Qin Jun Jie confirmed for The Lost Tomb Season 2

Qin Jun Jie The Lost Tomb Season 2

If you have seen The Lost Tomb, then you'd know that it warrants a season 2 and I come bearing good news because it's happening as Qin Jun Jie confirms as one of the leads. 

Which one? We don't know though Qin Jun Jie jokes that he may be Fat Man Wang after gaining a few pounds. Not looking like that, you won't as he cleans up real well in a matching suit, white sneakers and a swaggy haircut. 

The Lost Tomb Season 2 盗墓笔记along with The Glory of Tang Dynasty are marketed as the four next projects brought forth by a collaboration between Penguin Pictures, a subsidiary of Tencent and H&R Century Pictures. The series is expected to have a simultaneous web and network broadcast on QQ and Beijing TV in 2017.

The story will be based on the third book of Nan Bai San Shu's 南派三叔 series of novels and also includes Shen Pi Ah Si from The Mystic Nine

Qin Jun Jie signed with H&R last November 2015, which is also the management company responsible for Li Yi Feng, Yang Zi, Mao Zi Jun and it remains to be seen who among them will join the cast.

Qin Jun Jie The Lost Tomb Season 2

Qin Jun Jie The Lost Tomb Season 2

Source: EntQQ, OCN


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