Hunting Ground (2017)

Hunting Ground 1

Hunting Ground 猎场 is a 2015 c-drama that was duly ignored then and is looking to premiere in 2017, which is unexpected given that it stars Hu Ge who reunites with Chen Long from Nirvana in Fire.

The story follows a man with unwavering determination to achieve his ambitions as he makes waves in the business world. A bunch of men in the boardroom is not exactly my choice for a past time but the prospect of rekindling Hu Ge and Chen Long's bromance is quite tempting to say the least.

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Hu Ge in Hunting Ground

Chen Long in Hunting Ground

Zu Feng in Hunting Ground

Hu Bing in Hunting Ground

Guan Ren Zi in Hunting Ground
Source: LiechangTV


  1. Why doesn't modern day series have more attractive female actress.. I guess they to busy doing ancient or period series

    1. yea i think so, the bread and butter for c-dramas seems to be the ancient ones because that's where the money's at right now.