tang Dynasty 大唐荣耀 as Shen Zhen Zhu, a proper lady from a noble family selected to become the concubine of Li Yu. She is but a frail woman who rises up to a position of power. 

Ren Jia Lun The Glory of Tang Dynasty

Ren Jia Lun (Legend of Chusen) plays Li Yu, the 8th emperor of the Tang Dynasty. Before he was the emperor, he was Guang Ping Wang Li Chu, a prideful yet passionate man with many romances.  

Wan Qian as Dugu Jingyao
Wan Qian plays a female general named Dugu Jingyao. 

Shu Chang The Glory of Tang Dynasty
Shu Chang (Legend of Chusen) plays Mu Rong Lin Zhi, Shen Zhen Zhu's friend and the concubine of Jian Ning Wang. She is a brilliant doctor who is gentle and kind-hearted yet history forces her to endure endless pain and humiliation. 

Yu Xiao Wei The Glory of Tang Dynasty
Yu Xiao Wei as Mo Yan Chuo, the khan of another tribe who has taken a liking to Shen Zhen Zhu. 

Qin Jun Jie The Glory of Tang Dynasty
Qin Jun Jie (The Lost Tomb 2) plays Jian Ning Wang Li Tan. He is a talented hero skilled in horseback riding and archery and a man devoted only to Mu Rong Lin Zhi. However, his is bound by his fate as a member of the royal family.  

Mao Zi Jun The Glory of Tang Dynasty
Mao Zi Jun (The Four) as An Qing Xu. He appears to be reserved to most people but inside is a man that is thoughtful, calculating and equally talented in all fields. He grows up lacking in love and warmth but finds a purpose in loving Shen Zhen Zhu.


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