Omg. Handsomeness overload! Step aside Tom Cruise, and make way for the Korean action film about swindling and corruption. I'm going to be fairly honest here and say that I am incredibly biased when it comes to Kang Dong Won, if I had to pick someone who personifies the word 'cool' then he is my official definition. What I'm basically getting at is that I love his movies and think he's sizzling in his roles.
Empress Dugu

On March 23, Joe Chen (Stay With Me) and Chen Xiao (Nothing Gold Can Stay) participated in a simple prayer ceremony in Hengdian before delving right into filming as the leads in Empress Dugu 独孤皇后. 

Some fans may be concerned about their 8-year age gap but I think they look good together and firmly believe that they have the acting chops to pull off the titular couple who are so in love that they buck the trend in being the only royal couple in history to be husband and wife (no concubines!). 

The first glimpse of the costumes is leaving me with mixed feelings, lacking the extravagance that I'm used to seeing but as they say, you can never really go too wrong with white.
Mao Xiao Tong Cosplay

I don't even know who Mao Xiao Tong (Princess Weiyoung) is going as but she looks super cute and youthful and to think that she is almost 30!? She posted on weibo, "The very first SSR of my life, no smoke, it's myself dressed up. Begging photoshop gods to photoshop me a knife."
Detective K Secret of the Lost Island
I love it when historical films deviate a bit from their usual formats to offer something a little more than typical wars, scheming royals, or assassination attempts, etc. You get my drift. Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island is one of those films that is simply clever by meshing together a fusion of things to provide something new but not entirely unfamiliar to audiences. Its subject matter we've seen but not exactly together in historical films. The elements this movie utilizes usually don't work or either flop especially in dramas so they've figured out the right formula considering the success of the Detective K series. 

As a fan of Chinese cinema, I can't help but start beaming whenever the industry gains recognition especially in the international stage because it has really come such a long way over the years. The 11th Asian Film Festival was held last March 21 in Hong Kong and the Chinese film I Am Not Madame Bovary did spectacularly, winning Best Film, Best Actress and Best Cinematography. 
Li Bing Bing

Wow. I'd often use words like pretty, beautiful, fun or cute to describe a fashion shoot, rarely do I use the word breathtaking but this is one of those times. The 44-year-old Chinese actress Li Bing Bing graces the April Issue of Bazaar China alongside Tibetan antelopes, a cheetah, a Hyacinth macaw and elephants. 
Lost Love in Times

There's a lot to look forward to in the months to come as a couple highly-anticipated shows enter their final stages of production. It seemed only yesterday that the cast and crew of The King's Woman spent their last day on set, yet Lost Love in Times is literally hot on its heels.
The first stills of the Sword of Legends Movie 古剑奇谭之流月昭明 are out and Victoria Song is shown in full gear as the spear-wielding heroine. If I thought her character resembled that of Li Luo in Ice Fantasy before, then I am even more convinced now except she dons a much more form-fitting outfit, one that shows off her killer legs. She is looking both alluring and badass, I really love it. 
Ma Ke New Dragon Gate Inn

New Dragon Gate Inn 新龙门客栈 is a 40-episode Chinese TV series inspired by a wuxia cult classic that has sparked many adaptations over the years though it was originally a movie written and directed by the late King Hu during the 1960's. 

The series stars Ma Ke (Journey of Flower), Qi Wei, Shen Meng Chen, Bao Jian Feng (Zhao Ge) and Daniel Chan (Lan Ling Wang). The first stills aren't as hype-worthy as I'd imagined but I'm looking forward to seeing Daniel Chan in the flesh.
Hero's Dream Qiao Zhenyu

When you're ready for something other than fantasy, there's always science fiction. Hero's Dream is an upcoming costume drama 天意之秦天宝鉴 that combines elements of sci-fi, romance, suspense, adventure and history into one. It is set during the end of the Qin Dynasty and tells the story of a young hero who meets a mysterious man in black that offers him a deal that will change his life. 

The poster featuring Qiao Zhenyu (Song of Phoenix) is the first to be unveiled and he plays Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of the Qin Dynasty who seems to be a popular character choice these days given that it is also a main character in The King's Woman and Win the World, two c-dramas tackling the same time period. Tiffany Tang Yan (Princess Weiyoung) makes a special appearance as Nu Xi.
Jang Bori is Here

Jang Bori is Here! 왔다! 장보리 is one of those long, highly dramatic, and highly coincidental K-dramas that I usually avoid considering that I tend to prefer 16 episode rom-coms with short and sweet plot lines that zip by fairly quickly. After a few episodes, however, I was completely hooked and spent many number of nights and weekends marathoning this show. 
The King's Woman Dilraba Dilmurat
I love that all the leads are happily flashing the Asian pose to celebrate their last day. On March 18, The King Woman 丽姬传 starring Dilraba Dilmurat (Pretty Li Hui Zhen), Vin Zhang Bin Bin (Eternal Love), Liu Chang (Novoland) and Li Qin finally wrapped after three months of filming. 
OCN's Tunnel
Now that Voice has left everyone in dire need of some more murder, blood, and mystery, it's time to move on to OCN's next big drama starring Choi Jin Hyuk (I'm starting to think actors with the name Hyuk will be making waves with crime thrillers this year).

Just last week, Deng Chao left a cryptic post on weibo saying, "I am Zhang Yimou," and it looks like the cat's finally out of the bag as he headlines Zhang Yimou's next big project after The Great Wall.
The Devotion of Suspect X

The Devotion of Suspect X 嫌疑人X的献身 is a Chinese suspense thriller adapted from a Japanese novel by Keigo Higashino. It must be really good considering that the novel was turned into a j-movie in 2008, a k-movie in 2012 and is possibly up for a Hollywood remake.
Ao Jiao & Pian Jian

Ao Jiao & Pian Jian 傲娇与偏见 is an Alibaba and Jiaxing collaboration about a bickering pair who get caught in a whirlwind romance. The movie is based on a novel by Mei Mei Mao 媚媚猫 and it stars Dilraba Dilmurat (King's Woman), Leon Zhang Yunlong (A Different Kind of Pretty Man 2) and Vengo Gao Weiguang (Xuan Yuan Sword). 
Razor Spy Game c-drama
Razor 剃刀边缘 is a 48-episode Chinese spy thriller that airs after the series finale of Cecilia Liu's The Battle at the Dawn though the similarities are uncanny considering that both revolve around a police station in Harbin during the 1930's.

You may have wondered why Mark Chao is was noticeably absent and it's because he doesn't seem to have participated in any glam fashion shoot in March. It is obviously not for a lack of popularity and besides, he already graced the cover of iLady last February.