Ashes of Love (this seems to be the official title) is the undeniable winner this week as it leads both CSM52 and CSM Nationwide. It is currently the only drama that has managed to break past 1% in ratings despite dramas like Sweet Combat, Partners and Legend of Fuyao airing their series finales. The Rise of Phoenixes premiere fell flat as the show ended the week with CSM52 ratings of 0.4%.

After reaching 4 billion views last Friday, Ashes of Love added another billion by Sunday to total over 5 billion views. Nevertheless, Story of Yanxi Palace still tops web rankings and will likely keep the lead now that it's churning episodes double time on its final leg. 

After a couple weeks off the list, Bloody Romance makes its way back into the running in tenth. Meanwhile, Deng Lun joins Yang Zi on the weekly celeb rankings in ninth. With the way the story's progressing, perhaps Leo Luo Yunxi will make the cut next week. My heart bled for him (more like all of them) in the last episodes. 
Story of Yanxi Palace Nie Yuan
Good news for fans of Story of Yanxi Palace 延禧攻略! The show which is near the tail end of its 70-episode run is speeding up the release of episodes on iQiYi. Starting today, it will air everyday at the usual 8pm time slot. 

The Outsiders 2004 cast reunion 2018

Dylan Kuo, Ady AnJoelle Lu, Michael Zhang and the rest of the old cast of the 2004 Taiwanese hit drama The Outsiders 鬥魚 had a reunion last Friday as they attended the premiere night for the movie version of the story that is being led by a new cast.  
New movie Baby Yang Mi
Yang Mi stars in her first literary film with Baby 宝贝儿. The poster reads, "If I am not perfect, am I not your baby?"

In the movie, Yang Mi plays Jiang Meng, a nurse. She herself was abandoned by her own parents due to a congenital defect when she meets a baby girl with a congenital disease in the hospital's ER. She sees the father hurriedly leaving the hospital with the baby and immediately worries for the baby's safety. In a frantic search, she starts to discover the truth about her own identity. 
Zhao Liying dresses
Zanilia Zhao Liying hasn't had a new drama on television ever since Princess Agents aired last summer. It's no secret that the actress has been taking some time away to recuperate from work though she's been in the public eye more frequently especially in the past week where she had back-to-back events with iQiYi VIP, Longines and Chow Tai Fook Jewellry. 

