Jade Lovers

Lee Jong Suk and Zheng Shuang in Jade Lovers

Jade Lovers 翡翠恋人 is a c-drama dubbed as Diamond Lovers 2, produced by DMG Entertainment in an attempt to repeat the success of a Korean-Chinese collaboration by casting Lee Jong Suk opposite Zheng Shuang.

Set in the 1930s, the story centers around Shen Chen Xi, the daughter of a former magnate whose family falls to ruin after going bankrupt. Her experiences thereafter help her grow from someone muddled in love to an inspirational goddess. 

Bai Luo Han is a man treading morally ambiguous territory by working indiscriminately with both good and bad. Whilst he appears cold and calculating on the outside, inside is a kind-hearted man constantly on the lookout for Chen Xi.

The plot is quite run of the mill but at least there's some potentially exciting conflict given Bai Luo Han's trade and the advantage of a Republican era setting. For that alone, I already like it more than Diamond Lovers, which I never actually saw.

By the way, does anyone feel like Zheng Shuang resembles Jin Se Yeon (Flower in Prison) more and more? Because I seriously did a double take when I mistook the stills for Doctor Stranger.

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Zheng Shuang in Jade Lovers
Lee Jong Suk in Jade Lovers

Lee Jong Suk in 2016 c-drama Jade Lovers

Zheng Shuang in 2016 c-drama Jade Lovers

Zheng Shuang and Lee Jong Suk in 2016 c-drama Jade Lovers


  1. when is this drama airing i think it's been already aired in china how long for korea thanks by this drama info anyway ~lovelots

    1. hi don't think it is out in China either but once I find out the date will post it here as well:)