Xu Kai Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Blade Mountain
Xu Kai returns to costume dramas for his next project, and it is a live-action drama based on the Chinese xianxia novel There Was Once A Spirit Blade Mountain 从前有座灵剑山 by Guowang Bixia 国王陛下. The novel also came out on Tencent comics and was subsequently made into an anime titled Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage. 

I had never heard of it before, but the fact that Tencent is pushing this franchise must mean something and it's come full circle now with the live-action drama adaptation. Fantasy wuxia seems to be a rite of passage for young stars, so I'm not at all surprised that Xu Kai would take on the role. He plays the hero Wang Lu, a young genius from the future who starts on a path of cultivation. 
First Impressions The Guest Korean Drama
Horrific and disturbing, OCN's latest drama delves into the dark depths of possessive demons and the occult world. 
Vicki Zhao Ruby Lin My Fair Princess 1998
My Fair Princess 還珠格格 starring Vicki Zhao, Ruby Lin, Alec Su and Zhou Jie was first released in 1998 and lasted for two seasons.  The third season came four years after in 2003.  The drama was created and written by Chiung Yao and she announced this week via VCR that she will recreate the classic drama in a way that will appeal to the younger generation.
Zhang Han pays for fan medical expense
We often see posts from people on social media asking for help to pay for medical expenses. Admittedly, I have glossed over it since I see it too often and got desensitized.  
Givenchy Wu Jinyan Xu Kai
The Givenchy pop-up boutique opened at SKP mall in Beijing, and who better to stop by than the stars of the recent hit drama Story of Yanxi Palace. Xu Kai may have been the self-sacrificing second lead who gave everything to the woman that he loves, but he along with leading lady  Wu Jinyan have gained a lot in real life. Both seem to be riding the tide of success and becoming more and more visible in the public eye. Wu Jinyan was making pit stops at New York Fashion Week just days ago!

I guess that's just the industry for you. One big break is all you really need sometimes, and now that they've conquered that hurdle, I'd be excited to see whether the two rising stars will turn it into a streak. 
Jaywalk Studio First batch artist
To most, Yang Mi, Dilireba, Vengo Gao, Leon Zhang and the rest of the Jaywalk family are the faces of the company. Li Xirui left last month, but no matter what the future holds, I'll always have a soft spot for this batch. Comers and leavers are part and parcel in any management agency especially for a growing company like Jaywalk and they are adding new blood to the team once again.  
Zhou Xun Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace 如懿传 may be the top drama online nowadays, but it got off to a shaky start at first as fans criticized many things about it. Director Wang Jun admitted in an interview that he regretted taking on this project despite the drama's popularity and success. He also issued an apology to the leads Zhou Xun and Wallace Huo.  
Yang Mi Hua Chenyu clothes

The Coming One 2 明日之子2 filmed its final competition on the 14th September in Beijing with Yang Mi, Hua Chenyu, Li Yuchun and Qing Feng sitting on the official panel. During filming, Yang Mi was seen playfully tinkering popular singer Hua Chenyu's clothes. What was hopefully an adorable and playful behavior turned into a cause for debate. 
Mark Chao Misaeng Chinese remake
Mark Chao as Wu Kezhi
Being the Chinese remake of MisaengOrdinary Glory 平凡的荣耀 is one drama that had everyone's attention from the beginning and it seems to be staying true to its depiction of the everyday man. It is part of what makes the show so brilliantly relatable in the first place and the stills remind me of work except there's Mark Chao in it! Now, that's a reason to wake up in the morning. I'm still not sure how Mark Chao fits as the new Manager Oh when he simply doesn't look old enough in spite of the effort to make him look haggard and stern. Maybe the remake is going for a brotherly vibe? 
First Impressions 100 Days My Prince k-drama
Adorable meets historical in this latest TvN series about the Sun and his Moon. After a long drama hiatus, Do Kyung-Soo (EXO's D.O.) returns to the small screen in a historical drama that's turning out to be quite the gem.
Vicki Zhao Wei Chen Kun reunion 2018
For someone with a track record like Vicki Zhao Wei's, it's so easy to look at any of her past works with great fondness. The actress-director shared a photo where she reunites with Chen Kun. He was her co-star in 2008's Painted Skin, 2009's Mulan and 2012's Painted Skin 2: The ResurrectionShe recently paid him a visit on set and wrote him a message on weibo, "...Growing up with you is the happiest thing, from college to the present, you haven't changed, still a kid. Add oil, Love." He comments, "Friendship is unbeatable."
All Out Of Love Age of Legends Sep 17, 2018
The days of high viewership ratings have gone and with the recent probe on ratings manipulation, it seems even less likely to see big numbers nowadays. All Out of Love and Age of Legends are two distinctly different dramas that premiered last night - one is a romance melo and the other is crime action. 

All Out of Love has garnered CSM52 ratings of 0.695%. I did expect it to do better based on the genre though Age of Legends is not far behind with CSM52 ratings of 0.577% on Dragon TV. It has also brought in 0.26% on Zhejiang TV. 
National Radio and Television Administration TV ratings manipulation
Although Mother's Life has become the new ratings leader on primetime tv, numbers on user-generated ratings site Douban are a mere 3.6 out of 10. Director Guo Jingyu wrote a long post on weibo to not only talk about the drama, but also expose a long-standing problem of TV ratings manipulation in China. 
First Impressions The Ghost Detective
Unwilling suicides and an unknown, sinful woman in red become one Private Eye's horrible nightmare.
The Rise of Phoenixes Chen Kun
The Rise of Phoenixes ended last night with CSM52 ratings of 0.569%. The poor nationwide ratings no longer come as a surprise though the show has just gotten a second life as it premiered on Netflix last Friday. It may not have turned into a hit in China, but who knows, it could still make it big in the rest of the world. 

The Rise of Phoenixes Ni Ni
Lading lady Ni Ni has managed to stay on the weekly web rankings for the third week in a row. Meanwhile, the rest of the placements have been rather predictable. 

Similar to last week, Mr. Nanny leads primetime with numbers past 1.0%. The show has also just ended last night. Mother Life's follows suit to break 1.0% in not one but two channels where it is being aired. Quite expectedly, Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace has rightfully become the leading drama online. Ashes of Love and Story of Yanxi Palace which were the big dramas during the summer still round up the top three. 
Deng Lun Huang Xuan stubby hands
Thanks to Deng Lun's popularity from Ashes of LoveHuang Xuan is like the innocent bystander who's been gaining attention too and all for a really weird reason. Care to take a guess why? 
Wallace Huo Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace Emperor Qianlong
Just a few days ago, Wallace Huo Studio sent a birthday greeting to Yang Mi who plays opposite Wallace Huo in their new drama Ju Jiang. Everything seemed fine but later on that day, an announcement was made to share that Wallace Huo Studio is shutting down its social media account. Wallace Huo wishes to communicate with everyone solely through his work going forward. 

While the reason why the actor has chosen to shut down his online presence isn't clear, there are speculations that it may be due to his role as Emperor Qianlong in Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace. Then again, it could also be due to the actor being a private person to begin with. If history has taught us anything, it's that the internet can be a toxic place. 
Storm Eclipse HK police drama Julian Cheung
Storm Eclipse 蚀日风暴 is a 36-episode crime suspense drama about Hong Kong Police Officer, Ling Feng (played by Julian Cheung) who is accused of colluding with drug dealers in killing his partner and friend Fan Yi (played by Sunny Wang).  This drama will be available in two languages, Mandarin and Cantonese and it also stars Fiona Sit, Edmond Leung, Chen Jinru, Li Sihan and Toby Leung.