Huang Xuan Character poster Tribes and EmpiresShawn Dou Character poster Tribes and Empires
Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy has dropped another batch of stills in time for its premiere and it continues to impress! I know I'm overhyping this by now but everything about this grand production screams excellence from the trailer down to the posters. The moment of truth is less than an hour away, and the next order of business is to figure out where to even watch this. It airs on iQiYi, Tencent and Youku though international viewers like us might have to wait and see where we can stream. 

We've got a long list of cast members to enumerate that include Huang Xuan (Hunter), Shawn Dou (Princess Agents), Zhou Yi Wei (Entrepreneurial Age), Xu Lu (Candle in the Tomb), Janice Man (Shuttle Love Millennium), Zhang Jia Ning (Xuan Yuan Sword: Legend of Han Clouds), Wang Qian Yuan (The Battle at the Dawn), Jiang Qin Qin, Wan Qian (Glory of Tang Dynasty), Lu Fang Sheng, Cao Wei Yu, Janine Chang (Advisors Alliance), Zhang Xiao Chen, Kan Qing Zi (A Different Kind of Pretty Man 2), Li Nian, Peng Guan Ying (Princess of Lanling King), Yu Xian Ming and Jiang YiIn case you haven't read it yet, also check out the character introductions here
My! Physical Education Teacher
Emergency Department Doctors continues to be the only primetime show to break ratings of 1.0% as it takes first and second place on its simultaneous broadcasts. Game of Hunting and My! Physical Education Teacher contend for third and it looks like the latter may be inching ahead in terms of ratings. Between lengthy business talk and an unconventional romance revolving around a young woman who marries a guy as old as her mom and has to deal with the ex-wife, the mother-in-law and the kids, I'd pick My PE Teacher too. 

Children's Hospital Pediatrician is also a new entrant this week, but viewers may have had one too many medical dramas as it stays within the low 0.4% range. The same primetime shows also appear in the Vlinkage rankings with Game of Hunting at the top. Webdrama Oh My General which promises to be another zany gender bender a la Go Princess Go places in fourth. 
When A Snail Falls In Love Drama Review
When A Snail Falls In Love Drama Review

When a Snail Falls in Love 如果蜗牛有爱情 is part of the trilogy written by Ding Mo 丁墨, along with Love Me If You Dare and Memory Lost. Ding Mo gets her inspiration for the novels using her imagination and actual crime cases. I can picture her mulling over the best way a character should be murdered while sipping a coffee at a cafe. Among the trilogy, When a Snail Falls in Love is by my far my favorite.
Wang Kai New Zealand
Wang Kai is currently in New Zealand for his upcoming movie Dynasty Warriors, which is yet another production inspired by the Three Kingdoms Era. The cast and crew have already clocked in almost three months of shooting in China as of last October and have flown to New Zealand this month to film in places like Queenstown and Christchurch. Meanwhile, Wang Kai seems to have managed to squeeze in some vacation hours in the land down under as he graciously shared updates on weibo. No animals were harmed except for maybe the one that he ate (a sea urchin?) since he did stress that it's important to return the fishes to sea. The place is breathtaking really, including the guy. 
Tang Dynasty Tour first costumes
Tang Dynasty Tour 唐砖 which is an upcoming iQiYi webdrama starring Wang Tian Chen, Zhang Jia Ning (Xuan Yuan Sword: Legend of Han Clouds), Ken Chang (Sword of Legends 2) and Anita Yuen started filming yesterday. Although not everyone in the main cast was present for the opening ceremony, the journey begins for yet another production to add to the growing list of time travel dramas. Instead of a female protagonist crossing over to the past, it follows the male protagonist Yun Ye as he uses modern day technological knowhow to make a name for himself in the Tang Dynasty, all while the usual time traveling hijinks ensue. 
Zhao Li Ying Longines
Zhao Li Ying rakes in another great year not only in her career but also in endorsements. After joining Angelababy to become a brand ambassador for fashion house Christian Dior, she was recently announced as the brand ambassador for the Swiss watchmaker Longines and joins a long line of international celebrities that include Kate Winslet, Simon Baker, Lin Chi-ling, Aaron Kwok, Eddie Peng and Aishwarya Rai among others.  

In celebration of its 185th anniversary, the brand has also launched its new Record collection in Beijing with both Zhao Li Ying and Eddie Peng wearing the men and women's watches respectively. Interestingly, they also played a couple in the 2017 movie Duckweed.
We've got a few entries this week courtesy of Judy who has sent in her first impressions for three shows - two of which recently completed their run and one webdrama that just went on the air. There seems to be a giant hole waiting to be filled when the next hit drama to come along, and the wait continues. 

