Drama in Martial Universe, Gina Jin out Crystal Zhang in

It started when official posters of Crystal Zhang (Go Princess Go) were released confirming her as the female lead Lin Qing Zhu in Martial Universe 天蚕土豆. Even though no posters were released for the second lead, sources pointed towards Gina Jin (Monster Killer) as Ying Huan Huan especially given that Martial Universe has been recruiting stunt doubles for Yang Yang, Crystal Zhang and Gina Jin. 

Well, there has been a shakeup lately because another official poster of Crystal Zhang has been released and she is now playing the role of Ying Huan Huan, whose character has been upgraded to become the female lead. 

The production team posted on weibo to say that the change was for the sake of the drama and director Zhang Li even admitted that after meeting Crystal Zhang, he finds that she is the only choice for Ying Huan Huan. 

Where does that leave Gina Jin? Apparently, nowhere because Wang Li Kun will be taking the role of Lin Qing Zhu instead. On the same day, Gina Jin tweeted a short but pointed weibo where she says, "Reason is not won by argument. Good riddance," while another celebrity named Wang Li Xin supports Gina as he says, "Attention, Gina Jin's schedule has opened up. First to grab, first to prosper." Sorry my translation skills are not the best but that's the gist. 

To put the nail on the coffin, another weibo has been making the rounds showing official posters of Gina Jin as Ying Huan Huan, posters that are no longer meant to see the light of day.

Source: Sina, QQ


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