The Starry Night The Starry Sea Season 2

The Starry Night the Starry Sea Season 2

The Starry Night The Starry Sea has yet to air but it looks like the sequel or prequel has been planned from the very beginning given that the cast began filming for the second one before the first one even aired. Considering how an Ice Fantasy Destiny literally popped out of nowhere, sequels seems to be Feng Shao Feng's new thing. 

The Starry Night The Starry Sea 2 那片星空那片海第二季 is a 32-episode Chinese TV series that keeps to the existing premise of a human meeting a merman but it transports the modern-day story to the Tang Dynasty. 

As an avid fan of period dramas, it's certainly a welcome change and it looks like there are also bigger names this time around. The series stars Feng Shao Feng (Ice Fantasy), Haden Kuo (Wong Fei Hung), Bosco Wong and Wang Yang Ming

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Feng Shao Feng Starry Night Starry Sea 2

Haden Kuo Starry Night Starry Sea 2

Bosco Wong Starry Night Starry Sea 2

Wang Yang Ming Starry Night Starry Sea 2

Source: Sina


  1. Is this one of those shows where they attempt something bold and never done before in C-dramas (is. Ice Fantasy)?

    1. no i don't think it's gonna be anywhere nearly as high profile as Ice Fantasy.. to be honest i think it's just your average c-drama but let's wait and see until they release more info:)

  2. I feel like I'll enjoy this one better than the first if I watch it. A big if now. :/ I just dropped the first after 16 episodes and skipped to the end. I don't feel like I missed much at all. I couldn't take the dingbat female lead and some of those side characters. They all got under my skin.

    Others are saying this sequel is a "prequel" to the modern day story. I'd rather it just be something different. But the Mer-Man did live a 1000 years, I can imagine everything he encountered.

    1. I dropped the first one after a few episodes only but I do love costume dramas so the second one definitely sounds more appealing :)

  3. The final episode of season 1 is terribly heartbreaking! I couldn't believe that that was going to happen to our extremely handsome lead, Wu Ju Lan. I'm still crying inside. The writer of this novel really knows how to break hearts! With this new season coming, I really hope that whatever the story will help us getover that season 1 ending!

  4. I hope it's not as bad as season 2 ice fantasy... :/