lucky's first love
Everyone says that first love is always unforgettable, the memory of which will never fade. But not everyone is lucky enough to end up with their first as first love is often times followed by our first heartbreak. In Lucky’s First Love 世界欠我一个初恋, will Xing Yun live up to her name and be lucky indeed to get her forever with her first love? Or will it end in heartbreak?  
bea hayden kuo jacky heung wedding photos
It's been more than a week since Jacky Heung and Bea Hayden Kuo said their "I Do's," and we finally get a glimpse of their big day courtesy of photos taken by photographer Justin Lin that was shared by the groom and his mom. On September 10, the couple held a private ceremony on the Italian island of Capri
dilraba dilmurat
Finding love can be hard for anyone, even celebrities. Or should I say, especially celebrities. For us non-showbiz folks, it’s easy to assume that they’re living a cushy life where getting anything and anyone you want is as easy as snapping your fingers thanks to the status fame brings. But it can easily be the opposite, since potential partners can be scared off because they’re intimidated by the star’s good looks or fame, or perhaps thinking that celebs are "way out of their league". 
Glory of the Special Forces soldier Yang Yang
China really seems to be cranking up their military dramas and Glory of the Special Forces 特战荣耀 satiates viewers' hunger for updates as it drop new stills and a trailer today! The series follows an arrogant young man's journey as he enters military school to win his family's approval. 
Chinese military dramas
As China approaches its 70th anniversary on Oct. 1, there's been an outpour of dramas being aired as part of their initiative to release shows that lift up national pride. So I guess the fact that there are more military dramas doesn't really come as a surprise. In addition to Chen Xiao's The King of Land Battle are two dramas showcasing the air force. 
Zhang Ziyi Central Academy of Drama Class '96
"Since 1996, we have known each other for more than 23 years! Full of memories, our friendship is priceless! (Our absent classmates are busy, but they will be appearing next time)"

As far as reunions go, they’re usually cringe worthy but a necessary part of life. But not so much if you’re from batch 1996 of the prestigious Central Academy of Drama. No no, the reunion of batch 96 is on a whole new level altogether, almost resembling an awards show of sorts (minus the glamorous gowns) with the number of showbiz notables in attendance. 
tang yan luo jin
After Tang Yan and Luo Jin tied the knot in 2018, attention has turned to the actress who has been surrounded by pregnancy rumors for the past year. As is the case in showbiz, people have taken to piecing together signs from the couple's hospital visit in April to eagle-eyed netizens looking for a baby bump even as the actress kept busy filming her new historical drama Yan Yun Tai with Shawn Dou
rainie yang li ronghao
An auspicious red background for newly weds registering their marriage in China. 

Rainie Yang is officially off the market.  The Taiwanese singer-actress let the cat out of the bag in a just released photograph of her and Chinese singer-songwriter Li Ronghao on her social media with the caption saying “Blessings, we have received. Thank you.” Her new hubby shared a similar post with the same message. 

rain kim tae hee second child
Your hallyu life isn't complete without crushing on phenomenal actor, Rain. I remember being a mere teenager when I started falling for him and now, I can't believe he and his lovely wife, Kim Tae Hee just had their second child!

The two first met while working on Rain's music video way back in 2010 and were first spotted dating in 2012. However, it wasn't until 2013 that their respective agencies made the announcement that the two were in an intimate relationship. I'm guilty of not being supportive at first because I was really shipping Rain with his Full House co-star Song Hye-kyo
twenty not confused poster guan xiaotong
Twenty Not Confused 二十不惑 has introduced its ensemble cast of 4 ladies and 5 gents in new posters and I gotta say, I find the motion blur aesthetic pretty fitting. Being in your 20s can sometimes feel like everything's a blur and where life can get pretty fast-paced. Twenty Not Confused tells the story of four college roommates-friends post graduation who will now have to face the demands of 'real life'. Similar to Nothing But Thirty, it is another female-centric drama from Linmon Pictures that follows women of a certain age. 
qin lan wu jinyan reunited republican drama
Say what you want about Yu Zheng, but he has a way of knowing what people want. The screenwriter-producer has confirmed the players in the new Republican drama Legacy 传家 (lit.) that's expected to start filming at the end of the year. More importantly, the starmaker let it fly that the series will star Qin Lan, Wu Jinyan and Zhang Nan. This means that we will see The Story of Yanxi Palace’s heroine reunited with Empress Fuca, though not in a mentor-mentee capacity but as competing sisters.

Wu Jinyan will also be reuniting with her Fighting Youth co-star Zhang Nan who has played smaller supporting roles in shows such as Legend of HaolanUntouchable Lovers and Zhao Ge. It’s widely known that Yu Zheng likes to put his newbie actors in a number of supporting roles prior to giving them a lead role so I guess Zhang Nan must have proven herself worthy. 

Aside from the megahit drama Story of Yanxi Palace, Untouchable Lovers, The Legend of Haolan and Arsenal Military Academy are some of Yu Zheng's works in recent years. His projects can be hits or misses that tend to be talked about in extremes, and the controversial producer himself is known to be very vocal about things that rub him the wrong way
melting me softly kdrama
I'm a hundred percent positive that I'm not the only one who's been eagerly waiting for Ji Chang Wook's comeback drama following his release from the military, right? Well, great news for fans since his upcoming series Melting Me Softly is just around the corner. 

first impressions kdrama mr. temporary
A dramatically thrilling and fast-paced series reveals the lives of elite children and how the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. 
song weilong tan songyun steven zhang xincheng
What makes a family? The family oriented drama Go Ahead 以家人之名 aims to tackle this question with an unconventional look at the modern family. Three children unrelated by blood and two fathers constitute a warm home in this new heart warming drama, proving that sometimes, family is what we choose to make of it and that blood, isnt always thicker than water.
the blooms at ruyi pavillion
Look who's back with a new drama to boot!
the king of land battle

CSM59 ratings data are incomplete so we're only going to be looking at online rankings this week. Hey-ho! Our television dramas are on fire as most of them have ranked among the top 5 dramas online. The King of Land Battle ranks in first, ousting Arsenal Military Academy which has fallen to the 6th spot after it ended. 

Since its premiere, When We Are Together may not have fared that well in TV viewership compared to its competition but it sets high online as it takes the second spot. My Mowgli Boy remains glued to the 3rd spot. Flying Tiger 2 and My Girlfriend is an Alien enter in 8th and 9th respectively. Crime action series No Way For Stumer caps the list in 10th.

Meanwhile, Yang Zi tops our celebrity list with Xiao Zhan following in second. The Longest Day in Chang'An star Jackson Yee comes back as he takes the 9th spot while Zhao Liying takes the 10th spot.
li xian
Stories about overzealous fans crossing the line for their perceived idols seem to keep coming despite the repeated call for 'fans' to chase after their idols reasonably (理智追星). What is known in Korea as sasaeng fan is known in China as sisheng fan (私生饭).