yang mi
"If you have it, flaunt it!" definitely applies to the youthful-looking Yang Mi. No stranger to being the center of attention, the 32-year-old actress's fashion choices from red carpet looks to everyday wear are often the talk of the town. Last night, she was turning heads once more after arriving at Beijing Airport. Although she took the VIP entry, people still managed to catch a glimpse of her airport fashion which trended online. 
kang ji hwan
Actor Kang Ji Hwan has admitted to sexual assaulted charges in a statement issued through his legal team today. 
jj lin bai jingting henry golding choi siwon
Sporting events have a way of turning even the most unsporty and skeptical into fans. Or maybe it’s just the atmosphere of camaraderie, excitement, sportsmanship and tradition that attracts attendees like bees to a honey pot. Whatever it is, as one of the highlights of an English summer, aside from some GREAT tennis, Wimbledon is also a chance to see and be seen as evidenced by the long snaking queues waiting to get into the venue and the always full bleachers despite the scorching summer sun.
seo ji suk kang ji hwan joseon survival
It's been a few days since K-Entertainment was rocked by the sudden news of Kang Ji Hwan being taken into custody on allegations of having sexually assaulted and molested two female employees from his agency. Since then, he has been suspended from all of his activities including his lead role in the TV Chosun drama Joseon Survival
crystal liu yifei fairy sister
After nabbing the titular role in Disney’s live action adaptation of Mulan, actress Crystal Liu Yifei was spotted out and about in Monaco yesterday attending an event for the luxury French jewellery brand Chaumet
yang chaoyue timmy xu

There're always some dramas that instantly take you back to your childhood days. For me, one of them is the 2004 South Korean romantic-comedy Full House. There hasn't been much to go on after the stir that director Zhang Lichuan caused with the announcement of a Chinese remake.
fan bingbing
Well, folks, if you're curious about what Fan Bingbing is up to... Last night, she attended an event to promote her brand Fan Beauty. Last month, she did a stage reading at the Drum Tower West Theater and also appeared on the covers of Grazia Korea. While she is making her presence felt more often these days, Fan Bingbing hasn't really done any drama or movie to officially mark her comeback to showbiz. 
go go squid couple li xian yang zi
Whether you're a fan of Yang Zi, Li Xian or the sweet love story of Stewed Squid with Honey by Mo Bao Fei Bao, the wait has finally ended as its drama adaptation entitled Go Go Squid! 亲爱的热爱的 premiered this Jul 9. 
love and destiny xianxia
Under a lush canopy of peach blossoms unfolds the story of a love like no other between an innocent mortal girl and the god of war whom she accidentally awakens from thousands of years of slumber.
zhang xiaochen wedding
C-ent has been on a roll with weddings, babies and proposals. Another actor with good news to share is Zhang Xiaochen, known for his supporting roles in various dramas. He might not be the lead, but he definitely has won over quite a few fans with his acting chops. As of yesterday, he's officially off the market!

rainie yang li ronghao engaged
It's always nice to hear stories about finding your forever. From being a once shy pair in front of the public to being openly affectionate as time passed, Li Ronghao and Rainie Yang have been together for four years. The couple made headlines just last month when Li Ronghao greeted Rainie Yang on her birthday last June 4. Li Ronghao also guested at Rainie Yang's concert not too long ago and many are expecting for them to take things to the next level. 
my first first love first impressions
It's all about first loves, struggling youths, and growing pains in this coming of age series. 
kang ji hwan joseon survival
Oh dear. K-Entertainment might really need to ask shamans to perform prayer rituals for good fortune to bring good luck back to the industry pronto! as the first half of the year seems to be dogged with multiple scandals for its stars. Last night, Joseon Survival actor Kang Ji Hwan was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting and molesting two female employees from his agency. 
hotel del luna cast
"Don't judge a book by its cover" is a pretty well-known saying and I think it suits the upcoming fantasy drama, Hotel Del Luna. Naturally, a scary, old, dilapidated building isn't worth a second glance because come on, there's nothing to see but cobwebs and ruined walls. But this particular building begs to disagree because it holds a grand secret that's definitely shocking.
Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung korean drama
Have you ever wondered how it was for women during the olden days? I know, I have. It's no secret that men viewed women as mere homemakers back then and they were generally looked down upon. This is the situation the female lead in MBC's upcoming historical drama Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung 신입사관 구해령 will find herself experiencing.
Up Juniors
There is no doubt that Karry Wang, Jackson Yee, Cai Xukun and Ju Jingyi have made their individual presence felt in the entertainment industry despite hailing from idol groups. Karry Wang and Jackson Yee as part of the TFBoys have grown up in the spotlight to not only become accomplished performers but also venture into acting as well. Cai Xukun, the leader of the boy band Nine Percent, shot up to popularity after winning the survival show Idol ProducerSNH48 alum Ju Jingyi has starred in several hit dramas including Legend of Yunxi and Legend of White Snake.  
mulan teaser
Disney has been churning out a whole lot of live action remakes of its beloved classics these past few years and on the heels of the commercially successful release of Aladdin, the company drops yet a new teaser in the middle of the FIFA Women's Finals yesterday of its 1999 animated classic, Mulan
spring flower autumn moon cast Li Hongyi Zhao Lusi

Do you ever wish you can go back in time? Like maybe grab a time-turner and reset an embarrassing scene with your crush or even just go back to yesterday and guess the winning lottery numbers? Spring Flower Autumn Moon also known as Love Better Than Immortality天雷一部之春花秋月 seems to use time travel as a means to find true love. The story is set in a futuristic era where the use of VR (virtual reality) can bring about extraordinary possibilities.