It's a great excuse as any to finally catch a glimpse of Zhao Liying, and this makes her first appearances after pregnancy rumors plagued her even while she was away from the spotlight. There's really no better way to shrug off the intrigues than simply being confident in your own skin, and she does so effortlessly. It's a toss up between the white lace dress and baby pink jumpsuit for me. Which outfit do you like best? 
Shen Yue Johnny Huang Up for Cleaning Elfs
There is an ongoing talk that Johnny Huang and Shen Yue may be playing a couple soon as some internal documents for a potential new drama are going around online. There's no official announcement yet but we can assume that both leads are in consideration for the roles. If it pushes through, the drama will be a remake of a South Korean drama, Cleaning with Passion for Now. The tentative title for the Chinese version is Cleaning Elfs 热情的清扫吧
Qing Dynasty Traditional Costume Zhou Xun Ruyi
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace 如懿传 makes its big premiere tomorrow at 8pm. Suddenly, Mondays don't seem so dreaded anymore especially if you have been waiting for this drama since the first time that it was announced (two years ago?). We get another batch of posters of Zhou Xun and Wallace Huo in traditional Qing Dynasty costumes as Ulanara, the Step Empress and Emperor Qianlong, and I think it's evident from the consistent promos so far that the level of craftsmanship that went into making this production is no joke. Let's hope that the rest delivers too. 
Meteor Garden 2018: Episodes 35-36 Recap
It's sweetness overload for Shan Cai and Dao Mingsi as they spend most of the time together. All the waiting and back and forth has paid off guys, until the next hurdle! Meanwhile, Ximen agrees to date Xiaoyou (we're not sure if it's out of pity or out of love), and I can't say that it's going well.  
Chinese Government Intervenes and Puts Salary Cap
Several media companies like iQiYi, Youku, Tencent, Daylight Entertainment, Huace Film and TV, Linmon Pictures, Ciwen Media, Youhug Media, Hengdian World Studio and New Classics Media have released joint statements to puts a cap on the salaries of actors and actresses to address the increasing income gap and the perceived "money worship" among others.
Panda Impressions
This week's first impressions bring us a web drama and a historical drama. Will you be watching? 
Huang Xiaoming Stock Manipulation Scandal
Huang Xiaoming is the latest actor to be hit with a financial controversy.  This news comes in after China's been upping the ante on investigating some of the country's highest paid celebrities and their financial dealings.  Dubbed as China's Brad Pitt, Huang Xiaoming is allegedly involved in stock manipulation. 
Meteor Garden 2018: Episodes 33-34 Quick Recap
Shan Cai and Dao Mingsi are back together and the spotlight has turned to another love team: Ximen and Xiaoyou. We know from the 2001 version that Ximen and Xiaoyou became one of the cutest couples of the drama. Kim Bum and Kim So Yeon continued the trend with Boys Over Flowers. The storyline between Ximen and Xiaoyou seem to have been taken a backseat so far that both characters have sort of faded into the background for me. Now that things are picking up, will we be seeing the same cuteness from these two? 
Zhu Yilong The Lost Tomb new Wu Xie
This is a very exciting year for Zhu Yilong. He will be playing Wu Xie for an upcoming Youku production, The Lost Tomb Chong Qi 盗墓笔记重启The character, Wu Xie, is based on a series of online novel by Nanpai Sanshu 南派三书 published in 2007. He is the spiritual leader of the Iron Triangle who was born into a family of grave robbers. Zhu Yilong is going to be the fifth actor to play the role. 
Story of Yanxi Palace Chinese series network views
We are more than halfway through Story of Yanxi Palace but there's still quite a number of episodes to go and plenty of room for growth in viewership considering that the drama has 70 episodes in totalThe show has reached 5.5 billion views 25 days after premiere and currently leads among the dramas online.
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace Poster
To say that this has been a long time coming has been an understatement. Being the sequel to Legend of Zhen HuanRuyi's Royal Love in the Palace 如懿传 led by Zhou Xun and Wallace Huo is one drama that many people have been clamouring for, but it's had a hard time securing a premiere date on account of being a historical drama

Today's Qixi Festival aka Chinese V-day and Ruyi just dropped some wonderful news via the show's official weibo. Ruyi will will premiere on August 20, 2018 exclusively on Tencent. It looks like the plan to have a simultaneous Chinese network broadcast did not pan out, but what's important is that it's airing. Two episodes will be released daily from Monday to Thursday at 8pm while Tencent members can enjoy 6 episodes in advance. 

This comes at a time when Story of Yanxi Palace which was the dark horse among the two shows premiered much earlier and is currently basking in its success. Will Ruyi live up to increasingly heightened expectations to find the same success? 
Rocket Girls 11 again
In what seemed like a fiasco that was sure to escalate into one expensive lawsuit after it was revealed that 3 members of Rocket Girls were suddenly leaving the band effective August 7, 2018, the problem seems to have resolved itself. Zhou Tian, Yuehua and Mavericks Entertainment released a joint statement today to announce that Meng MeiqiWu Xuanyi and Winnie Zining are staying with the band to continue with group activities as 11 members. 

The three ladies and their management companies apologize for any issue caused by the early contract termination and that they will respect the terms of the contract. Tencent and the producers behind Produce 101 remain steadfast in their dream to create a new generation girl group in China.
Dilraba Dilmurat recently filmed a series of tourism videos featuring the very beautiful island of Seychelles. In case you don't know as I had to google this myself, Seychelles is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean that lies on the east of Africa and there are only less than 95,000 inhabitants. It looks so serene and magical and having Dilraba promote it just adds to the beauty of the place. 
The Meg Chinese poster Li Bingbing Jason Statham
The Meg 巨齿鲨 is not exactly a critics darling.  Sitting on a 49% review rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the film is criticized as either being too silly to be taken seriously, yet not silly enough to be enjoyed without serious viewing.