Lost Love in Times (2017)

Drunken Exquisiteness

Drunken Exquisiteness 醉玲珑 is a Chinese TV series based on a novel of the same name by Fourteen Nights 十四夜. It is touted as the next Journey of Flower due to its fantasy premise about a forbidden love between a sorceress and a prince though there is the aspect of time travel as well, much like Scarlet Heart and starring Liu Shi Shi for old time's sake.

The creative minds behind JoF are back in full force with producer Tang Li Jun, director Lin Yu Fen, screenwriter Rao Jun and many others. William Chang Suk Ping takes the reigns as the art director in his very first c-drama though he is a veteran who has spent a lifetime working on critically-acclaimed films, most recently receiving an Oscar for The Grandmaster.

Nevertheless, a lot of the hype continues to be around the stars which include William Chan, Cecilia Liu Shi Shi and Xu Hai Qiao.

Rate your favorite Chinese period dramas in 2016.

William Chan in Drunken Exquisiteness

William Chan in Drunken Exquisiteness

Liu Shi Shi in Drunken Exquisiteness


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