Rule the World (2017)

Time travel, for the millionth time?! Rule the World 独步天下 is a 46-episode Chinese TV series adapted from a novel by Li Xin 李歆 that's supposed to be about a woman who travels 400 years into the body of the most beautiful woman in the land. It has been in circulation since 2006 and was ranked as a fan favorite in the category of Scarlet Heart

The cast is led by Raymond Lam (The Legends of Monkey King), Tina Tang Yixin (Advisors Alliance), Zhang Rui and Maggie Chen Xinyu (Delicious Destiny). Even though Tina Tang shines in several 'legendary' dramas from Legend of Chusen to Legend of Lu Zhen, she's always been in the supporting cast, so I'm quite excited to finally see her in a leading role. 

It begins when Bu Youran, a novelist, finds herself drawn to the story of Dong Ge (Tina Tang) who is known as the most beautiful woman among the Jurchen people. She has been hailed as someone who can make or break a nation and becomes the center of power struggles of many men. For political reasons, her brother presents her to Nu Er Ha Chi (Jing Gang Shan) as a gift. She also has to face Chu Ying's (Wang Kai Yi) advances, Dai Shan's (Zhang Rui) gentler tendencies, Duo Er Gun's (Qu Chu Xiao) unruliness and Huang Taiji's (Raymond Lam) incomparable love. 

Can a woman from the modern times learn to adapt to a new life and a new romance? Can she escape what's been written in history? Will there even be time travel in this one or will it be dropped to comply with China's restrictions on the genre? 

Release date: October 30, 2017 on Tencent QQ (two episodes 8pm from Monday to Wednesday)

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Rule the World

Rule the World

Rule the World

Rule the World

Rule the World

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Rule the World Chinese TV series Raymond Lam

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Rule the World

Rule the World

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Rule the World Chinese TV series
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  1. I thought time traveling themed dramas were banned in china?

  2. Drama was edited to take out the time travel parts

  3. 3 comments above me are not making any sense at all. It is not banned if you read the first line of this article. You need to have some common sense and not some hearsays and myths. This series is finished already.

    1. it was one banned because of the time travel, then they changed it so the novelist "telling" the story and not time travelling. The series then allowed to air.