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Win the World Fan Bing Bing
Talent Television Film is back in business with Win the World 赢天下, a Chinese TV series starring Fan Bing Bing that aim to follow the footsteps of Empress of China, which was a commercial success for the company back in 2015. Also worth noting is that Fan Bing Bing collaborates once again with Director Gao Yi Jun who also worked with her on Empress of China.

The story revolves around Widow Qing, a powerful female figure during the Qin Dynasty with riches that can buy a country and a thousand men at her disposal.

I like that for once, the main character is not a concubine of the palace courts, no catfights or scheming to gain the favor of the emperor but a woman who achieves prominence out of her own accord. 

Tianmao has already paid RMB 480 million for the rights to an exclusive web broadcast and Talent Television Film stocks have been going up since the announcement of the news, so is the net worth of Fan Bing Bing who holds a stake in the company. 

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