Fan Bing Bing and Wu Lei after eleven years (plus Hu Ge too)

Fan Bing Bing Wu Lei

I came across the cutest weibo exchange that started when Fan Bing Bing posted two photos of herself with Wu Lei on two separate occasions, eleven years apart. 

The first photo was taken in 2005 when the two collaborated in Legend and the Hero as the fox demon Da Ji and the young hero Ne Zha. Fan Bing Bing was 24 and Wu Lei was 5. 

Fan Bing Bing Wu Lei

Fast forward to 2016 and everyone's musing at how Wu Lei has is now a fine young man but even more amazing is how Fan Bing Bing barely aged (gah she must be part-vampire).

Fan Bing Bing comments, "where does time go, little Ne Zha hasn't changed one bit, just taller and the sweater from that year has turned into a vest." Wu Lei replies, "Bing Bing *jie keeps becoming more beautiful, my yellow sweater also becomes even brighter! Ten years to make one piece, looking forward to ten more years."

Interestingly enough, there's also a photo of him with Hu Ge.     

Hu Ge Leo Wu 2005
*jie is the same thing as noona, aka the term to refer to an older female. 


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