He Ruixian Yu Zheng New Artist

Producer Yu Zheng has signed He Ruixian to his studio. Now if the name of the 24 yr old actress doesn't sound familiar, you might want to check out Demon Girl also produced by Yu Zheng because because he already casted her as the second lead in 2016.  
Dicky Cheung why bald
Dicky Cheung has been bald for most of his career which started when he joined a singing competition to enter showbiz 34 years ago. He recently talked about the reason for his unchanging look in the past 22 years. Dicky Cheung is best remembered for his brilliant portrayal of Son Goku in the 1996 TV series Journey To The West.  
Zheng Yecheng Zhao Lusi Killing of Three Thousand Crows
Zheng Yecheng has made quite a journey since playing the sidekick in Just One Smile is Very AlluringThis year, he headlined lET's Shake It Season 2 and An Oriental Odyssey which has just finished airing. I really haven't been watching that many web dramas though one thing they all seem to have in common is fun light-heartedness. 

The Last Ride Filming Wrap
Hashtag Darren Wang corrupts Peng Yuchang was trending online after Wei Daxun shared photos of the three from the set of their new movie The Last Ride 伟大的愿望. In the trending photo, Darren Wang leads the head-eating antics followed by the younger Peng Yuchang. Being the oldest of the three, Wei Daxun turned the shot into meme-worthy gold after giving the most resigned what-am-i-even-doing-here expression. 
Dilireba pre-debut bridal photo

Dilireba's popularity has skyrocketed in recent years as she's been starring in dramas and becoming the face of global endorsements. Like many celebs, she started out doing modelling gigs prior to her debut. Some of her old photos from a bridal shoot taken many years ago have resurfaced in the internet, and I'm thinking whoever got her to model for them got really lucky. I had to take a second look because of the moustache, but her 'groom' is Merxat Mi Re. We need these two in a drama. 

Ariel Lin Vancouver
Ariel Lin travels to Vancouver for some well-deserved rest and relaxation while sharing photos of her adventures. At 36 years old, Ariel Lin still shines and defies age. She's been married for 4 years and it's a nice moment to see bits and pieces of her personal life given that the actress has only appeared in one drama and been mainly in movies in recent years. 
Zhao Liying Our Glamorous Time
CSM52 Cities + Online

The Family stayed in 1st place until its series finale last Saturday. With the family drama bowing out of the race, Our Glamorous Time which had one episode left to air managed to reach a series high of 1.002% on its finale last night. It is the leading drama online while both Zhao Liying and Jin Han along with the rather controversial Cao Xiwen rank among the top 10 celebs.  

Meanwhile, Forty Years We Walked has crept up to 3rd several times last week. Another show that seems to have improved a great deal in ratings is The King of Blaze. It averaged this week with 0.6% compared to dismal premiere numbers of 0.3%. It has also overtaken Hi, I'm Saori to take 3rd place online. 

CSM Nationwide

There's been a change in source for nationwide, as I can only find these numbers on Wikipedia now. Rankings will be a bit different as it seems to include CCTV channels. Nevertheless, The Family still took 1st place for most of the week. 

Held in the Lonely Castle Wang Kai Maggie Jiang Shuying
Based on a novel with the same name by Milan Lady, Held In The Lonely Castle 孤城闭 is a new Daylight Entertainment production about the fourth emperor of the Song dynasty. He is the longest reigning Song dynasty emperor. Since the announcement that Wang Kai will be leading the drama as Emperor Zhao Zhen, it was only a matter of time before they announced his leading lady. Without further ado, I present to you the rest of the cast
Tang Yan Deng Chao Yang Mi Luhan Yang Yang Huabiao Awards 2018
Sorry for being MIA, between people getting sick and getting busy (one of us has finals!).. let's just say it's been hectic. 

December is a busy time for c-ent too as it squeezes in the last remaining events and awards shows for the year. That usually means non-stop parties and plenty of eye candy to go around. Interestingly, my favorite picture is not from the red carpet but one taken by Deng Chao backstage at the 17th Huabiao Awards last Saturday. 
Goodbye My Princess 东宫 is a Chinese drama based on a novel by Fei Wo Si Cun 匪我思存 that runs for 55 episodes. Hopefully, that will be enough to satisfy us drama addicts because the few shots of the main couple are very captivating.
The Family Dong Jie Li-Chun Lee
Quite a few dramas have ended or are ending this weekend. The Family has surpassed 500 million views according to Vlinkage. The total will be higher as the show also streams on iQiYi where views are not accounted for. 

Although the show is on the lower end in online rankings, it has been a consistent ratings leader on TV as it leads up to its series finale this weekend. I don't know anyone watching this though family-oriented dramas seem like the type of show that can resonate with domestic audiences in China. 

Wrap Filming Novoland: Castle in the Sky 2
Novoland: Castle in the Sky 2九州·天空城II has officially wrapped filming. Jeremy Jones completed his scenes a few days earlier while his leading lady Uvin Wang Yuwen only wrapped today. 
What drama is this
We get these types of questions once in a while, but these ones have us completely stumped. Any kind soul who knows, please comment below... thank you:) 
Victor Huang Legend of Kaifeng
Victor Huang in Legend of Kaifeng
I could get used to this trend of actors being casted for the same roles as they're usually tried and tested actors with solid experience. Just like how the 90's Justice Bao got a second life through a remake with the same cast almost twenty years later, Victor Huang Wei-de (Anti-Terrorism Special Forces II) who played the younger Bao Qingtian in the TV series Legend of Kaifeng also reprises his role. 

He is the titular lead in the movie adaptation of Justice Bao 新包青天 produced by Mango Entertainment and Transcend Pictures. It is expected to stream exclusively on Mango TV.
Aaron Yan thanks fans
Last month, Aaron Yan was pushed into the spotlight due to reports that he allegedly cheated on 3 different men. Regardless of the truth, it's a horrible way to be outed to the public, but he truly proved to be a class act in the way he dealt with it. Last night, the singer-actor took to Instagram to write a long message to thank his fans saying that without them, he wouldn't have been able to survive what happened. Translation below.
My Fair Princess 1998 cast
My Fair Princess 1998 Cast
The third remake of My Fair Princess 还珠格格 is back in the headlines after alleged casting requirements for the new Xiao Yan Zi, Yong Qi, Zi Wei, Fu Er Kang, Qing Er and Xiao Jian were leaked online. According to the requirements, production is looking for candidates over the age of 18 with good mental health, hardworking and no vices. They must possess - good looks, acting background and the ability to spark trending topics. According to reports, production is leaning towards casting rookies. 

Xu Xiyan Zhu Hanjing Our Glamorous Time
Xu Xiyan in Our Glamorous Time
Things seem to be getting even messier for Our Glamorous Time 你和我的倾城时光 as another actress Xu Xiyan speaks out about the show's real life drama. There were complaints that the story focused too much on the characters Grace and Ning Weikai. Grace is not in the original books by Ding Mo. 

After actress Cao Xiwen who plays Grace typed a long rebuttal to deny that she hogged the screen time for herself, another cast member took to weibo to contradict her. 
X Love Guan Xiaotong Johnny Huang
X Love 月半爱丽丝 is a new movie led by Guan Xiaotong (Sweet Combat) and Johnny Huang (Moonshine and Valentine). Darren Chen (Meteor Garden 2018) who stars in his very first movie is listed as making a special appearance. I'm not sure if that means that he won't be in as many scenes, either way, it seems our resident Huaze Lei will have to settle for second lead again.