Boyhood 我们的少年时代 is a Chinese TV series starring Karry Wang Jun Kai, Roy Wang Yuan, Jackson Yi Yang Qian Xi, Xie Zhi Qian, Li Xiao Lu and Danson Tang. It is sunny, youthful, sporty and everything that you would expect in a drama catered specifically for the TF Boys. 

You probably have to be a fan to fully appreciate it though I have to admit, the plot, which sounds an awful lot like a c-drama version of Mighty Ducks playing baseball instead of hockey sounds mildly appealing. 

Rate your favorite Chinese dramas in 2016.

Yi Yang Qian Xi in Boyhood

Wang Jun Kai in Boyhood

Wang Yuan in Boyhood

Xie Zhi Qian in Boyhood

Li Xiao Lu in Boyhood

Danson Tang in Boyhood

Source: 70tt, ifensi


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