Cyrstal Liu's wacky selfie with white hair

Crystal Liu Yi Dao Yao Jing
Crystal Liu tweeted on weibo on Nov. 14, "Heard that Bai Lao Er wrapped today, feels like the second picture, so looking forward to practice all the way till next year. Fight, fight!" I didn't know what she was talking about then but her attention-grabbing hair got me googling.
Crystal Liu Yi Dao Yao Jing

Apparently, she just wrapped a movie called Hanson and the Beast where she plays an 87-year-old fox demon named Bai Xuan Chu who falls in love with a modern day human played by Feng Shao Feng. The plot bears a stark resemblance to My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, which is my favorite k-drama ever so I'm definitely onboard with this one.

Source: LiuYiFeiWeibo


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