Ending Recap: Legend of Chusen

Episode 55 recap Legend of Chusen

Have you ever felt like you've been lulled into a false sense of security only to be completely blindsided later on (coughs, the election)? That's how I feel about Legend of Chusen 诛仙青云志, which showed promise in the episodes leading up to the finale yet ended so abruptly that I still can't get my head around it. There's a season 2, right? Spoilers ahead. 

Episode 55 recap Legend of Chusen Episode 55 recap Legend of Chusen
Episode 55 recap Legend of Chusen

The final episode begins with a tense standoff between Gui Wang's army and Qing Yun's equally intimidating lineup, their ranks so massive that it stretches across the screen. 

Gui Wang tells Master Tian that he'll spare the students if Tian hands over the Zhu Xian Sword but Master Tian declines and literally every character in the series is swept into a rumbling battle as they fight for their lives.

Episode 55 recap Legend of Chusen

Episode 55 recap Legend of ChusenEpisode 55 recap Legend of Chusen
Zhang Xiao Fan (Li Yi Feng) manages to hold the fort as he takes over the fight against Gui Wang but he becomes gravely injured after Gui Wang deals a critical blow. 

Just then, Dao Xuan, Qing Yun's headmaster, soars through the sky and surrounds himself with countless flying swords that he unleashes in a concentrated attack directed at Gui Wang. It works, successfully breaking the barriers of Gui Wang who doubles up in defeat. 

Episode 55 recap Legend of Chusen

To everyone's surprise, Dao Xuan reorganizes his flying swords so that it takes the shape of the Zhu Xian Sword because of a voice inside his head that urges him to eliminate Xiao Fan who is a threat for being the only person in the world to possess both Qing Yun and Tian Yin techniques and the power of the ominous red stone.

Xiao Fan is stunned upon realizing what his master is about to do and he wonders what he did wrong to deserve such treatment. 

Episode 55 recap Legend of ChusenEpisode 55 recap Legend of Chusen
Episode 55 recap Legend of Chusen

Dao Xuan renders everyone immobile except for Bi Yao (Zhao Li Ying) whose overwhelming desire to save Xiao Fan wins out as she heads straight to intercept the fatal attack. She pays for it with her life and she falls into the arms of Xiao Fan who is left in utter despair.  

Episode 55 recap Legend of Chusen

The scene shifts to Gui Wang's headquarters where Xiao Fan has been forcibly taken to though he remains in shock while replaying his memories with Bi Yao in his mindQing Long (William Yang Xuwen) tries to knock some sense into Xiao Fan because Gui Wang has important matters to discuss.

Episode 55 recap Legend of Chusen
The ensuing dialogue between Gui Wang and Xiao Fan is more of the same as they express regret over the events that have come to pass. Xiao Fan blames Gui Wang for his misguided ambition to take over the world and Gui Wang blames himself for allowing Xiao Fan to return to Qing Yun. 

Gui Wang wishes that Xiao Fan died instead and Xiao Fan can only agree because after all is said and done, they would have done anything to keep Bi Yao safe. 

Episode 55 recap Legend of Chusen
Gui Wang presses whether Xiao Fan ever expected that Dao Xuan would point the Zhu Xian Sword at him or that the evil sect that he despised so much would be the ones to save him. None of it matters anyway because Bi Yao clings by a strand of her life. 

Xiao Fan realizes that he can bring Bi Yao back in the same way that he was brought back from the dead but they must perform a ritual in order for her to survive long enough to receive the cure.

Episode 55 recap Legend of ChusenEpisode 55 recap Legend of Chusen
Before doing so, he bears his soul to an unconscious Bi Yao admitting that the reason he could never commit to her was because he knew that holding out meant that she would keep chasing him for an answer thus giving them more opportunities to see each other (that's some twisted logic but okay). 

Nevertheless, he blames himself for refusing to leave with Bi Yao before it was too late. Gui Wang walks in and the ritual begins. 

Episode 55 recap Legend of ChusenEpisode 55 recap Legend of Chusen
Cang Song chooses this moment to attack, defeating Qing Long in the process. A black mist comes out of nowhere to save the day and it transforms into Gui Wang whose towering presence causes Cang Song to retreat. It is just a front however as Gui Wang falters after Cang Song leaves.

Episode 55 recap Legend of Chusen

Episode 55 recap Legend of ChusenEpisode 55 recap Legend of Chusen
Meanwhile, Lu Xue Qi (Yang Zi) suggests that Qing Yun make the first move to demolish what remains of the evil sect. Everyone concurs and they also agree to make make it a priority to save Xiao Fan.

The evil sect regroups as well with Qin Wu Yan (Mao Zi Jun) volunteering to help Xiao Fan in his quest to find a cure for Bi Yao and Jin Bin Er (Jiao Jun Yan) pledging allegiance to Gui Wang once again. Finally, the scene shifts back to Xiao Fan who arrives at a familiar backdrop and envisions that Bi Yao is right beside him. 