Tong Tian Detective Dee

Panda Impressions Tong Tian Detective Dee
Detective Dee is a great main actor and the supporting cast is not bad, but the characters do not draw you in. In fact, you don't really care for the characters or the developing storyline. I was hoping that I would feel differently further into the storyline, but nope. The only thing interesting was when Dee figures out how the crime was committed and puts it all together. Watch only if you really like the slow slow process of crime/mystery solving or lots of cleavage shots, otherwise pass. - Contributed by Judy.
Ten Years Later Shawn Dou Gulnezer Bextiyar
The drama adaptation of the manga Asunaro Hakusho which has initially confirmed Shawn Dou and Gulnezer Bextiyar as the leads began filming yesterday in Shenchuan. There was a light drizzle and the two leading men were adorably sharing an umbrella. Although Gulnezer wasn't able to attend, the opening ceremonies unveiled the rest of the supporting cast which include Jeremy Jones, Cecilia Song and Wang Zi Yun

Huang Xiaoming
Ever since Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy welcomed their first child last January, the high-profile couple have chosen to keep a low-profile when it comes their son. Aside from a brief appearance in the variety show Keep Running where only a side profile of the baby was shown, the couple have been quite protective and have been careful to keep their son away from prying eyes. 
Yang Mi Mark Chao
Michael Kors' The Walk Party was held in Shanghai on November 15 and as expectedYang Mi who serves as the brand's global ambassador was one of the attendees. She posted photos from her night out where she ran into Mark Chao and took a selfie with him, albeit a very blurry one (see better pictures here). It's always a treat to see everyone's favorite goddess couple from Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms and the last time they were spotted together also happened to be at a Michael Kors event. 

Victoria Song
Both Victoria Song and Huang Zitao are from Qingdao, China. Both debuted as k-pop idols and have since branched out into many areas of c-entertainment from variety shows to dramas. Both are extremely talented in their respective areas with Victoria coming from Beijing Dance Academy and Tao training in wushu from a very young age. Both are featured in the Winter Issue of SuperELLE. I haven't done one of these back to back posts in a while, but these two seemed to warrant one. I'm loving the range of movements in each shot even though some fashion choices may be a little questionable. 
Chen Xiao
After going bald for Nothing Gold Can StayChen Xiao has been going full on rugged in recent months with his growing facial hair and scruffy do. He'll be appearing in Elle China's December Issue and aside from the visual treat of staring into his smouldering eyes, there's an accompanying Q&A about the most random things (video translated below). 

Wang Kai Yang Shuo cast Da Jiang Da He
Daylight Entertainment which is known for hits like Disguiser and Nirvana in Fire is back with another drama written by Yuan Ke Ping, directed by Kong Sheng and Huang Wei and produced by Hou Hong Lang. 

Nick Wang Kai and Yang Shuo were recently announced as the main players in a story about economical reform at the cusp of a new era. It is based on the novel Da Jiang Dong Qu 大江东去 by Ah Nai 阿耐. Ah Nai also wrote Ode to Joy which went on to become a successful drama that even warranted a second season. All in all, this seems to be a grand reunion for everyone involved from the production team down to the cast, and it'll be interesting to see whether they can work the same magic in a completely different genre.  
Tribes and Empires Storm of Prophecy Presscon before premiere
We've got one week to go until Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy 九州·海上牧云记 airs November 21, Tuesday, on Youku, iQiYi and Tencent and promos have been ramping up for the big premiere. From left to right, Shawn Dou, Xu Lu, Janice Man and Zhou Yiwei take the stage as the main leads. Huang Xuan who is also the main protagonist couldn't make it due to a change in the date of the event that caused a conflict with his schedule as he was already off filming on another location. 

It would've been nice to see the group together, but I'm really just waiting for this to air. Besides, the stage is brimming with people simply because the show has such a large supporting cast that also includes names like veteran actress Jiang Qin Qin and Uygher beauty Reyizha
Game of Hunting Hu Ge
Game of Hunting has failed to make the splash that many anticipated with numbers well below 1.0% on its first week. Emergency Department Doctors continues to lead followed by China Rescue Salvage which averages in third. The poor showing seems to indicate that the drama lull may take a while longer before it ends, and here's to hoping that it doesn't extend to next year because I'm itching to have something to report (and watch). 

The shows on the 10pm slot fare even worse with ratings below 0.5%. On another note, web rankings paint a much brighter picture for Game of Hunting which has shot up to first. Hu Ge who returns to the spotlight as the corporate man with a silver tongue has also topped celeb rankings along with the show. 
Legend of Heavenly Warriors Phoenix Warriors Presscon
Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors 天泪传奇之凤凰无双 has hit 1.7 billion views as of today on iQiYi, which is yet another milestone for the historical and sci-fi fusion drama led by Claudia Wang, Joe Cheng and Allen Ting. The cast which also includes Xiong Nai Jin, Lang Yue Ting, Xia Ming Hao, Guan Xuan, Ji Ning and Zhou Bin gathered in Shanghai last Wednesday for a media fan thank you event after the show had just surpassed 1.5 billion views. 

Everyone cleaned up so nicely in formal suits and dresses and I'm having a bit of a fangirl moment here but Joe Cheng is so handsome! Allen Ting who not only played one of the leads but also served as one of the producers also brought along the little phoenix mascot.
Liang Jie and Xing Zhaolin reunited
Xing Zhaolin uploaded a picture with Liang Jie some months ago saying, "Long time no see, Ba Wang Fei." Just seeing these two in one frame is cause for celebration for The Eternal Love 双世宠妃 fans and maybe it was a premonition for an even bigger news now that it's been announced that a sequel is in the the works. The drama was unveiled as part of Tencent's upcoming plans for 2018 and promises to be even sweeter than the first. Most importantly, it will be coming back with the original cast!
Jerry Yan Lin Chi-ling
With literally all of his former F4 castmates having kissed singlehood goodbye, there is much curiosity over the dating status of Jerry Yan aka Dao Ming Si from the 2001 Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden 流星花園 who remains a bachelor to this day