Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace finale ratings
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace has completely airing on Tencent for both VIP and non-members (which only ended today). The show has reached over 18 billion views 61 days after premiere. At 87 episodes, it may have gotten a slight edge for being longer than most, but It's still quite an impressive run considering that most dramas would be happy with 10 billion nowadays. 
The Thunder iQiYi 2019 drama
It feels as though dramaland took a giant step backwards this week with the sudden closure of DramaFever, but it seems like c-dramas are unfazed and looking to the future with optimism. iQiYi unveiled their future plans through a press event held yesterday in Shanghai and what they have is an ever-growing roster of dramas. A number of stars were in attendance to promote their respective shows.
The Longest Day in Chang'an Lei Jiayin
It's a race against time! Two heroes will cooperate to crack a case and save lives in a span of 24 hours in The Longest Day in Chang'An 长安十二时辰. The 60-episode action thriller drama is adapted from a novel of the same name written by Ma Bo Yong.

Tang Wei first family photos
We finally have a glimpse of Tang Wei's 2-year-old daughter, Summer. The international star recently shared three pictures of their family's vacation in Melbourne, Australia, including one of her daughter's close-up photo.
When We Were Young Neo Hou Wan Peng
A tomboyish girl versus a hot-blooded genius guy. When We Were Young 青春最好时 is a 40-episode Chinese web drama adapted from a novel of the same name by Yan Sheng. It revolves around the youthful rivalry of high school students during the year 1996.
Fox Hao Lan Zhuan Huanyu Films
Hao Lan Zhuan 皓镧传 is going abroad! This is a new drama from the creators of Story of Yanxi Palace.

Huanyi Films signed an agreement with entertainment giant, Fox Networks Group Asia to give the rights to air Hao Lan Zhuan outside of China.

Fox Hao Lan Zhuan Huanyu Films
Huanyi Films has been actively pushing for Chinese films to go international. 

"We are very happy to cooperate with FOX Network Group Asia, Our common mission is to create and deliver the most inspiring stories for as many people as possible," the company said.  

FOX Network Group Asia is an overseas entertainment company which covers various countries including China, HongKong Taiwan, Japan, Korea Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, and United Arab Emirates.

Yu Zheng Hao Lan Zhuan
Hao Lan Zhuan is set towards the end of the Warring States era. It follows a political intrigue centered to three characters; a daughter from a fallen family, a prince who has been living as a political hostage and an ambitious merchant. It stars Wu JinyanMao ZijunNie YuanKarina Hai LingNing JingWang ZhifeiTan Zhuo and Tong Mengshi.

The drama is produced by Yu Zheng, whose works as of late have received its fair share of criticism if not for his recent hit historical series, Story of Yanxi Palace. The cast wrapped in April of this year after 110 days of filming. It reunites Wu Jinyan, Nie Yuan and Tan Zhuo from Story of Yanxi Palace

Yu Zheng Hao Lan Zhuan Filming

Hao Lan Zhuan Filming Wu Jinyan Nie Yuan

Hao Lan Zhuan Filming Wu Jinyan Nie Yuan

Hao Lan Zhuan Filming Wu Jinyan Nie Yuan

Hao Lan Zhuan Filming Wu Jinyan Nie Yuan
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You may have heard by now that a very disappointing news has swept Asian drama fans across the world. There will be one less source to binge on your favorite dramas. Warner Bros. announced an immediate shut down of its Asian drama streaming site, DramaFever. 
The New York City-based can be considered a pioneer in the drama streaming service subbing dramas for nearly a decade. A few days before the shutdown, the site announced a delay for its new episodes. However, what awaited fans isn't their much anticipated drama episodes but a sudden close-down notice.

“Thank you for nine great years. As of October 16, DramaFever has been shut down… While this decision is difficult, there are a variety of business reasons that have led to this conclusion,” the DramaFever website posted on Tuesday. “We’ll be issuing refunds as applicable, and subscribers will receive an email from us with details in the coming days,” it added.

“Today, Warner Bros. Digital Networks will be closing its DramaFever OTT service due to business reasons and in light of the rapidly changing marketplace for K-drama content, a staple of the service’s programming,” the company said. 
Although this might come as a shock, there were already some warning signs. Warner Bros. previously revealed it will soon be launching a new broad subscription-streaming entertainment service anchored by HBO.

Goodbye DramaFever! You will be missed! 

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Qing Costumes Yang Mi Gong Jade Lock Heart
There are a lot of Chinese dramas set in the Qing Dynasty, each with their own interpretation of an era. It's always a treat to look at the simplest designs with a touch of exquisite. Here are 7 actresses who portrayed ancient Chinese beauties.
Our Glamorous Times Zanilia Zhao Liying Jin Han
Zanilia Zhao Liying moved on from the 2017 hit drama, Princess Agents to work on two more dramas before going on a long hiatus from showbiz this year. With her sudden announcement that she's newly-married, a lot of fans will be looking forward to her works. Our Glamorous Time 你和我的倾城时光 has finally released their first stills even though the drama already completed filming last year. Latest report is that it is expected to air next month!

Legend of White Snake Ju Jingyi Yu Menglong

If you enjoyed The Destiny of White Snake and are in the mood for more remakes, this one is for you! It is one of two 'White Snake' dramas that have yet to make their way to Chinese television. Legend of White Snake 新白娘子传奇 released its first character stills of the cast led by Alan Yu (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms), Ju Jingyi (Legend of Yun Xi), Pei Zitian (Sweet Combat) and Shane Xiao Yan (The Lost Swordship).