Episode 55 recap Legend of Chusen Episode 55 recap Legend of Chusen
Final Impressions: Episode 55 starts with a bang thanks to impressive action sequences and a generous amount of computer generated effects that make everything surreal yet grounded enough in reality as far as realism goes for a fantasy wuxia

And then comes the highly-anticipated climax where Bi Yao throws herself into the line of fire for the sake of her true love. It allows Zhao Li Ying the chance to shine as an actress yet forces the spotlight on Li Yi Feng who is visibly lacking in comparison. I hate to say this as a fan but Li Yi Feng cannot do drama and opening his eyes really wide does not count as grief.

Even so, the first ten minutes that ends with Bi Yao's sacrifice is the best part of the episode while the rest seems rather uneventful, leaving me with the need to rant because of an ending that begs more questions than answers. 

How did Gui Wang and his men who were on the verge of losing escape with Xiao Fan? How on earth can everyone in Qing Yun pretend like their headmaster didn't just try to murder Xiao Fan? And they want to bring him back?! 

Maybe novel readers can shed some light because I refuse to believe that the ending is the ending especially because Xiao Fan's alter ego Gui Li has barely appeared.

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Zhao Li Ying Legend of Chusen Ep 55


  1. There is a season 2. It's already been film and will air 2017. LYF character will become evil of some sorts . I hope most of the questions will be answered there.

  2. Thanks for the info. Been reading about the season 2 as well. No air date yet right? I'm actually looking forward to a diabolic Xiao Fan and yes, hope they answer all the questions.

  3. Yes, come to us evil Xiao Fan. Because as much as I don't like baddies, you really have all the reasons on heart to leave the so-called righteous side.

    Thank your for sharing your thoughts and reassuring me about season 2. I was ... confused by the lack of ending and the lack of diabolic Xiao Fan, while we got the expected sacrifice.

    Like you said Zhao Li Ying really is an impressive actrice. I can't stop praising her. She can play everything (well, I may exaggerate but I've always watched her being great).
    And it's true Li Yi Feng can't do drama. But it's a widespread problem among actors. Many of them who are convincing in rom-com or comedy can't do drama. That's why someone like Elvis Han is interesting to follow.

  4. Just saw the ending and I was like where the fuck is cool looking xiao fang with dark clothes and the ending was bs. Glad to hear there is season two coming next year.

  5. I didn't know there was a season 2 when I finished the ending. I would be mad at Xiao Fan if he didn't go to the evil side cause the righteous people haven't really done anything for him. The Sect Leader was so scared that Xiao Fan would be evil and a problem but if the leader did not plan on killing him in the first place it wouldn't happen. I say the sect leader got what he will hopefully deserve when Xiao Fan becomes diabolical and kill the sect leader or something. But I also hope that Xiao Fan will still have a good side to him too where he is diabolical but not really evil. I really can't wait for season 2.

    1. I didn't know about the season 2 either that's why it was so confusing to me but I guess it's not actually that bad of an episode if you consider that it is not the ending...

  6. I share ur opinion about the finale. the most strange thing is that everyone is like being dumb after the fact that the Leader wanted to kill Xiao Fan and killed Bi Yao. Although nobody liked her because she's a demon girl but they're even more stupid not to gve credit for all her good deeds and not to admitt she was a real innocent soul. but nothing shaked their cold hearts.
    The thing I'm worried about the most is some scenes from the opening with the "evil" Xiao Fan holding gallantly Xue Qi, or saving her\twiting her XD taking her for Bi Yao if I'm not mistaken. That really worries me much! Xiao Fan, u'd better not betray Bi Yao! Or else...My heart will be in pain!

  7. I laughed when you said Li Yifeng can't do drama and opening his eyes widely doesn't show grief. I laughed because that's what i noticed at the last part of the drama. Although there's some kind of redeeming grace with the tears that were about to fall from his eyes. I do have so many questions which hopefully would be enlighted as season 2 progresses. I also hope that Zhao Liying would still shine in season 2. Well, i just like her that much!

    1. haha you're right i guess the tears must count for something after all:)

    2. To be fair, he is in shock mostly and when you are in shock, your eyes are wide open...you'll see his grievance in season 2...

  8. Season 2 is airing right now. I was super mad at this episode bc I felt like LYF didnt really show his grief over BiYao dying. I think he is still confused. Honestly XiaoFan was confused throughout the 55 episodes, I hope he snaps out of it for season 2.

