William Yang Xuwen to become Zhong Kui

Zhong Kui Yang Xu Wen
Demon Catcher Zhong Kui 钟馗捉妖记 begins filming and William Yang Xuwen (LOCH) will play the titular lead as Zhong Kui, a Chinese mythological hero known for vanquishing ghosts and evil beings. He was most recently seen as Qing Long where he gave a charismatic performance in spite of being a supporting character in Legend of Chusen.

I actually cannot envision his clean cut image transforming into the brusque and hot-headed warrior Zhong Kui (lower right) though he supposedly plays a younger version whose story also touches upon a budding romance with Yang Rong (Legend of Flying Daggers).  

Zhong Kui Yang Xu Wen Zhong Kui Yang Xu Wen
Zhong Kui Yang Xu Wen

Zhong Kui Yang Xu Wen

Zhong Kui Yang Xu Wen
Source: Sina


  1. Wow! another drama for him...isn't he playing the lead in the new Condor heroes too? congrats to him! I knew there's a reason why I like him! he'll go far and still very young...good for him!

    1. Yes... I was wondering why he was casted for Condor Heroes at first but after seeing his charisma in Chusen, it seems to make sense.