If you happen to be in a drama lull - I hope the list below may provide some reprieve. Please feel free to list any dramas you are currently loving or past dramas you'd recommend checking out. 
liu tao qiao xin etro
It's been a while since we’ve seen the ladies of hit drama Ode to Joy at an event together. After the release of the drama and its sequel, catching its female leads out and about together hitting events and even performing at a CCTV Spring Festival gala a couple of years ago was a normal occurrence. However nowadays, having the girls all together has become a rarity that any sightings of them with each other no matter that the crew is incomplete is always a welcome treat. 
While many may know the name Angelababy, it’s no secret that the actress hasn’t always had the reputation of having the best reviews for her acting. Take her show My True Friend 我的真朋友 for example. The drama had a lot of potential from the get go – a star studded cast and two popular male leads making a name for themselves. Yet it wasn’t enough to entice audiences who were put off by Angelababy’s acting to give the drama a go. Others who did said her co-stars Deng Lun and Zhu Yilong were ultimately the show’s saving graces. 

Quite frankly, in Angelababy’s shoes, hearing these kinds of comments is definitely a hard pill to swallow. Appearing in the second season of the travel show Adventures of Life 奇遇人生, the actress talks candidly about the difficulties of being an artist whilst out biking in Canada. She said that to do well in the industry, there must be no shortcomings! When you do well, people will applaud you and say well done. But when they criticize you, well, that’s your own business to take care of. She also acknowledged that being a celebrity means being talked about endlessly based on stories about their personal lives. She feels that she didn't do well in that aspect as people often remember her for being married to Huang Xiaoming

In the face of her numerous critics, Angelababy is not a big advocate of “running away”. She’d rather stay and boldly face the censure – “I think escaping is merely temporary because you can’t keep running your entire life. So don’t. Just hold tight and stand tall.” That isn’t to say though that she won’t be trying to improve her game. She admits that when people ask her what she wants to do the most, she says she’d dearly love to have a good body of work she can be remembered for and not just for her personal life. “One of the hardest things about being an artiste is that whatever happens in your life big or small, there will always be talk and then things will be blown out of proportion. People will always be interested about the scandalous and outrageous things but rarely do they want to know the truth”.

Leaving a good legacy is indeed a noble cause, and it’s nice to see Angelababy aiming for a higher goal. Hopefully she will be able to translate this aspiration very well into her acting and to the scripts that come her way in the future. Good luck!

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unknown number cdrama remake signal
If you suddenly get an unknown caller from the past that can help you achieve the future you desired, would you take it? I think this question would get asked in a game of Would You Rather and would be answered by either, "Yes, of course." or, "I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for my past." wow, deep. 

The 16-episode Unknown Number 时空来电 which stars Li Xiaoran (Mr. Nanny)Du Chun (Love and Lost) and Wang Tianchen (Tang Dynasty Tour) is a crime-thriller drama based on the hit 2016 K-drama Signal

fan bingbing
Livestream commerce is a booming industry in China that it's not uncommon to see celebrities appearing in them to endorse products. This time around, actress Fan Bingbing who launched her beauty line called Fan Beauty early this year partners up with internet star Xue Li who is also known for being billionaire heir Wang Sicong's ex-girlfriend. 

stealth walker boot ceremony
Police procedurals and crime themed shows have always been my jam so Youku’s newly announced Stealth Walker 玫瑰行者 which is scheduled to hit screens sometime next year certainly looks intriguing. But what is even more unique about the drama is the story’s focus on a female undercover officer who risks life and limb to expose a drug trafficking ring. While this might not sound so unique in drama land at all – heck in western shows this might be pretty common, this could actually be China’s first female undercover themed anti-drug drama.
zhang xinyi
Zhang Xinyi and husband Yuan Hong have a new show together but it’s nowhere near a Princess Jieyou sequel. Catch the pair as they appear in their newest collaboration, Men Doing Housework 做家的男人 to get a glimpse of their home life as a married celebrity couple and as new parents. 
12 legends cast
If you've seen Monster Killer, then this news will certainly tickle your fancy as its author Ni Luo is having another one of her books adapted into a drama. Twelve Legends 十二谭 held its booting ceremony yesterday, October 21. It's a collaboration between Youku and Tangren Media and tells the story of a main protagonist with powers and a mission to fulfill. Of course, who can forget about the romantic angle that spans more than a thousand years. 

