Yang Mi and Huang Zi Tao confirmed for Les Interpretes 2

Yang Mi and Huang Zi Tao

Yang Mi (Sword of Legends) and Huang Zi Tao (A Chinese Odyssey) will be taking the leading roles in the sequel to Les Interpretes but instead of interpreters, it will be titled Negotiators, telling a story about a veteran negotiator and a wealthy man. 

Filming begins soon where the onscreen couple will be shooting on location in Shanghai and the United States. Not sure how I feel about the new pairing though I'd be interested to see how they interact in Takes A Real Man, a Chinese variety show that both were a part of. 

Source: QLWB


  1. Having watched the first season, I'd say this is not necessary.

    Huan Xuang & Yang Mi were cute, but the storyline is doomed on the second half that it got so frustrated. The drama left a bitter taste.

    1. ooh i see that's too bad I've seen the first one, even less inclined to watch now.

      Though the sequel is going to be something completely new so who knows maybe they'll do a good job this time:)

    2. *** i haven't seen the first one