The Fated General

The Fated General 大漠骠骑霍去病 is a 70-episode Chinese historical drama about the heroic feats of a general who has never lost a single battle. He is Huo Qu Bing, the son of a servant that ends up becoming a part of the imperial family. He takes advantage of the opportunity and trains hard in the art of fighting. 

During a time when the people can barely thrive due to insufferable conditions and the constant threat from Xiongnu, Huo Qu Bing takes up arms to become a warrior of the Han Dynasty.

The cast includes Zhang Ruo Yun (Novoland), Mao Xiao Tong (Princess Weiyoung), Alan Yu Menglong (Xuan Yuan Sword), Li Hong Yi, Bai Yu (Love O2O), Huang Wei De (Legend of Kaifeng) and Xu Yue (When A Snail Falls in Love).

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Zhang Ruo Yun The Fated General


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