Ten Years Late star Guli Nazha will play the main heroine, and I'm pumped up to see her in the Republican era. Acting alongside her is Jasper Liu whom I loved in Before We Get Married. Jasper had such sizzling chemistry with Puff Guo that I'd be curious to see how his pairing with Nazha turns out.
sparrow 2 awakening of insects
Tailored suits, suspenseful action, and hot undercover spies are the makings of the Republican drama Awakening of Insects 麻雀2之惊蛰
Romance drama Go Go Squid 亲爱的热爱的 made hearts swoon this summer, earning Li Xian the title of every girl's ideal boyfriend and giving Yang Zi a consecutive hit since Ashes of Love the previous year. Yet close to its finale, the series came under fire in China because of a map shown on one of its episodes that has since been taken down. 
on the road
CSM59 Cities + Online

With a new crop of shows airing soon, it's again time to take a look at the current dramas on television. On The Road comes out as the victor not only in terms of TV Viewership but also online. It has even managed to hit 1.688%, its highest number to date. All in all, most shows including Ji Dang and The Glorious Era seem to be doing well with numbers averaging above 1%. You Are My Answer chugs along on the later time slot while Kiss, Love and Taste still pulls in dismal ratings as low as 0.2%. 
living toward the sun boot ceremony
If you've seen the movie Go Away, Mr. Tumor 滚蛋吧!肿瘤君, cried buckets of tears after watching it and STILL WANT MORE, then get ready because filming has begun for a drama based on the movie that's adapted from Xiong Dun's manhua of the same name. 
qing yu nian zhang ruoyun
Hey-ho! It seems like time really flies so fast these days and what do you know, we're already in the last quarter of 2019. Joy of Life got to trending the other day over rumors that it's set to premiere in November! It's been a while since restrictions were imposed on historical dramas. For all of you fans of the genre, here is a list of shows that are rumored to air in the following months, granted that it passes the NRTA's criteria.

simmer down cdrama chen xiao
2019 has been a busy time for Chen Xiao's fans as his dramas Queen Dugu, Love Journey and The King of Land Battle have all hit the airwaves this year. Even so, the hardworking actor has 4 more dramas waiting to air and it looks like he just added one more. 

Imagine being the host of a popular TV show where people would call to ask for advice regarding their problems but due to some trauma of your own, you're unable to really connect with your viewers. Then another show comes in and kicks you out of your time slot. Oooff. This is how it's going to be for Chen Xiao who takes on the leading role in the modern drama Simmer Down 好好说话.

detective chinatown web series
For those of you who have been a fan of C-entertainment, you cannot not know about the mega hit that is Detective Chinatown 唐人街探案. The comedy-mystery films starring actors Wang Baoqiang and Liu Haoran have garnered a lot of attention both domestically and internationally. Well, it seems that director-actor Chen Sicheng who is the mastermind behind the successful franchise isn't through yet as he introduces a drama adaptation of the movies that is set to air on the streaming platform iQIYI.

What's unique about this 12 episode series is that it will revolve around three stories and follows nine different leads. The drama itself is directed by four different directors! Whew~
mystery of antiques 3 leads qu chuxiao yukee chen
Qu Chuxiao and Yukee Chen are back with a new project as the leads of Mystery of Antiques 3 古董局中局之掠宝清单With actor Xia Yu's Mystery of Antiques airing last year and Mystery of Antiques 2 having completed filming early this year, this new drama is based on the 3rd book of Ma Boyong's 4-volume series entitled The Game of Antiques
zheng shuang birthday concert
Birthdays should generally be happy occasions but I guess it wasn’t as happy as it could be for actress Zheng Shuang.  Back in August, the twenty eight year old was busily preparing for her birthday concert to thank her fans for their support for the 10 years that she's been in the industry – quite sweet of her really. In a recent episode of Meeting Mr Right, it was revealed that the actress was also in the midst of filming segments for the program with boyfriend Zhang Heng at the time when she quietly broke down in tears while on the show. The poor dear, the stress and anxiety of preparing for the birthday concert seems to have finally caught up with her. 
We've got quite a few shoutouts to make today! Actors Li Xian and Caesar Wu who share their birthdays on October 19 have just turned 28 and 23 respectively. Top actress Zhou Xun celebrated her birthday a day earlier as she turned 45 on October 18. Of course, no birthday is complete without a few memorable greetings