Tribes and Empires Muyun De

If I could go on a date with anyone from Tribes and Empires it would be Muyun De. He is such an intriguing and complex character. Yes, his morals are shaky, but during our date I'll simply turn a blind eye. Instead, while drinking tea we'd idly chat about his hopes and dreams of conquering the world. Our date would promptly end when Mr. Mo comes lurking from a behind a corner.
The Destiny of White Snake Posters Yang Zi
After playing an ice beauty in Legend of Chusen, Yang Zi has dived headfirst into fantasy dramas with the upcoming Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost and The Destiny of White Snake. Her casting as the White Snake pits her against other actresses who have portrayed the same iconic role though I'm admittedly not too crazy about the story despite it being a classic. That said, it may be a superficial excuse but I always find the immense aesthetic value of Chinese dramas to be a huge draw. White Snake has dropped peach blossoms inspired posters of Yang Zi along with leading man Ren Jialun and it's so pretty that I might have to give this a go. 
Flipped In My Youth Chinese drama
Mr. Right continues to lead primetime though it's seeing competition from Flipped In My Youth and Operation Moscow which also ended the week in the 1.0% range. Love in Hanyuan dips even lower to 0.45%. Meanwhile, Guan Xiaotong dominates the 10pm slot on Hunan TV with two of her dramas Untouchable Lovers and Love of Aurora airing on different days. Both are getting better ratings compared to Nirvana in Fire 2. One week seems to have made quite a difference as Mr. Right jumps from tenth during its premiere week to first place in web rankings. 

Wallace Chung The Flower Road to Bid Farewel moveeel
Memories of Love (Feb 7 Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV)
A story about disparate lovers who parted ways ten years ago and then finds a second chance at love. Starring Wallace Chung, Maggie Jiang and Aaron Yan.

Guardian Chinese web drama
Web drama Guardian 镇魂 has been dropping more promos than usual, showcasing Zhu Yi Long (The Story of Ming Lan) and Bai Yu (Memory Lost) as they engage in everything from staring intensely into each other's eyes to exchanging a manly handshake. The bromance certainly seems to take the spotlight except that it's set in the world of the supernatural. Dealing with ghosts and demons is a dangerous job and it looks like things are about to get bloody too. And what is it that I see, is that a dramatic walk resembling that of Goblin and Reaper? The story is adapted from a boys love novel by Priest, which kind of explains the theme. See trailer here.
Hu Yi Tian fashion magazine
Hu Yi Tian was virtually unknown when A Love So Beautiful started airing back in November but the drama which served as his first starring role quickly grew a cult following. It's only been two months since then and the 24-year-old actor has been gaining exposure from frequent TV appearances to magazine features (he's in InStyle, L'Officiel and Harper's Bazaar). The concept in his latest photoshoot seems quite fitting in that sense, and I imagine a bright future ahead for the newbie actor. I haven't really seen A Love So Beautiful yet, but I hear good things.
Here's our ongoing list of c-drama recommendations based on ratings along with a few of our own picks.

Untouchable Lovers

Untouchable Lovers Chinese drama recommendations 2018

Is it a must-watch, pretty good, just another drama, tolerable or downright boring?
Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber cast Zeng Shun Xi
Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber 新版倚天屠龙记 which is the third and last part to the Condor Heroes trilogy has begun filming and has revealed its cast led by Joseph Zeng Shun Xi (Fighter of the Destiny) and Yukee Chen (Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost). Li Dong Xue plays the main character's father while Hong Kong actress Kathy Chow takes on the role of Miejue Shitai, a character that I've grown to loathe in every single iteration of the story. It's worth noting that Kathy Chow's popularity rose to greater heights after playing Zhou Zhiruo in the 1994 adaptation of Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber, which makes her casting that much more meaningful. 

