General and I turns racy in the latest stills

General and I Angelababy Wallace Chung

Woah woah woah, whatchu doing? The recent stills of Wallace Chung and Angelababy for General and I 孤芳不自赏 are piping hot complete with a little steamy action. Oh no, I sound like an old-fashioned prude. 

The stills hardly show anything that provocative by today's standards but my reaction actually stems from the fact that wuxia is one of the more conservative genres that even the slight brush of the hand is considered intrusive. And yet here we've got a bedroom scene then a shower scene. A little more skinship ought to be good, it's a romance novel after all. The series is expected to premiere January 2017 on Hunan TV.    

General and I Wallace Chung Angelababy
General and I Angelababy Wallace Chung

General and I Angelababy Wallace Chung

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  1. The stills look so good - Jan 3 can't come soon enough. This is by CROTON media so HD ep will be available on Youtube then...

    I saw a couple of scenes that come directly from the novel already. I still haven't finished reading, the first half is really good but up until the part where they got separated I kinda give up on reading, it takes FOREVER for them to reunited int he novel... Surely in the drama, they won't keep the couple separate for too long