Son of Hero

Son of Hero 惊天岳雷 is a 40-episode TV series about the coming-of-age story of Yue Lei, the rebellious second son of Yue Fei as he takes up his spear in the name of justice for his father and brother who died in vain. 

Unfortunately, history was not as kind to the heroic Yue family, yet Son of Hero is largely a work of fiction, immortalizing the experiences and triumphs of its protagonist Yue Lei. The cast includes Gao Yunxiang, Li Man, Ashton Chen Shi Xiao Long and Zhu Xin Xiao

I only recognize Ashton Chen who is best known for being the 6-year-old little Shaolin master. He was such a talent back then though it remains to be seen whether he can find the same success in the near future.

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Son of Hero Gao Yunxiang

Gao Yunxiang in 2016 cdrama Son of Hero

Ashton Chen Shi Xiao Long in 2016 cdrama Son of Hero

2016 cdrama Son of Hero

Li Man in 2016 cdrama Son of Hero

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