Wang Kai
Wang Kai turned 35 yesterday and spent the day in the company of fans during a two-hour event that was filled with laughter, games and a walk down memory lane. He's an actor who's paid his dues over the years which makes his success extra savory. To think that he was also the guy who played the girly Director in the Chinese Ugly Betty, and yet he has pretty much made a career out of being a manly man in recent years. 
Cry Me A Sad River
I have to say that as much as I wanted to stay away from this tragic tearjerker, seeing Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu sharing the screen is more than enough to change my mind. They just look great together and from what I remember, they have amazing onscreen chemistry too. The two are the stars of Cry Me A Sad River 悲傷逆流成河, a drama adaptation based on a novel of the same name by Guo Jing Ming. The first stills are quite relax and breezy, though I have a feeling it won't last. 
The King's Woman Episode 2 Recap

The King's Woman 秦时丽人明月心 continues to be enjoyable as the storyline unfolds. I think that this episode helped us to understand our main characters better as we saw more of their backgrounds and their views on how they would like the world to be. The episode also continued to keep up the brisk pace that had been set in the first episode, which I think is due to the writers trying to get us to Ying Zheng and Gong Sun Li's love story as quickly as possible. I hope that the drama isn't progressing too quickly that it burns out, because I've seen it happen to other dramas where later episodes become stuffed with fillers and the storyline becomes messy to the point of being ridiculous.
Hero's Dream Oho Ou
Hero's Dream 天意之秦天宝鉴 has finally wrapped after more than four months of filming. This upcoming Chinese drama which is a cross between history and science fiction doesn't seem to be displaying any supernatural elements just yet, but it certainly seems to have spared no effort in making a legitimate historical production
Legend of Dragon Pearl Yang Zi
Who's still watching? After 100 days, Legend of Dragon Pearl 龙珠传奇 welcomes its series finale as it airs its last two episodes on Beijing TV and Anhui TV at 10 pm tonight (it's airing as we speak). The show has dropped another batch of posters to bid farewell to its adorable ensemble cast led by Yang Zi (The Destiny of White Snake), Qin Jun JieShu ChangMao Zijun, Han Cheng Yu (The Mysterious Team), Liu Xue Yi and Sun Wei

I really can't speak much to a show that I barely made a dent on, but it truly seemed like a sweet romance drama in spite of its Romeo-and-Juliet-y premise. I only made it to the part where the Dragon Pearl kids got themselves into the palace to enact their master plan for revenge, but I had to give it up when the episode count became too much of a commitment. 
We Are Still Young Chinese drama
The upcoming Chinese drama We Are Still Young 我们还年轻 started filming today in Beijing and it follows a popular theme that focuses on the youth and their early struggles in the workplace. Woot! I really like everyone in the cast so far, even though it bothers me that they all five of them add up to an odd number. Does it mean that someone will be left out for sure? Because at the very least, I hope that Maggie Huang gets a shot at love. Please give her a chance!
The King's Woman First Episode Recap
The King's Woman 丽姬传 (then renamed to 秦时丽人明月心) stars Dilraba Dilmurat, Vin Zhang, and Liu Chang as Gong Sun Li, Ying Zheng, and Jing Ke, respectively. Dilraba Dilmurat and Vin Zhang are coming off of their roles in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, which was hugely successful in China and worldwide, and this drama provides the opportunity for them to show off the extent of their skills in acting. 
Gina Jin Aaron Yan Mao Zi Jun Zhai Tianlin
The three gentlemen and lady participated in a photoshoot for the September Issue of Cosmopolitan China. I have no idea what brought them together and whether they are promoting awareness for a campaign of some sort, but their story follows a theme about saying no to unnecessary wants, which is actually a very meaningful message in this day and age. 

Gina Jin is an avid shopper dealing with materialism, Aaron Yan is a glutton wasting food. Zhai Tianlin is a slave of technology while Mao Zijun has an alcohol problem. I'm not sure how close my interpretation is, but I appreciate the attempt at turning a simple fashion spread into something thought-provoking, not to mention the fact that I like seeing these four together even though they still seem like the most random group to me. 
Hero's Dream Tang Yan
The upcoming historical drama Hero's Dream 天意之秦天宝鉴 has been dropping stills for days (maybe weeks now) that it was getting impossible to track who's who. The show's finally gotten down to its last batch of stills as it introduces Tiffany Tang (See You Again), Oho Ou (Fist & Faith), Karina Hai Ling (Go Princess Go), Qiao Zhenyu (Healing Love) and Zhang Dan Feng (Legend of Dugu). 

I love that Tiffany Tang takes front and center like the regal queen that she is, even though she's simply in a guest starring as an all-powerful deity. The remaining cast members play humans who are anything but ordinary as they represent the important historical figures during the tumultuous period towards the end of Qin and the beginning of Han. It's a story that's bound to be a mix of history and science fiction, and I have high hopes. 
Poster My Mr. Mermaid
My Mr. Mermaid is the only show to break 1.0% in ratings though it barely made the cut and has fallen back to 0.7% since then. Competition has been sparse with the bevy of nationalistic shows playing within the same range and the recently-premiered For My Love falling into pace with the rest.

