Love Won't Wait tv and online ratings
Lately, primetime seems to be dominated by either spies or cops with Lost in 1949, Patriot and Fire airing concurrently. It had seemed like Lost in 1949 would make a big splash after hitting CSM52 ratings of 1.0% on its first day, but the show has slipped back to 0.9%. Love Won't Wait continues to be one of the leading dramas. It competes with Lost in 1949 in CSM52 ratings, leads by a huge margin in CSMNationwide and tops web rankings with the most online views. The show has just crossed another milestone to hit 3 billion online. 

There's been a few more changes in terms of internet rankings with the newer premieres edging out shows like Demon Catcher Zhong Kui which are also fairly new. It's always nice to see newcomers finding success and Xiao Zhan of the Chinese boyband X NINE eases into ninth place in the weekly celeb list.   
Legend of Fuyao Character postersLegend of Fuyao Character posters
Legend of Fuyao 扶摇 airs tonight at 10pm sharp on Tencent and Zhejiang TV. It seems like Yang Mi's dramas tend not to have much activity until the premiere closes in, and we've pretty much reached that stage where posters and stills are a plenty. I can think of so many reasons to watch this even with zero promotion, but the showrunners seem to have outdone themselves with a collection of distinctively styled concepts one after the other. If these are supposed to be a preview of what's to come, I'm even more excited. 
Mengfei Comes Across back on air
More than a week since it was taken down from the streaming website Youku with not so much as a warning or an explanation after the fact, Mengfei Comes Across 萌妃驾到 is back on air. The first signs of the show coming back was when it started doing promotions again via its official weibo page and even dropped a poster of Jiro Wang and Gina Jin for Dragon Boat Festival. VIP members can expect to catch 19 episodes today while other viewers can view the episodes as they are released daily at 11am. 
Nice to Meet You Janice Man
Janice Man and Zhang MingEn is teaming up for a new drama, Nice to Meet You 只为遇见你.
Vivian Sung Darren Wang Our Times 2018
It's been almost three years since the drama Our Times was released and we still haven't seen any of the lead actors work together in a new drama yet. 

We have seen Dino Lee in Miss in Kiss the year after and for me, he pretty much played the same character there and in Our Times. You can check it out on Netflix for easy viewing, I think it's still there.
Mark Chao Shanghai International Film Festival
It looks like the picture war between the two besties continue with their latest antics. Lin Gengxin is back in the business of embarrassing his friend Mark Chao by posting his ugly pic on social media. While attending the 2018 Shanghai International Film Festival with the Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings cast, Lin Gengxin cropped everyone out of the picture to magnify Mark Chao's lack of preparedness when the cameras clicked. 
Yang Mi sues haters
Fame seems to be a double-edged sword. Yang Mi has a large fanbase but also weeded in between are the haters who have been taking advantage of social media to spread things about the actress. Having had enough, Yang Mi Studio has issued a statement to say that the internet is not a place without laws and that the responsible parties will face repercussions.  
Cinderella Chef Bie Thassapak Hsu Shanghai red carpet
Cinderella Chef and Oh My Emperor are probably the two main dramas competing in the space of cute time-travel comedies right now. I've only managed to catch a few episodes of each, but I must admit that both are a breezy watch. Personally, I'm liking Cinderella Chef a little more. For a drama where the heroine time travels to ancient times, it's fun to see the two stars of the show crossing over to the modern day. 
The First Half of My Life Ma Yili best actress
Along with White Deer Plain which won Best Drama, Best Director and Best Cinematography in the 24th Shanghai Television Festival held on June 15, 2018, The First Half of My Life was also a big winner as it brought home three Magnolia Awards. Ma Yili who played leading lady Luo ZiJun won Best Actress, Xu Di who played Xue ZhenZhu won Best Supporting Actress and Qin Wen won Best Screenplay. I have not watched the show personally, but Xu Di's performance as the mother precedes her and certainly seems well-deserved. 

Vanness Wu divorce
Ever since Vanness Wu and Singaporean socialite and heiress Arissa Cheo got married in 2013,  divorce rumors have plagued the couple as early as 2014. Things have escalated even more in recent days after Arissa's lawyer has finally spoken up to say that although Arissa believes in marriage, she has decided to agree to the divorce after Vanness has sent divorce papers to her twice.

Universal Music Group which manages Vanness released a statement saying, "Marriage is between two people, it is regrettable to hear untrue accounts from third parties who are not involved. Please give him space and time will prove everything." Vanness Wu recently updated his instagram with a post about his sister. He continues to keep his silence on the matter. 

