Kevin Cheng new dad
It certainly feels like all the pregnant celebrity moms are giving birth this month. Although the couple has yet to make it official, Hong Kong media has reported that Kevin Chen and Grace Chan welcomed their baby boy after the actress had a C-section in Hong Kong. Kevin Cheng was spotted leaving the hospital in high spirits.

He didn't confirm nor deny the reports as he simply thanked everyone for their concerns and said that they'll make an announcement when they have news.
Monster Killer 3 booting ceremony
Elvis Han and Sebrina Chen Yao are reuniting for the third time for a new season of Monster Killer 无心法师 produced by Tangren Media. Familiar faces from previous seasons attended the booting ceremony held in Hengdian World Studios. Considering that the story is about an undying man who fights monsters, I bet they can carry the same concept for years to come though a part of me remains fiercely loyal of the original. I never quite enjoyed season 2 in the same way and yes, I do miss Gina Jin

Daniel Wu Jacky Wu action stars
Once in a while, it's a surprise to find out that a certain actor or actress is related to another actor in some way.  We probably all know of Jacky Wu and Daniel Wu since both stars have made a big name for themselves.  
First Impressions kdrama Haechi
A lowly Prince becomes destined to the throne in this adventurous tale that brings together a group of people that help reform Joseon.
Yuan Hong Zhang Xinyi Princess Jieyou
After Ivy Chen's baby announcement, it looks like we have another celebrity baby born in the year of the pig. On Valentine's Day, Yuan Hong shared a photo of his newborn son wearing a cute 'ladies, i have arrived shirt'. Yuan Hong comments that he now has a 'rival' in love to which wife Zhang Xinyi responds that she'll work harder to give him a 'little lover'. So perhaps it won't be long till we see baby number 2? 

The two have starred in different dramas in the last couple years, but I still love them as the Princess Jieyou couple even though it was three years ago. I miss seeing Yuan Hong in his mane of glory and Rise of the Phoenixes doesn't count since he wasn't there for its entirety. Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi held a grand star-studded wedding inside a castle in Germany in 2016 and welcome their first child this year. 
Zhai Tianlin apology for plagiarism
It's not easy being in the center of a controversy that has opened up a can of worms about academic misconduct in universitites.  Zhai Tianlin has been under intense pressure and scrutiny these past few weeks after his academic credentials were questioned and he was accused of plagiarizing Professor Huang Lihua's work.  The actor initially denied the claims.
first impressions cdrama i will never let you go
This drama gets me excited, because Ariel Lin returns to the TV screen after five years! Her last drama with Feng Shao Feng in Prince of Lan Ling had over-spilling genuine chemistry on screen. And after years of acting for Ariel Lin, I'm looking forward to seeing her in a romantic wuxia comedy again.  Here is my first impression of I Will Never Let You Go 小女花不棄. 
Hu Ge Li Yifeng not dating Vday
Whenever we hear about dating news, baby announcements and what have you, there are always a few eligible bachelors that people turn their attention to in c-ent. It's the day of hearts and a trending topic earlier today was that a popular historical drama actor will announce that he's no longer single and currently dating a non-showbiz personality. 

He's described as an actor who's transitioning his image, loves his family, respects his fans and has a big movie coming up. Things got narrowed down quickly to Li Yifeng and Hu Ge
Zhai Tianlin
Many of us remember Zhai Tianlin as the villain in Prince Of Lan Ling. He has shown his versatility as an actor through different roles since then and recently had a very successful run playing a gangster turned cop in Original Sin which has been confirmed for a second season. However, things took a terrible turn after lunar new year as he's been bombarded with accusations of plagiarism and it looks like things aren't quieting down. 

