Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber (2017)

Yu Zheng 于正 seems determined to recreate the best of Jin Yong 金庸 one adaptation at a time. It's ironic that the general sentiment is one of mindful apprehension than fervent anticipation for fear that the wayward producer director will ruin another great classic. 

Legend of the Condor Heroes has yet to air but Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 倚天屠龙记 is already in the works and it includes Zhang Zhe Han (Demon Girl), Jia Qing, Yuan Shan Shan (Swordsman), Zhao Han Ying Zi, Li Xin Ai (Princess Weiyoung), Christopher Lee and Fu Xin Bo (Sword of Legends 2). 

It hardly comes as a surprise that Yu Zheng would look to his resident favorites Zhang Zhe Han and Yuan Shan Shan to take up the mantle as the iconic characters though I'm only liking Zhang Zhe Han and not Yuan Shan Shan who has yet to change people's minds after raising a furor as the leading lady in Swordsman. And Fu Xin Bo as Yang Xiao seems odd to say the least unless he is playing the young version? Nevertheless, it is my favorite wuxia and as long as they stick to the novel, then it's bound to be awesome. I hope. 

During the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty, it is said that whoever obtains the Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber can rule the world. Zhang Wu Ji is a man orphaned at a young age due to the people's insatiable greed for power. As a descendant of Wu Tang and the Ming Sect, he experiences a colorful life and has not one but a number of romantic encounters though he remains a righteous man who strives to live by his principles.  

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  1. I think there must be some hidden rule that you have to constantly remake Jin Yong shows XD. Anyway I'm really surprised by this cast. I was expecting them to get some really young actors like what they did in Legend of the Condor Heroes. To be honest Im not that interested by these cast members however I will still be watching as it is a Jin Yong adaptation. I have seen the majority of their work and they do a fine job but not anything outstanding. If they stick to what already is a good story line and dont do anything too crazy im sure it will still be good.

    1. lol maybe be at least one Jin Yong per year... I feel like Yu Zheng always gets the same people so the casting doesn't really surprise me though I'm with you on not being all that interested in the cast.

      Did you watch the latest adaptation of Tian Long Ba Bu with Wallace Chung? That was the first time that I watched a Jin Yong wuxia that I didn't like enough to finish. so I guess I'm becoming more picky by the minute but I'm still determined to watch this tho:)

    2. Yes I did pull my self through Tian Long Ba Bu and I was not a fan. Jia Qing acting was very exaggerated so lets see how she does here. To be honest I dont think any of the recent Jin Yong remakes have been that good. I hope people do a better job remaking Gu Long shows. Lets see whether Legend of the Flying daggers is good or not.

  2. Seriously?? Yu Zheng production. I hate his storyline/screenplay. He always ruin a good classic drama. I hate to say this but I probably will watch it too or maybe not because I refuse to watch Romance of the Condor Heroes.