Monkey King 2 (Movie)

The creators of the original return with Monkey King 2 西游记之孙悟空三打白骨精 and even coincided its premiere to commence on the Year of the Monkey, no doubt as a gimmick to entice viewers to go bananas for it. 

Aaron Kwok returns but instead of Bull Demon King, he takes on the titular role as the Monkey King while the rest of the cast includes Feng Shao Feng (Ice Fantasy), Gong Li, Xiao Sheng Yang, Luo Zhong Qian and Kelly Chen

The story follows a familiar setup told over and over in the context of Journey to the West. A villain plots to capture Tang Seng and she is Bai Gu Jing, Monkey King's long time nemesis.

Release Date: February 8, 2016

Aaron Kwok in Monkey King 2

Feng Shao Feng in Monkey King 2

Gong Li in Monkey King 2

Xiao Shen Yang in Monkey King 2

Luo Zhong Qian in Monkey King 2

Kelly Chen in Monkey King 2

Cao Xiang in Monkey King 2

Monkey King 2
Monkey King 2

Monkey King 2
Monkey King 2


  1. These are not amazing oscar worth films and they are mainly a CGI fest and but if people are looking for a enjoyable and fun film, I would recommend these. These are types of film that you can just relax and watch without thinking too much.
    They are already preparing to make the third installment with all the main cast return and they have casted TV's queen Zhao Li Ying as the Queen of Women Country (Fitting role). One more movie to look forward to.

    1. lol to say it's not oscar worthy is an understatement, i personally really didn't enjoy monkey king 1 and have yet to watch monkey king 2. but yes, i've been meaning to post about Monkey King 3, which i'm actually excited for it coz it's Zhao Li Ying:)