The actor has been trending on social media since last week and today, his name was in the top 10 weibo hot search three times stemming from all the bad publicity. 
1) Zhai Tianlin goes online 139 times in 4 days 
5) Zhai Tianlin changes script 
7) Zhai Tianlin once talked about the progress in his PhD thesis 
Meet You booting ceremony claudia wang johnny huang
After Moonshine And Valentine, it looks like Johnny Huang Jingyu is on a roll as he started filming for a new drama last month.  He will play the lead along with Claudia Wang Likun in the upcoming drama Meet You 三生有幸遇上你, a love story about a wealthy man with an attitude who hires a female bodyguard.
The Story of Minglan
The Story of Minglan 知否知否应是绿肥红瘦 headlined by real life couple Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng is ending very soon. It could have ended earlier, but Hunan TV has the tendency to tinker with episodes to suit their needs. Hence, the Minglan finale has been split in two and extends to tomorrow, giving a nice lead in for tonight's premiere of Unbeatable You

Luhan fear of heights
Luhan is probably one of the most popular stars in China right now. Celebrities are often invited to fly everywhere, but people may not know that Luhan has a an extreme fear of heights.  He has to deal with this every time he has to travel to other countries for work all over the world.  On one such incident, Luhan was scheduled for a long-haul flight to Europe on January 9. It was a 10 hour flight and an acrophobic Luhan didn't have the strength to overcome his inner demons.  The poor guy ended up choosing not to fly and retreated home twice.
Sparrow 2: Awakening of Insects 麻雀2之惊 recently held its filming ceremony in Shanghai. Zhang Ruoyun, Wang Ou and Wang Longzheng were in attendance and although no announcements have been made, Kan Qingzi and Sean Sun Yizhou are also reportedly in the cast. 
Keep Running core members leave
Long time viewers of Keep Running 奔跑吧 are in for some major changes this week as the hit reality game show recently announced that four of their hosts will be replaced for the new season.  
Minglan Zhao Liying Feng Shaofeng
CSM55 Cities + Online

With only two days left until the finale, The Story of Minglan is generating all the buzz on Chinese television. It's a pity that Hunan TV has been slicing and dicing episodes to extend airtime because it feels like ratings and the actual viewing experience could have been so much better it if just aired normally.

Being a longer drama, Minglan has outlasted much of its competition and continues to tower above the rest for being the only show with ratings past 1%. Most of the shows left in primetime are newer dramas. National Treasure Legendary Journey headlined by Liu Ye has yet to finding its footing as it has only started airing mid week. 

Minglan also ranks in first online followed by I Will Never Let You Go and Legend of Hao LanWell Intended Love is a new addition to the top 10 with a syrupy sweet premise and handsome guys. Its lead actor Xu Kaicheng also make the list in 6th place. 

CSM Nationwide

The Story of Minglan continues to lead nationwide with ratings above 1%. 

Qu Chuxiao Li Guangjie The Wandering Earth
The Wandering Earth 流浪地球 continues to soar as it passes 2 billion yuan in the box office. With the movie easily rising to blockbuster status, curiosity builds around the making of the movie. While Wu Jing is a household name, Qu Chuxiao who plays the main protagonist is an up and coming actor.
Ivy Chen baby
Today, Ivy Chen proudly introduces her baby boy, nicknamed Xiao Chu, to the world. Since news of her pregnancy came out in August, Ivy had gotten married to director Hsu Fu-hsiang not soon after. The 36-year-old actress drew attention throughout her pregnancy for being the prime example of a sporty mother-to-be. Up until January, she had climbed 101 flights of stairs to keep fit and active. 

Fan Bingbing Fan Chengcheng siblings
After laying low for months, Fan Bingbing generates buzz twice this week. First, when she shared rare selfies for the lunar new year and again, when her younger brother Fan Chengcheng recently shared photos seemingly from the same family get together. He introduces his family as mom, dad and referred to Fan Bingbing as his 'younger sister'. In reality, the 37-year-old Fan Bingbing and Fan Chengcheng have an age gap of 19 years though it looks like the number of years make no difference and they're as goofy as any other siblings.  

Fan Bingbing's fiancee Li Chen was also spotted with her mom to pick up Fan Chengcheng from the airport after he had returned for the Spring Festival holidays. Fan Bingbing's tax scandal last year has undeniably affected her family but all in all, it seems they're ready to start anew.