daipai angelababy zheng shuang
Oh my. Overzealous dai pais (代拍) are once again on the prowl with their lenses trained this time on Zheng Shuang who can be seen making a run for it on her way to security check! The actress's trip was not on her official schedule, she had no bodyguards and just one assistant. Thank goodness for the security check lady otherwise she would’ve been chased all the way into the plane. 
angelababy huang xiaoming
Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming photos from 2017
Being a celebrity couple must be tough. If you try to keep the relationship low-profile, people suspect and next thing you know, everyone is talking about divorce rumors!
tiffany tang yan
It's been two months since actress Tiffany Tang Yan and husband Luo Jin announced to the world that they were expecting the birth of their first child, so naturally, everyone’s eager for a look at the soon to be mum’s sweet baby bump. Thanks to her latest stint as Cosmopolitan China’s December cover girl, we’ll all get to admire Tang Yan’s gorgeous baby glow, but nope, no hints at that baby bump though because momma’s all covered up!
royal nirvana
Wasn't it just a few days ago when we had the cast reveal for Royal Nirvana 鹤唳华亭? And though we expected the show to make its premiere soon, I surely did not expect it to be yesterday. That's right, Royal Nirvana suddenly premiered at midnight on November 11, also known as Singles Day, which is only the biggest shopping holiday in China. 
Once Upon a Time There was a Spirit Sword Mountain
If cosying up and chilling out in front of the telly sounds like a good plan for tonight, you might wanna tune in to iQIYI or Tencent because Xu Kai’s Once Upon a Time There was a Spirit Sword Mountain 从前有座灵 will finally air this evening!

luhan gao xiaotong
It feels like it's been a while since I last heard anything about Luhan and Guan Xiaotong so this is a welcome sight. 
CSM59 Cities + Online

"What's an ending without a bang" might be The Glorious Era's motto as it finished its run with 1.639% and even snatched the number one spot for that day. Sparrow 2: Awakening of Insects remains the first placer in overall TV ratings with 1.644% as its highest number for the week while The Galloped Era closes the gap with an all-time high of 1.638%. 

Meanwhile, two more patriotic dramas started this week to take over The Glorious Era's time slot. Homeland and Gui Hong premiered on Beijing TV and Jiangsu TV respectively. Both have above 1% ratings throughout the week. A Little Thing Called First Love is still in the lead for the 10 PM time slot albeit with numbers a few points shy from hitting 1%. My Robot Boyfriend remains not so far behind. 

Awakening of Insects continues to top web rankings so it's not a surprise that its stars Zhang Ruoyun and Adi Kan Qingzi are among the top 10 celebrities placing 6th and 9th.
Deng Lun retains the crown for the celebrity list this week while his drama Begonia Rouge climbs a step higher to 7th place.
like a flowing river
Like A Flowing River bringing home an excellence award

Having just wrapped up his second drama for the year - Hunting actor Wang Kai sure wasted no time jumping back into the fray filming for the second installment of his period drama Like A Flowing River 大江大河. Viewers who’ve been patiently waiting for the continuation of the hit series will be pleased to see the return of Yunhui, Dong Bao and Yang Xun as Wang Kai reunites with his original costars Yang Shuo and Dong Zijian in the drama. Also joining the Fab 3 and spotted in today's boot ceremony are Zhou Fang, Zhao Da and Lian Lian!
zhang mingen xu lu
Talk about an awkward moment! In a recent episode of Meeting Mr. Right 女儿们的恋爱, season regular Zhang Mingen might’ve just put his foot in his mouth when he made the mistake of bluntly answering “No I didn’t (feel that at first)” in response to the question “what was it that your girlfriend did that first made your heart race”. Someone’s definitely in hot water as his response prompted a distressed reaction from his girlfriend Xu Lu. I mean, what girlfriend wouldn't right?
ugly duckling zhao jinmai dilraba dilmurat
There's something about seeing an 'ugly' heroine that catches the attention of the audience. Is it because the character feels more relatable for not being seen as 'perfect'? Is there some sort of thrill in seeing the transformation from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan that connects with viewers on a personal level?
hu ge
It seems enterprising paparazzi and dai pais (代拍s) have already caught on that the airport is the best place to snap up some photos of everyone’s favourite buzz worthy stars. After Xiao Zhan’s flight delay fiasco last month apparently caused by dai pais blocking the star and his team from entering the plane, the latest A-lister to have an altercation with the dai pais is none other than Hu Ge. The actor seems to be getting a lot of mentions on social media recently in the lead up to the premiere of his latest project, The Wild Goose Lake 南方车站的聚会. Everyone just wants a piece of him!
the listener nie yuan
It seems like the time is ripe for the dead to start talking and the living to start listening as we have another forensic drama coming soon. The Listener 心灵法医 falls right in the category of the increasing number of Chinese online dramas like Your Secret and of course, the Medical Examiner Dr. Qin adaptations that delve into forensic science. 
detective chinatown 3
There are blockbusters that should have been left alone but clearly, the Detective Chinatown franchise isn't one of them. While some sequels tend to be less successful than their predecessors, Detective Chinatown 2 begs to differ and has proven to be a lucrative movie. It leaves Detective Chinatown 3 with a tough act to follow but also the overwhelming potential to become another box office hit. 
wild goose lake hu ge
It's fair to say that my respect for actor Hu Ge bumped up a notch when he recently dissuaded his fans from spending money on his behalf to support his newest film TheWild Goose Lake 南方车站的聚会 all for the sake of ying yuan (应援). 

Now it’s not uncommon for fans to get together and try to do something nice (ying yuan) as a show of encouragement for their idols. Just like other fandoms, some of Hu Ge's fans were trying to raise money amongst themselves to buy enough tickets and reserve the theatre on Wild Goose Lake's premiere day so that other Hu Ge fans can watch it for free with no other intention but to express their support and love for the actor’s new film. Of course, the increase in box office numbers is an added bonus.

While he is deeply thankful for the enthusiastic response from his followers, the actor said that he has always discouraged such action from his fans. That’s not to say that Hu Ge has grown too big for his boots and doesn’t need any help. Fans going out to the cinema to watch with friends is something that he is extremely thankful for. It’s just that he doesn’t want his fans to be spending any more money doing extra things on his behalf. The actor also mentions that as an artist, he wants the film to be able to speak for itself and not to be valued just for its ability to rake in “false” profits in the box office.
zheng shuang
There's nothing like pushing a quiet person to the edge and seeing her change into a feisty woman. Zheng Shuang is known to be bold when it comes to speaking her mind but would you believe that she was the type of person to shy away before?
zhao liying liu shishi
Proving that they're indeed back with a vengeance from their long hiatuses are Zanilia Zhao Liying and Cecilia Liu Shishi who both became new mums this year and return with new projects and crowd-drawing appearances. 
yang zi flow star
Ever since appearing in 2014’s Battle of Changsha, actress Yang Zi has seen her star steadily rising with notable hits like the five women helmed drama Ode to Joy and xianxia Ashes of Love under her belt. As one of the "new four dan actresses of the post 90s generation”, Yang Zi has become one of the most bankable rising stars in the industry, often dubbed as a “liu liang流量 celebrity.  If this term is new to you, a liu liang celebrity is essentially a high traffic star that generates a huge volume of clicks and views because of their popularity – the more in demand they are, the higher their commercial value. 
shanghai fortress luhan
Although the film Shanghai Fortress which featured popular names like Luhan and Shu Qi seemingly had what it took to become a blockbuster hit, it turned into a commercial disaster that received much criticism from moviegoers. The movie's writer and director apologized and there was even the issue of the director saying that Luhan wasn't right for the role.