shawn dou from survivor to healer
There's no denying that From Survivor to Healer actor Shawn Dou is an actor full of surprises. 
over the sea i come to you my true friend
In a last minute switcheroo, if you're looking forward to catching the premier episode of the drama Over The Sea I Come To You tonight, don't be surprised if you'll be seeing Angelababy, Deng Lun and Zhu Yilong on your screens instead with My True Friend.
Zhang Yixing
One thing I still look for in every EXO comeback is whether Lay Zhang Yixing has returned for good. Unfortunately, the singer-actor hasn't participated in any group activities for years now and band interactions have become a rarity. On May 18, Lay took to Instagram to share a series of fun selfies with Sehun. He jokingly observed that he looked so old. 
bambi zhu xudan
Even though she's been tapped to play a villain more than once, Bambi Zhu Xudan is a beauty that has been breaking into leading roles lately. It may come as a surprise but Zhu Xudan has been in showbiz for ten years now from beauty pageant regular to actress. Interestingly, there are those who observe that her transformation may also be quite literal when comparing to her older photos. 
Jing Tian Cannes Red Carpet 2019
Oh my goodness, it seems that actress Jing Tian also did not escape the online ridicule aimed at those deemed to be have lingered at the Cannes red carpet for too long. Various media outlets have similarly reported about how she was repeatedly asked to move by ushers with the only discrepancy being the number of times she was actually asked to move. Three times? Five times?   
Yang Zi Princess Silver
Princess Silver 白发 starring Sophie ZhangAarif RahmanJing Chao and Leo Luo Yunxi is the new costume drama in town and showing some love for it is Ashes of Love star Yang Zi who has asked for everyone to support her big brother Aarif Rahman's new drama. The two were together in the 2015 Chinese travel-reality show Sisters Over Flowers
the prince of tennis chinese sports drama
Seeing as it's almost time for the world's best tennis players to battle it out once more in the French Open later this month, it's quite apt to be bringing your attention to a new tennis themed drama, The Prince of Tennis 网球少年. Starring actor Peng Yuchang as the main character, the drama tells the story of talented tennis prodigy Long Ma and his teammates as they "swing it out" to discover the true essence of the sport.
lv jiarong cannes 100k yuan
With the increased attention on the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, so has the scrutiny over the not-so-recognizable faces that are walking the red carpet. #CannesFestivalRedCarpet100k became a trending topic due to reports that an invite to Cannes has been turned into a business by travel agents, beauty pageants and the like in China. Prices can range from regular to VIP to include official transport, photos and makeup with the package going up to 100,000 yuan (equivalent to 14.5k USD)
According to Beijing News, an insider confirms that Gong Li has indeed tied the knot with her French electronic music composer boyfriend Jean-Michel Jarre. With that, the good news has been relayed across various media outlets. A staple at the Cannes Festival, Gong Li is due to receive the Women In Motion awards for her contributions to the film industry. 

yukee chen roles
Although a supporting character in Princess Weiyoung, Yukee Chen Yuqi's portrayal of the spunky 9th princess put her name on the map and paved the way for her rising career that landed her the second lead in Ashes of Love and finally, the lead role in Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber. She's become a sought after actress in a short span of time and has been acknowledged for her traditional beauty that fits well with costume dramas.  
Lin Gengxin modern romance drama
Can you believe that it's been almost two years since Lin Gengxin last appeared on our TV screens? The actor who has not done another drama since filming Princess Agents in 2016 has finally signed on for his next project. Love and Lost 最初的相遇, 最后的别离 held its filming ceremony on May 16 in Dali, Yunnan attended by its three main leads Lin GengxinGe Yuexi and Du Chun
Asian Film and TV Week Yang Mi
China is the host for the Asian Film and TV Week which is running from May 16-May 23. The opening ceremony held at the Imperial Ancestral Temple in Beijing on Thursday was a star-studded affair with quite a number of interactions gaining media attention.
story of yanxi palace actress shi yufei cannes
The month of May marks the prestigious Festival de Cannes, when actors, models, filmmakers not to mention wannabes all flock to the French Riviera for a dose of sun, a spot of work (gotta promote that film yeah), and heaps of glamour. The "by invite only" festival is held annually in the French city of Cannes to preview new and noteworthy films from around the world of all genres -  sure, you'll see some blockbuster Hollywood flicks here and there, but Cannes is also the place to discover interesting works which might not necessarily appeal to mainstream audiences.
 A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality Song Yiren Dylan Kuo
The cast and crew of the drama A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality 凡人修仙传 came together to officially kick off the start of the project with a boot ceremony held last Monday. From the looks of things, it feels like we're on the set of Ever Night shooting yet another season. Amongst the faces you'll find familiar are everyone's "little sister" - the adorable Song Yiren and the affable Dylan KuoKris Sun Zujun and Hu Yuxuan are also reportedly in the cast. 
My True Friend
They had me at Rome.

Crazy as it sounds, seeing video snippets of the Eternal City has got me so so excited as Rome is one of those places that will effortlessly capture your intrepid heart. But, before I digress any further from the topic and yammer on, let me get back on track to say that recently, My True Friend 我的真朋友 has released another trailer to highlight the emotional attachments people have to their home and how our leads work around that.

It's official. The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty 成化十四年 which is based on the novel by Meng Xishi has introduced its cast starring Darren Chen (Meteor Gardenas a sixth ranking official and Fu Meng-po (Love's Lies) as a member of the Jinyiwei as they work hand in hand in the crime-solving drama.  
Reply 1998
It looks like another popular Korean television series will be getting a big Chinese remake with Reply 1988 from the runaway hit tvN Reply franchise reportedly in the works!
Lee Dong Wook Im Si Wan
Woop Woop! Two of my favourite actors are teaming up for new drama Strangers From Hell. The show is a thriller (not one of my favourite genres but for both of them, I might make an exception) based on a webtoon of the same name about the strange goings on and the mysterious residents of a dormitory encountered by a young man after moving in.