A Life Time Love

Once Promised

A Life Time Love 上古情歌 is a 54-episode Chinese TV series based on Once Promised 曾许诺, a novel by Tong Hua 桐华 that is also the prequel to Lost You Forever 长相思. The author took her inspiration from a collection of ancient scrolls called the Classic of Mountains and Seas to tell a story that belongs only in legends. 

A lady from a prominent clan inadvertently meets a warrior who grew up in the jungle. He is not Tarzan but close since he is incredibly skilled in the art of fighting and becomes hopelessly in love with the heroine. She eventually falls for him but there are many melodramatic trials and tribulations that threaten to keep the star-crossed lovers apart. 

Tong Hua who penned Scarlet Heart should be reason enough to watch this but what really got on my radar are the names attached to the project such as Huang Xiaoming (Cruel Romance), Victoria Song (Ice Fantasy) and Sheng Yi Lun (Go Princess Go). Baron Chen was initially slated to star but he backed out due to a broken leg and he will be replaced by Zhai Tian Lin instead. 

Ugh, in writing the synopsis, I read the ending without intending to but I'll spare you the details. Rate your favorite Chinese dramas in 2017.

Once Promised

Source: Xinhuanet


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