Legend of Chusen finale airs tonight

Li Yi Feng in Legend of Chusen

Since I just wrote a post about the upcoming finale of Ice Fantasy, it seems only fair that I write one for Legend of Chusen, which airs its final episode on Nov. 8 at 22:00 p.m. for a simultaneous network and web broadcast on Hunan TV and Mango TV. 

In the episodes leading up to finale, secrets are uncovered and all the hands are shown, leaving nothing but pure unadulterated non-stop action as every character takes up arms in the final showdown between good versus evil.

Can the Qing Yun students successfully overcome the show of force by the villains? Will Bi Yao and Zhang Xiao Fan turn against each other for the sake of their allegiances? More importantly, will they live to see another day to attain that elusive happy ending? I guess we will have to find out tonight.

Zhao Li Ying in Legend of Chusen

Yang Zi in Legend of Chusen

Cheng Yi  in Legend of Chusen

Qin Jun Jie  in Legend of Chusen
Jiao Jun Yan in Legend of Chusen

Bai Xue in Legend of Chusen

Liu Xue Yi in Legend of Chusen


  1. Which website do you watch your dramas on?

    1. Hi Brenda,

      Are you talking about Legend of Chusen? I watched most of it on Youtube actually https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAqDX_XjLlvhjY0eDqHpVQw

      but separately have compiled a list of websites you can try as well. Hope it helps:)

  2. Viki has it all subbed. Ending was lacking felt like they cut our scenes that didn't leave much of impact.

    1. Heard there will be season 2 which probably will air next year. This season will feature Xiao Fan turning into Guili and also heard Yang Zi will be the female lead since Bi Yao is still unconscious. Hope the season 2 will air as scheduled and we as the viewers will get more answers that are still left unanswered in season 1.