Even so, My Mr. Mermaid may be worth a second look just because it's a non-primetime show that has managed to place first in TV (albeit short-lived) and web rankings. It has also beaten out Lost Love in Times on the one day where both shows overlap which is good for its youthful cast but unfortunate for the latter that has yet to become the hit that everyone expected it to be.

A Life Time Love seems to have suffered the same fate as it finale'd to a low of 0.491%. Xuan Yuan Sword premiered the next day to slightly higher numbers of 0.640%. On the celeb front, Jacky Wu Jing who has been reaping the rewards of his blockbuster movie has made it to the top ten for the second week in a row which is a testament to the astounding success of Wolf Warriors 2. 
Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Dilraba Dilmurat
As an avid drama fan, I have seen enough to know that TV ratings don't always tell the whole story. Depending on what viewers like, good shows can tank horribly while bad shows can get a free pass. Nevertheless, I still find it a lot of fun to track ratings especially when your favorite show happens to be doing well. 
The Eternal Love First Impressions
The Eternal Love 双世宠妃 stars Liang Jie as Qu Tan'er and Xing Zhao Lin as Eighth Prince Mo Lian Cheng. The drama, which is based off of a novel titled Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait for Your Divorce by Fan Que, has been making its rounds on the web. It's only quite recently that this drama has been picked up by official English drama streaming sites (link to viki). It's received quite a good reception online by the masses prior to that and based off of what's been set up in Episode 1, it's looking like the masses aren't too off about that.

The Eternal Love First Impressions
The Eternal Love First Impressions
Episode 1 begins with a reference to Albert Einstein's theory about gravitational forces in space that can change and bend the fabric of space and alter time. A mysterious force from a mystical land similar in theory is precisely what is behind the changes the country of Dong Yue and the female lead, Qu Tan'er (Liang Jie), are experiencing. Somehow the changes are also related to a suicide which Qu Tan'er attempted to commit.

Qu Tan'er has never been the same after the attempted suicide. She appears to be from a different time (specifically, modern times) as the first scene sees her referring to herself as a professional (later in the episode reveals she was a real estate agent before coming here), asking for things like a better made toothbrush which people of that time have never seen and being fast on high heels.

Qu Tan'er is supposed to marry the Eighth Prince. Apparently, she's yet to see him as she envisions him to be an old and ugly man.

The Eternal Love First Episode Recap
The Eternal Love First Episode Recap
Eighth Prince Mo Lian Cheng (Xing Zhao Lin) is definitely neither old nor ugly. Very much the opposite. He also seems to possess hidden martial arts skills which he allows no one to ever see. A surprise attack to obtain the Royal Order, a gold imperial pendant, sees Mo Lian Cheng swiftly take care of the one daring attacker who made it past Yu Hao (Hu Chun Yong). One flick of a hand sends round chess pieces turned bullets through his attacker's head. Consequences for seeing his powers, immediate disposal.

The Eternal Love First Episode Recap
The Eternal Love First Episode Recap
The meeting between Qu Tan'er and Mo Lian Cheng follows after he happens to pass by and see Qu Tan'er (or, as she likes to call herself, Xiao Tan) attempting to make her escape by scaling a high wall out of her home. She is left precariously hanging over the top of the wall and unable to get down. She seeks Mo Lian Cheng's help in catching her, but she doesn't get it. His conscience won't let him because men and women should keep a distance between them.

He lets her fall to the ground and the bold, wild personality which we have so far witnessed is replaced by a gentle, soft, reserved one upon her waking after losing consciousness following the fall.

The Eternal Love First Episode Recap
The Eternal Love First Episode Recap
Qu Tan'er is revealed as a daughter of a concubine during a meeting to briefly discuss the arranged marriage between her and Mo Lian Cheng. During this brief scene, we are introduced to her immediate family, consisting of her mother, father and presumably her stepmother.

This stepmother of hers is the classic, cruel, hateful stepmother who puts on a kind, civil front whilst in the presence of others; but, the moment backs are turned and important people are no longer present, she mistreats her non-biological daughter.

The Eternal Love First Episode Recap
The Eternal Love First Episode Recap
The escapades of Xiao Tan has Qu Tan’er punished with needles to the back. She is accused of breaking family rules and trying to steal the First Prince from her elder sister Pan'er.

Qu Tan'er claims that she has done no such thing and her denial has her stepmother pushing her over to the ground from her kneeling position. She faints before waking up as a feisty Xiao Tan, who gets right up to give her stepmother a piece of her mind.

The Eternal Love First Episode Recap
The Eternal Love First Episode Recap
Yu Hao is standing outside, inconspicuously watching all of this upon orders by Mo Lian Cheng. The beating at the Qu house is reported back to him, but it gets no sympathy from him. He takes the bullying (as well as Xiao Tan’s attempt to escape earlier) as some kind of trick or act meant to deceive him and serve the interests of the Qu family. He instructs Yu Hao to have Tan'er watched at all times.

