The Eternal Love 2 Liang Jie Xing Zhaolin
Sorry I missed last week's, was attempting to make changes to this report, but it ended up being practically the same. 😂 It's interesting how fast the drama landscape changed in just 2 weeks because I'm finding a lot more dramas that I'm curious about with the recent premieresIf you were experiencing a drama lull, maybe you'll find something here. 

The Eternal Love Season 2 has reached 2.24 billion views 26 days after premiere. 

Never Gone Episode 1-2 Recap
With the tendency of remakes and dramas to revisit the same plot, I thought that I'd be bored with Never Gone 原来你还在这里. I was wrong though, the moment I started watching, the back and forth between the main story and the constant flashbacks brought pure nostalgia. While the story itself is simple, it is relatable and emotionally stirring. 

Gao Yuanyuan Age 39
Gao Yuanyuan was featured in a short documentary film entitled, Middle Me æˆ‘, 39, wherein she addressed personal things about her life, on being married and not having kids. 

Like A Flowing River Chinese TV Series
Three different men from similar backgrounds will pursue their dreams in troubled times in Like A Flowing River å¤§æ±Ÿå¤§æ²³, an upcoming drama based on Ah Nai's novel River of Time. The series is split into two seasons, each with 45 episodes.
Our Glamorous Time siblings Zhou Yiwei Zhao Liying
Zhou Yiwei and Zhao Liying's interactions in Our Glamorous Time ä½ å’Œæˆ‘的倾城时光 are very cute. The Tribes and Empires actor guest stars as Zhao Liying's brother Lin Mochen, a big shot CEO who seems tough on the outside but clearly adores his little sister. 
Dylan Wang child picture
China's celebration of its 40 years of reform is in full force as seen from the many dramas airing nowadays and the stars that have taken to weibo to commemorate the event. Lucky for us, some shared adorable childhood photos as a shoutout to their hometowns to reminisce the changes over the years. Let's take a look. 
Victoria Song Luo Yunxi Broker
Victoria Song and Leo Luo Yunxi have been announced as the leads of Broker æŽ®å®¢, an upcoming drama based on another novel by Miao Juan ç¼ªå¨Ÿ. Victoria Song plays a scientist, the logical one by trade while Luo Yunxi plays a man who walks into her life to steal her research. Now, that's a twisted start to a relationship, but I like the premise and how it's not simply about the romance.

Tang Yan Luo Jin traditional Chinese wedding
It's been over two weeks and let's be honest, we still haven't gotten over the royal-like wedding of Tang Yan and Luo JinWhether in Europe, Bali or China, it's beautiful to see a piece of tradition being preserved through the festive red and orange that many celebrity couples choose to wear - the bride is often in a qipao aka cheongsam dress and the groom wears the male equivalent called the changshan. 
Poster The King of Blaze Jing Tian Chen Bolin
I've been waiting for this for so long and it's finally airing. The King of Blaze ç«çŽ‹ premieres on November 26, taking over All Out Of Love's Monday to Thursday 10pm slot on Hunan TVEver since Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, any love story with gods and lifetimes of romances instantly catch my eye, and it's paid off with Ashes of Love which easily became one of my favorites this year. 

Eddie Peng The Rescue Booting Ceremony
Dante Lam is back in action with a new film titled The Rescue ç´§æ€¥æ•‘援There is no news about the plot yet but it is centered about a rescue operation at the sea. Expectations are high that the upcoming movie will follow the same style as Lam's previous hit action films, Operation Mekong and Operation Red Sea.
Feng Shaofeng Madame Tussauds Shanghai

It looks like we won't see Feng Shaofeng as frequent these coming days.  At the unveiling of his wax figure at Madame Tussauds Shanghai on Oct. 11, the actor hinted he would take less work to spend more time with his family.
Hi! I'm Saori Episode 1-2 Quick Recap
Amidst the rising number of dramas about robots, Hi, I'm Saori æˆ‘的保姆手册 is the first one I'm watching and it isn't as scientific as I expected. Saori (Zheng Shuang) takes on a very human-like character especially with her cat ear bonnets, which I find 100% adorable. 
Legend of Hao Lan Nov 15 premiere postponed
If you haven't heard already, I'm sorry guys. Legend of Hao Lan or Beauty Hao Lan 皓澜传 which was supposed to premiere on iQiYi this Thursday has been postponed.

The announcement was made last night, "Due to schedule adjustments, Hao Lan Zhuan's Nov. 15 premiere has been postponed. The new broadcast date will be announced separately. The press conference scheduled on Nov. 13 has also been cancelled. Thank you for your attention" 
Tencent views 200 million Our Glamorous Time
Our Glamorous Time ä½ å’Œæˆ‘的倾城时光 premiered last night! It is Zhao Liying's comeback drama post-marriage and one that will test her reputation as lady luck particularly since her co-star this time is Jin Han who's testing the waters as leading man for the first time. 
The Family Dong Jie Zhai Tianlin
CSM52 Cities

Finally, we get some much needed change of scenery now that a few dramas have ended. The Story of Zhengyang Gate reached a new high of 1.702% on its last couple days. It is succeeded by The Family on Beijing TV and Forty Years We Walked on Jiangsu TV. Family dramas seem to sit well with the primetime viewing audience as The Family starring Dong Jie, Zhai Tianlin and Roy Chiu breaks 1% upon premiere. I'd be curious to see if it keeps up the pace when Our Glamorous Time joins in.  

Entrepreneurial Age finale numbers came in weak with CSM52 ratings of 0.565% and 0.377% on Dragon TV and Zhejiang TV. Nevertheless, the show did great online, ranking in first along with Huang Xuan and Angelababy who are the top 3 celebs for the week. It had already hit 5 billion views a few days before the finale.

CSM Nationwide

Entering a New Era replaced The Years You Were Late on Hunan TV. However, the show has failed to keep the top spot, falling below top 5 on several days

Beauty Hao Lan Poster
Following the international success of Story of Yanxi Palace å»¶ç¦§æ”»ç•¥, executive producer Yu Zheng is back with another historical drama. The Legend of Hao Lan çš“镧传 is a 45-episode drama set in the palaces of the Warring States Era and follows a woman who will become the mother of Qin Shi Huang.
Hi! I'm Saori Zheng Shuang
Did anyone get some shopping done? Hi! I'm Saori æˆ‘的保姆手册 made its big premiere at 12 midnight last night right at the end of the 11.11 sales in China. I didn't manage to stay awake, but it looks like many stayed up to watch as it's pulling in impressive numbers that haven't been seen in a while.

The show immediately announced reaching 200 million views within the first hour. If you thought the official poster was hastily put together, the caption literally says, "The boss rushed me to make a poster, there was no time." 
F4 Choi Siwon
When C-pop meets K-pop, its rather nosebleed inducing...