    1. i finally started season 2 and I think he might just snap out of it soon:)

  9. On my Christmas break and binge watching this series. I totally love the main couple, Xiao Fan and Bi Yao. I hope that he continues to love her and not fall for that other chick. First time watching Chinese TV series, so I hope this series will have me capture so I can start another series. Any recommendations? I hope his grief for Bi Yao overtake him and knows that her love for him was true. I hope they continue more seasons. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. ��

  10. Hello, I started Season II since I was like everyone here ....frustrated with the ending of Season I. Episode 1 was slow but strating to get interesting in Episode 2. In one of his "dream" where Biyao appeared, he said that he is exactly like the Fortress Leader (the one who loved the sea nymph). He will wait for her to revive no matter how long it takes and they would travel the world together or something like that. I actually like this couple a lot. Although I also like Xueqi, there has not been much scenes concentrating on her and Xiao Fan. Seems to me like Xiaofan love Biyao. LOL, I laughed at the comments about LYF cannot do drama. I blamed it on his side fringes. Made him looked kind of "clueless" literally throughout the whole of SEason 1. But I must say that ZLY is really great. I also like Qin Wu Yan, Shu Shu and Xiao Huan. Tina Tang is cute although her roles are quite minor.

  11. Ahh, the most memorable scene in the book. Late to the game, but there is how things went down in the book. Personally, I think the drama version is forcing its emotions too much, but end up somewhat failing at it. Also keep in mind that Biyao's sacrifice is about 1/3 of the way through the book, and majority of the book is about the length Xiao Fan/Gui Li will go trying to revive and Xue Qi's struggle to face Xiao Fan as her enemy. Zhuxian actually has a literary style in its prose and it is dotted with many poetic sentences, a rarity in modern Xianxia. I'll try my best to translate the original and you'll be the judge on how well the drama did it.

    Daoxuan using his last magical power, combines all of swords Qi into the Seven coloured Zhuxian sword. With thouderous sounds, it is coming towards Zhang Xiaofan like titans of the past.
    “Ahh!”Not only the demon sects are in shock, even people of the righteous sect was in shock of disbelief. Tian Buyi and Shu Ru face are white, Tian ling’er faints into the ground.
    Beside then, Lu Xueqi tightly holding the Heavenly Sword of Tianya, face white without a trace of blood, her sword shaking in her hand.
    The sword is not even close to the ground, yet cracks already appear all around him. A wild wind envelopes him, nothing other than sudden death now awaits hime.
    Zhang Xiaofan ‘s eye stood still, his body surround by the sword’s Qi, unable to escape. He could look at sword’s murderous aura as it is coming for him.
    This sound shook the earth, yet the sword is unyielding, for it is a weapon that will kill the gods and Buddha himself with heart or regret. It is still coming for him, his fate now sealed: he will shatter into ten thousand pieces.
    Suddenly, all heaven and earth has become quiet, even the thunderous Zhuxian Sword spell seems to hold its breath.
    That familiar and loving hand appears beside Zhang Xiaofan, with mystical, crisp sound of bells, pushed him aside.
    A incantation, silent for ten thousand years, now lightly recounts for the beloved.
    “The Sprits in the nine steps of Hell, The Gods and Demons in all heavenly realms. With my blood and body, as a sacrifice….”
    She stood in the howling winds, with a red eye looking lightly at Zhang Xiaofan, her face white as ghost, yet showing a hint of smile.
    The wind is flapping her green dress, as if in a dance. It is the saddest and most beautiful scenery in the world.
    Zhang Xiaofan’s heart sunk.
    Suddenly, he tries to speak, but the wind stops him; He crazily lead towards, yet was bounced back by a mysterious force. His eye filled with red tears, slowly running across his cheeks.
    The girl in the wind opens her arms, face a sword seemly capable of destroying the entire world.
    ……三生七世,永堕阎罗,只为情故,虽死不悔…… 剧烈的狂风突然转了方向,变成了围绕在碧瑶身边的巨大漩涡,那个婉约而美丽的女子被狂风推上半空,迎著那七彩流转的巨剑。
    “Three Lives and seven worlds, forever cast in the realm of Asura, for love its only cause, in death I shall not regret….” The howling wind suddenly changed its direction, forming a gigantic vortex around Biyao. That delicate, yet beautiful girl was hurled up in the air, in the path of that seven coloured sword.
    In that moment, she was in the light between Heaven and Earth.

  12. 片刻……
    Moments later….
    Countless blood cloud appears out of her body, forming a jade like crimson wall in front of her. At the same time, from her pale face, nine purple smoke steams out and shoots inside that wall of blood.
    That blood wall suddenly boils, heated by the flames of love, heated by all the fires of romance and fires of heartaches…. It casts an exquisite ray of light, against the heavens.
    And collapse with Zhuxian main sword
    and light so bright, no one dared to open their eye.
    The sound cannot be described in words, shook the entire universe. The seemly invisible Zhuxian sword now flies backwards, it’s focus sword qi is now whirling mess. On the Tongtian peak, montains shook, rocks dislodges, countless cracks appears on the cliff face. It is as though the end of the world is coming.
    Almost invisibly, a thin and tragic body slowly falls gently back to earth.
    In all heaven and all earth, all is silent; only one voice reverberates in between.
    A infinite darkness envelopes the world. He shivers, does not dare to move, does not dare to face, does not dare to wake up.
    Yet, he still woke up.
    His shivering arms, slowly embraces, and slowly opens, his eye gradually opens, facing this reality took his entire courage.