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Chinese Ghost Story Leslie Cheung Joey Wong
Every culture has their own classic horror story. The Americans have Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street and for the Chinese, this is it, The Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂, but it's really more of a romance. 
Go Princess Go Chinese network drama Crystal Zhang TianAi
Go Princess Go 太子妃升职记 is the example of a drama that managed to make it big despite humble beginnings. It's a show that had no money, no recognizable stars, but a lot of personality even if it comes with a ballsy humor that's not for everybody. The story is about a playboy who finds himself stuck inside the body of a princess in ancient times and gets caught between two men. It definitely sounds like something that would trigger the censorship authorities in China (which it did), but it became a hit anyway. 

Tang Yan Luo Jin duet
Being public figures, Tang Yan and Luo Jin's relationship are a constant hot topic. When they're not being asked about getting married they're being bogged by breakup rumors especially lately since they are not seen together as often as the public was accustomed to when they first started dating. Even when they took the stage together to promote The Way We Were, there were speculations that they barely looked at each other throughout the event and only smiled when speaking with the host.
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin 2 法医秦明2清道夫 is a Chinese web series based on the book Scavenger written by Qin Ming 秦明. It is also the sequel to Medical Examiner Dr. Qin though it comes with a new cast led by Liu Dong Qin (My Idol), Liu Chang (Women in Beijing) and Yu Sha Sha (Miss Puff). 

Qin Ming is back in his element retrieving clues from mysterious crime scenes. His seamless partnership with policeman Lin Tao finds a new recruit in Chen Shiyu as Qin Ming's new assistant. A phantom-like killer disrupts the city and leaves no identifiable trail except for a bloody signature with the words Qing Dao Fu. 

It remains to be seen whether the new trio can find the same chemistry as its predecessors, but it certainly has a tried and tested concept going for it with its slick production values and another crime thriller from author Qin Ming who is a medical examiner by trade. 

Release Date: June 15, 2018 Sohu, Mango TV (two episodes every Thursday at 8pm)

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Hu Yitian controversy
A netizen recently leaked CCTV video footage of a man meeting a woman in her hotel room at night and staying there for around four hours. The man is allegedly rising star Hu Yi Tian while he was filming a drama in Hengdian (see pic). There are more reports that the woman arrived at the hotel around dusk on April 21, 2018. Two hours later, Hu Yi Tian and his assistant allegedly arrived at the same hotel and that Hu Yi Tian left around 11:30pm. 

The woman in question whose name is Bei Ye Bei initially denied the rumors, but later claimed that she is indeed the woman in the video and that she can stand by what she says in court. She also reveals a leaked audio and chat messages that she claims is from Hu Yi Tian who has now blocked her on WeChat. 

In the leaked audio, the man is asking whether he needs to respond to them (fans?). Bei Ye Bei answers that it is because of his other half (Shen Yue)? in the drama and her image that they'll assume that's his type. The man says that they typically don't cast very beautiful woman to play the leading lady. Bei Ye Bei can be heard saying that it's because most women are like that. The man agrees that it makes it relatable.

What we have fueling these rumors are clues that shouldn't even be given the light of day because it's impossible to identity the person in it. Nonetheless, the gossip mill has started running and the actor is currently embroiled in the center of it all. Fans can be seen imploring for Hu Yi Tian Studio to make any kind of statement to do some damage control. 

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The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog Joe Chen Ming Dao
The latest Taiwan drama to get a remake is The Prince Who Turns into a Frog following a series of other popular dramas being remade. This reports follows a long line of Taiwanese drama that is being rebooted about ten years later with younger casts for shows like Meteor Garden, Lavender, Summer's Desire and My Lucky Star.
Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber BTS
Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber 新版倚天屠龙记 wrapped after filming from January 20 to June 13. Everything from the first stills down to the behind-the-scenes leave a very good impression, which is arguably not easy to do for a timeless classic portrayed by a new cast. It is led by up and comers Joseph Zeng Shunxi, Yukee Chen and Bambi Zhu Xudan. I'm so glad five months went by so fast because I cannot wait to see this. It is expected to air exclusively on Tencent.
Kris Wu promote L.O.R.D. 2
In this day and age of social media, it's easy to trigger keyboard warriors and even easier to get called out for a mistake. This is exactly what happened with L.O.R.D. 2 爵迹2 when Kris Wu uploaded his own poster on weibo to promote his upcoming movie. In the caption, he introduces his character Yin Chen using a quote about conviction and an unending legend. 

It's not so much the content that bothered people but how similar it was to a quote used for Yang Yang's character Ye Xiu of the upcoming drama adaptation of The King's Avatar