Hu Ge and Zhang Ziyi possibly up for Emperor's Conquest

Zhang Ziyi Hu Ge Emperor's Conquest

Zhang Ziyi and Hu Ge are the potential leads for Emperor's Conquest 帝王业, an upcoming Chinese drama based on a novel of the same name. 

Whether or not you are a fan, Zhang Ziyi is undisputably one of China's most recognizable faces known to the international audience. She has been strictly doing films ever since finding success in Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon and should she confirm, Emperor's Conquest will be her first foray into the small screen. 

Though it's really anything but small when you consider the names attached to the project. If Hu Ge confirms, it will be his next historical drama after the mega success that was Nirvana in Fire.


  1. This will be amazing casting and I'm excited to see Zhang Zi Yi go onto the small screen. A lot of big name actress are returning to the small screen. I wonder what the reason is, I wonder if they are paying more for TV dramas now especially these epic grand scale Ancient drama like Princess Weiyoung etc. People like Yang Mi are doing a new drama, even rising international star Jing Tian is doing a new drama.
    I still remember Hu Ge saying a few years ago that he wants to stop doing Ancient Drama or something along those line but all the most successful stuff has been Ancient Dramas. Seems like he will have to keep doing those.

    1. yes i think tv dramas that are bigger in scale (practically shot like a movie too) are common nowadays so I'm not really surprising to see that lure of returning to c-dramas.

      oh lol did he say that? was it after Chinese Paladin that he said that or after Nirvana in Fire? He's so good at it though, feel like he should strike the iron while it's hot

    2. I believe it was after filming The Myth in 2009. He didn't want to be typecast so he stop accepting those type of roles for a few years. However all his most commercially successful film were period dramas such as Chinese Paladin 1&3, Xuan-Yuan Sword and Nirvana in Fire. Now I think he doesn't mind any more as he is doing more and more of these period dramas.

    3. ooh i see glad he had a change of heart. would be a waste if he stopped coz he's so good in it and he's got that look too of a martial arts hero.

      He actually has an upcoming business drama but I'm admittedly still more excited for Emperor's Conquest should the news be true.

  2. $400,000,000 USD to come back to small screen, why not?