This is not the first time that Alan Yu and Ju Jingyi will act as an on-screen couple. Ju Jingyi previously made an appearance as Alan Yu's love interest in the 2017 drama Xuan Yuan Sword: Legend of the Han CloudsLegend of White Snake is adapted from a classic Chinese folktale about a love story between a human and a white snake spirit cultivating to be an immortal.
It can be such a letdown when casting rumors that feel so right don't pan out, and I'm happy to announce that this is not one of those instances. There have been reports going on for some time about a practically-confirmed casting that pairs up Sandra Ma and Deng LunIt actually came on the heels of a dating rumor involving them that turned out to be fake, but it turns out that there is something in store for these two after all as they couple up onscreen. 

They are the leads of Action 加油你是最棒的, a new drama about a former reality star who has fallen from fame and an overweight woman who's unemployed. I was looking forward to Deng Lun's next project after Ashes of Love and if it's not going to be with Yang Zi, then a reunion with Sandra Ma sounds like the next best choice. The two previously worked together on the variety show Who's The KeymanBoth attended the booting ceremony on October 15, 2018 held in Beijing. 

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Zhao Liying Feng Shaofeng marriage announcement
Hot off weibo is a surprise announcement from two people whom we all suspected were dating anyway. After endless rumors and repeated sightings, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng finally confirm that they are indeed together. Not only that, their confirmation also serves as a wedding announcement as they shared their marriage certificates on Oct. 16 which also happens to be Zhao Liying' s birthday. 

While it's taken them a long time to become a reel-to-real couple, the two have known each other and worked together in at least 6 projects way back when Feng Shaofeng was already leading man material and Zhao Liying was simply starting out. They played a couple in Monkey King 3 two years ago and again in The Story of Minglan which they finished filming this year. Now, we really need to watch that. A huge congrats to the happy couple! 
Ivy Chen New York Fashion Week
Slender is not quite the definition for pregnant women. Well, maybe except for Ivy Chen (Romance with the Star). The soon-to-be mother is looking as youthful as ever in recently released photos from New York Fashion Week Spring & Summer 2019. 
Chinese Business Drama Entrepreneurial Age
Lately, c-dramaland is filled with reruns on TV which leaves us with only a handful of dramas on the weekly list. Entrepreneurial Age starring Huang Xuan and Angelababy replaced the time slot taken by Age of Legends. It premiered last Friday to extreme lows of 0.2%/0.3% (0.26%/0.49%) according to both CSM52 Cities and CSM Nationwide. Mother's Life continues to lead while The Years You Were Late which airs on Hunan TV continues to lag. The latter had a shorter week due to the Golden Eagle Awards. 

Extreme Youth which is a new car racing drama led by Elvis Han premiered on the 10pm slot, yet it seems to be suffering the same fate with CSM52 ratings at 0.3% and CSMNationwide at 0.1%. 

While Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace retains the lead in web rankings, a number of dramas shifted places within the top 10. Age of Legends and Mother's Life moved up to second and third place. After months in the top 10, the summer hit drama Ashes of Love is replaced by Martial Universe Season 2
There is one episode left for Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace 如懿传. Throughout the journey, the cast and their characters seem to be a hot topic on social media, sometimes for the most random things. Zhang Yuxi appeared in the later episodes as Shui Linglong, a courtesan that becomes a source of conflict between Ruyi and Emperor Qianlong. Apparently, viewers started to pick on her appearance for looking too stiff and implied that she had her face done.
Golden Eagle Awards 2018 Dilraba Li Yifeng
After being chosen as the Golden Eagle Goddess, Dilraba Dilmurat's star proceeded to shine at the 12th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival. She along with Li Yifeng brought home two awards each during the 29th China Golden Eagle Awards. Dilraba won Audience Favorite Actress for Pretty Li Hui Zhen and Most Popular Actress. Li Yifeng won Audience Favorite Actor for Sparrow and Most Popular Actor. 
Story of Yanxi Palace Nie Yuan Qin Lan modern day
Can't get enough of Emperor Qianlong (Nie Yuan) and Empress Fucha (Qin Lan) from the hit Chinese historical drama Story of Yanxi Palace? The two are reunited in the recent issue of Cosmopolitan China.

Emperor Qianlong has many women in his harem, but for me, he and Empress Fucha are the real pair. Lady Fucha is the emperor's first wife from before his ascension. Several historical records mentioned the emperor's great favor of Empress Fucha, even dedicating poems to her name. Sadly, this couple is destined to part due to Empress Fucha's early death. Let's just imagine these photos as the depiction of the royal couples' meeting in modern times.
Zhou Jieqiong Miss Truth Filming
Web dramas have really become an experimental ground for new talents. So many get made every year, and there's always a few that stand out. As I think back to last year's The Eternal Love and this year's Oh My Emperor and Cinderella Chef, one thing that all three have in common is time-travel as a theme. 

Miss Truth 大唐女法医 is an upcoming Youku web series based on the novel The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Doctor. It follows a present day forensic examiner who is reborn in the Tang Dynasty. Zhou Jieqiong takes the lead in her very first drama. With her traditional good looks and skills playing the pipa, it seems natural that she'd be casted for a drama set in ancient China where she'll be getting into some crime-solving action. Taiwanese actor Toby Lee will be playing her leading man.