Top bankable Chinese stars in 2016 based on Forbes and CBN Weekly

Fan Bing Bing Lady in the Dynasty

Lo and behold, two Chinese stars and some from Bollywood have made the annual compilation of Forbes highest paid celebrities. It actually makes sense that the most bankable stars outside of Hollywood would come from China and India, which are two of the most populous countries in the world. Fan Bing Bing ranks number five among the women with $17 million. She is best known to American audiences for playing Blink in X-Men but she is a household name in the Chinese speaking world especially due to her recent projects where she has been practically typecast to play powerful female icons. 

It seems to be the right move career-wise given her successes in Empress of China and Lady in the Dynasty. Her latest movie I Am Not Madam Bovary is also doing well in the box office. 

Jackie Chan Little Soldier Big Soldier

Jackie Chan beats out Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Matt Damon and comes second only to Dwayne The Rock Johnson on the list with earnings amounting to $61 million. At the age of 62, he certainly shows no signs of slowing down, starring in Skiptrace early this year, coincidentally also opposite Fan Bing Bing and following it up with Railroad Tigers this month. 

Hu Ge Sound of the Desert Episode 1

Meanwhile, CBN Weekly has released their top 100 valuable celebrities in China, a list sourced from a variety of outlets from Sep 2015 - Oct 2016. I have no idea how reliable it actually is but I'm super happy that Hu Ge topped the list and kind of surprised that Zhao Li Ying is only number 8. 

On another note, former EXO members seem to be doing well with Luhan at number 7 and Kris Wu at number 19 while current EXO member Lay trails closely at number 23. Huang Zi Tao didn't make the cut but there's always next year. If you are looking for the ladies of Chinese Paladin, Yang Mi heads at number 23 while Cecilia Liu, Tiffany Tang and Crystal Liu dabble within the top 41-50 range. Happy Camp TV host He Jiong earns his place amongst the stars at number 26. 

#1 Hu Ge
#2 Angelababy
#3 Deng Chao
#4 Fan Bing Bing
#5 Liu Tao 
#6 Jay Chou
#7 Luhan
#8 Zanilia Zhao Li Ying 
#9 Sun Li
#10 Yang Yang 
#11 Li Yi Feng 
#12 Jackie Chan
#13 Huang Bo 
#14 Vicki Zhao
#15 Andy Lau
#16 Huang Xiaoming
#17 Wallace Huo
#18 Stephen Chow
#19 Kris Wu
#20 Feng Xiao Gang 
#21 Eason Chan
#22 Zhang Yixing Lay 
#23 Yang Mi
#24 Liu Na
#25 Shu Qi
#26 He Jiong
#27 Chen Kun 
#28 TFBoys
#29 Ning Ze Tao
#30 Jing Boran
#31 JJ Lin
#32 Louis Koo
#33 Li Chen
#34 Wang Bao Qiang
#35 Yao Ming
#36 Xu Zheng
#37 Wang Fei 
#38 Wang Kai
#39 Xue Zhi Qian
#40 Eddie Peng
#41 Cecilia Liu Shi Shi
#42 Li Yu Chun
#43 Tiffany Tang Yan
#44 Sun Yang
#45 Crystal Liu Yi Fei
#46 Bai Bai He
#47 Lin Dan
#48 Huang Xuan
#49 Lin Zhi Ling
#50 Donnie Yen


  1. Yayyy!! I'm super happy for Hu Ge, since his acting absolutely captivates me. It's also great to see my other bae Wang Kai, and many familiar names

  2. Angelababy #2 - she's THAT popular?

    1. You will be surprise in the number of adverts she is in and how many brand ambassadors she represents.

  3. The Forbes list is always a reliable source as usual but I really want to know how they decided on the CBN list because some of those name are rather questionable. They probably all deserve to be on the list but I doubt some of the rankings.

  4. This doesn't seem all that accurate at all. Kris Wu for example has a huge Burberry advertisement - a global one.

    1. Well Chris is fairly high up on the list already. I mean I wouldnt expect him to be even near there. Stephen Chow just above him has movies that are Grossing over 1 billion RMB in China and other actors like Jackie Chan who is the second highest earning actor in the entire world. I mean how much does a Burberry Modelling contract pay, I feel it is no where near what some of these celebrities get.

    2. I believe this list is about commercial viability and not earnings. If it was about earnings then Jackie would be #1 and Stephen Chow would be higher considering he has a $500 million movie.

      Kris has a whole bunch of endorsements, more than some of those people high up on the list. Huge endorsements from big companies too, like BVLGARI, Burberry, Adidas, Honor, Maybelline, Smart Mercedez Benz, etc.

      Anyway, it's their list. I'm just curious what the factors were.

  5. Angel baby? Zhao Liying is more popular than her even not in china

  6. Hmmmm, I am happy for Liying ot be on the list eventhough only 7 or 8 but still she tops more seasoned actors and actresses. Bravo for Liying.