The Eternal Love First Episode Recap
The Eternal Love First Episode Recap
Closing the first episode, Xiao Tan is locked in her room, not permitted to leave until she finishes embroidering a pouch. Whilst locked in this room, a portal of sorts is discovered.

Following the portal's discovery, a hooded man and woman enter the scene. They are seen chasing a couple of men before lifting them high up off the ground to strangle them to death. The man and woman cryptically discuss the appearance of something in Dong Yue that had disappeared 100 years ago.

The appearance of the hooded man and woman following the portal's discovery appear as if it's a view inside the portal, but they might be separate scenes. However, it looks like the portal and the hooded people are related to Qu Tan’er’s dual personalities and the time-travelling.

The Eternal Love First Episode Recap
The Eternal Love First Episode Recap
The final couple scenes has Qu Tan'er curious to see what is inside the portal. Her curiosity gets her pulled in and the next thing we see is her back in modern times running from what looks to be the same two hooded people who were seen strangling the two men in the previous scene.

Blocked off in a dark alley, she takes refuge in an old abandoned house. After surveying the eerie surroundings for a few moments, her sight settles on some writing on a wooden partition citing the inability to get drunk despite drinking continuously nor remember despite reading the book many times. She is then knocked unconscious before the scene has her waking up on a bed.

The Eternal Love First Episode Recap

First Impressions: Dual personalities, female leads appearing not to be of the time they're in, the male lead being not at all interested in the female lead's original personality, it feels a little like Go Princess Go and Scarlet Heart. The romance portion of the drama feels like Go Princess Go while the main story feels like Scarlet Heart.

Unlike the two comparisons, though, the dual personalities in Qu Tan'er is more than a pass mention and it's looking like the contrast of personalities is set to create some good viewing pleasure as we watch her switch between her gentle and reserved personality and her bold and uncivilised one. Even without knowing what's in-store for the main story, the dual personality is already a pretty strong, albeit not uncommon, hook.

The Eternal Love First Episode Recap

Add the time-travel elements, the fight for what appears to be for the throne, or maybe it's just the gold Royal Order pendant, Mo Lian Cheng's hidden martial arts skills and the hooded people, there's quite a bit to wonder about and stick around for. It's a good start and a potentially good watch.

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An Yue Xi lET's Shake It Rakshasa Street
Am I watching way too many things that I'm spotting doubles everywhere? An Yue Xi stars in two web dramas as the female lead (she's adorable in both). Meanwhile, we also get two drama adaptations based on the Ghost Blows Out the Light novels by Tian Xia Ba Chang  
The Legendary Tycoon
The astronomical success of Wolf Warriors 2 has resulted in much love for the cast led by Jacky Wu Jing and one person also enjoying the attention is Hans Zhang Han who played a supporting role in the movie as a self-absorbed fuerdai (second generation rich). 
Olivia Wang Swire God
It looks like we're getting a name change from Swire God to God of Lost Fantasy. I'll be sticking with the old title until I can be sure that the new one sticks because even though I tend to associate swire with swine, the word just adds a mystery that makes it the better sounding one of the two (though it could be because I had to google what it meant). 😓   
Wolf Warriors 2 Jacky Wu Jing
I don't think anyone really knew just how big Wolf Warriors 2 would get, but it's literally become a monster size hit that is impossible to miss. Ever since hitting theaters in China on July 28, it has been pushing new highs with record-breaking speed. It became the top single day grosser with earnings of RMB 400 million and has surpassed Mermaid to become the nation's top grossing domestic movie. 

It's worth noting that Mermaid took 19 days to cross the 3 billion mark before establishing a record high of RMB 3.39 billion which Wolf Warriors ended up beating in just 12 days. It recently celebrated hitting the 4 billion mark and only time will tell how high it can go. 

Mr. Right Jin Dong, Jiang Shu Ying
Jin Dong might actually take the cake for the most hardworking guy this year. He already has Head Above Water and For My Love airing this month, and he has just wrapped the romance drama Mr. Right 恋爱先生 this week. I think that it probably counts as the sweetest one out of the bunch as he plays a dentist who has a sideline of helping other men find love, that is until love comes knocking on his own doors when he meets a feisty lady played by Maggie Jiang Shuying

There are so many shows about women finding Mr. Right, that it'll be interesting to see a reversal to focus on the guy's perspective. After nearly four months of filming that took the cast to China, US and finally Belgium, filming wrapped in the city of Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world because you know, nothing spells love like sparkles and chocolates. 
Goodbye My Princess Eastern Palace
The current working title is Goodbye My Princess 东宫 and it is based on the 2010 novel by Fei Wo Si Cun 匪我思存 that tells a story of a princess from a foreign land who has to marry the crown prince for political reasons. It sounds like a lot of hijinks off the bat between two people stuck with each other through a stroke of destiny, but between the title and the author's track record for tragic romance, I firmly believe that we're in for a world of pain.