Tribes and Empires Storm of Prophecy Thoughts on Ending

The final 75th episode of Tribes and Empires is released today on Dramafever and it marks the end of a long journey. Without revealing too many spoilers, here are some thoughts. 
Huang Xuan
With so many headliners airing last month from Tribes and Empires to Youth to Legend of the Demon Cat, Huang Xuan's star power has been on a steady rise, and he's even got the upcoming drama Entrepreneurial Age opposite Angelababy. He may not be considered one of the hottest actors out there, but he certainly brings a depth to the characters that he portrays. I loved him as the half-demon and half-human prince and apparently, he's quite the dancer too. 
Weibo Night 2017 Yang Mi Queen, Deng Chao King
There seems to be more awards to be dished out in addition to the multitude of award ceremonies last month as Weibo Night 2017 which is hosted by Sina website is held tonight. Deng Chao and Yang Mi take home the big prize as they are crowned as king and queen, and there's also that golden moment when Yang Mi, Angelababy, Ni Ni and Liu Shi Shi are seated together for the event. They were hailed as the four huadan in 2013 and still look gorgeous five years later. 
Asura Character posters Wu Lei
A premiere may be in sight for the high profile movie Asura 阿修罗 as its cast recently attended its press conference. The latest batch of posters finally show the characters in costume and provides some insight into what was otherwise an abstract synopsis about karma and reincarnation. Now that the trailer's out, it's basically your cookie cutter movie about good versus evil but with Hollywood-style grandeur. Unlike the elaborate costumes adorned by his cast mates, Wu Lei is dressed simply as an ordinary shepherd boy though he holds a great destiny as one of the three heads of Asura along with Tony Leung Ka-Fai and Carina Lau. Also in the cast are Zhang Yishang, Feng Jiayi, Kiki Dong, Ming Dao, Duo Bu Jie and Wang Tie Jun
Shawn Dou Dilraba Dilmurat
Dilraba Dilmurat and Shawn Dou had a spectacular year in 2017 due to their respective dramas and had quite a surge in popularity as a result. I can already imagine the buzz should these two sign on for a project since I'm already onboard that ship before it even sails. The two are said to be up for the roles of Chang E and Hou Yi, both of whom are known in Chinese mythology as the goddess of the moon and the god of archery. They take the lead in a story about two lovers who are forcibly separated by a god (so the main characters are presumably not gods yet?). I keep reading that the news is practically confirmed though I plan to save my excitement until the official announcement. 
Yang Yang Hugh Jackman Wolverine
Yang Yang flew to Geneva, Switzerland to attend the annual SIHH event as the brand ambassador for Montblanc. Given that Hugh Jackman is also an ambassador for the same brand, we are blessed with a cute moment when the two actors take a selfie together. Netizens are calling it a meeting between the sheep and the wolf since the name Yang sounds like the Chinese word for sheep while Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. Meanwhile, I'm seeing two spiffy gentlemen looking very handsome. No claws came out, just the Asian V sign.  
Jiro Wang posted a photo with Japanese model, singer and actress Lena Fujii on weibo captioned, "Today... finally not April Fool's Day," and the warm regards come pouring in to congratulate the actor and the new lady in his life. The 36-year-old actor whose dating history has long been a mystery has been known to announce his dating status on April Fool's Day as a joke. Interestingly enough, he shared a photo with Lena Fujii back in 2013 saying, "Finally had a chance to tell her and she said yes. Please give us your regards." Of course, that was shared on April Fool's Day and he later admitted that it was a joke. Fast forward to 2018 and they're really together. Congrats to the happy couple!
My Poseidon begins filming
My Poseidon 我的波塞冬 is a fantasy romance drama starring Leon Zhang (Xuan Yuan Sword) and Eleanor Lee (Tribes and Empires). Filming began today, January 16, and it was attended by the cast that also includes Sui Yu Meng, Long Zheng Xuan and Qiao Xuan. Leading lady Eleanor Lee was unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts. The story is based on a romance novel by Miao Juan 缪娟 that covers the present day, but evolves into a mythology. I'm not sure what that means exactly but I immediately thought of Bride of the Water God. The female protagonist is a student who has a crush on a young scientist, until a mysterious man walks into her life. 
Day & Night Season 2
Ever since Day & Night 白夜追凶 ended, the praise surrounding this sleeper hit has simply grown. It was crowned the best web drama in 2017 and its international broadcasting rights was even purchased by Netflix. I guess there's no reason not to keep a good thing going, which is why season 2 will be heading to Youku. 

The drama is expected to be around 30 episodes, and it brings back Wang Wei and Zhi Wen behind the scenes to direct and write the screenplay. The original cast led by Pan Yue Ming is also expected to return and the timing of filming will be contingent on their availability. As someone who hasn't watched this yet, I really feel that I should as it seems like too good a drama to pass up. 
Mr. Right Jin Dong Ratings Chinese drama
Kite and Red Rose finished their run within the top three, leaving Love in Hanyuan to be the only spy drama on primetime as it averages at a much lower 0.5%. Xia Yu's Operation Moscow premiered at 0.3% and slowly inches up through the course of the week. Flipped In My Youth seemed poised to lead until Mr. Right swooped in to break past 1.0% on its first day (can't say I'm surprised, it's headlined by Jin Dong). Not included in the TV Ratings table are the reruns for Best Arrangement and Nirvana in Fire 2, both of which have done well to stay in the top 5.

Untouchable Lovers may breathe some new life to the 10pm dramas as it is off to a decent start at 0.8%. Nirvana in Fire 2 continues to see low numbers on television and places ninth in web rankings. It's been a little more than a week since Tribes and Empires ended but we welcome a new entrant to the weekly celebs rankings that are now led by Huang Xuan in first Shawn Dou in second and Zhou Yi Wei in ninth.