All Out of Love

Liang Sheng Must We Be Sorrowful

All Out of Love aka Liang Sheng, Why Must We Be Sorrowful 凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤 is a Chinese TV series adapted from a novel by Le Xiao Mi 乐小米. I don't know how I feel about watching a total cry fest but the number of names attached to the project are making it hard for me to resist with a cast led by Wallace Chung (General and I), Ma Tianyu (Ice Fantasy Destiny), Sun Yi (Siege in Fog), Alan Yu (Xuan Yuan Sword) and Meng Zi Yi (Legend of the Condor Heroes).

Liang Sheng, Must We Be Sorrowful Wallace Chung Chinese TV series
Synopsis from ChineseDrama.Info
Having lived in poverty and destitution, two children, JiangSheng (Sun Yi) and LiangSheng (Ma Tianyu) have only each other for company. Even though the two aren’t brothers and sisters by blood, they are by heart, and the two have never left each other. Both of them were able to get in their dream colleges but unfortunately, Liang Sheng gets involved in a car accident and is nowhere to be found. The incident unravels the mystery regarding Liang Sheng's true identity while Jiang Sheng searches for him day and night. 

Ma Tianyu in Liang Sheng Why Must We Be Sorrowful
Cheng TianYou (Wallace Chung) accompanies her and slowly, he falls in love with this simple yet extraordinary girl. Liang Sheng returns with a new identity as the cousin of Cheng TianYou. Their intertwined identities causes turbulent events in their life. Just as calamities come unannounced, Liang Sheng gets diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia further complicating the relationship between the three.

Ma Tianyu in Liang Sheng Why Must We Be Sorrowful
It seems like a tidal wave of melodramatic angst in the making with siblings separated and reunited yet the brother is in love with the sister while she is in love with another. It would have been incest but at least they're technically not related but wait, let's throw in a terminal illness too!

Release Date: TBD

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  1. two years down the track and still nothing has aired...T_T