My Mr. mermaid
My Mr. Mermaid 浪花一朵朵 has released a batch of stills that will leave you feeling like summer is in the air. It features a bright and sunny cast that brings together a mix of swimmers and reporters. 

Tan Song Yun (The Fox's Summer) leads as Yun Duo, a sports reporter who works for Qingkong. She is dedicated to her craft and errs on the side of truth in a world where it is not always easy to do so. She is the girlfriend of Tang Yi Bai and plays an instrumental role in his road to success. 
Liang Jian Chinese war drama
Drawing Sword 3 亮剑之雷霆战将 is a 50-episode Chinese drama that tells the story of a young commander leading an army to battle. It is part three of Drawing Sword, which aired in 2005 and ranked 23rd out of the nation's 100 recommended viewing materials in 2013.
Jin Dong Hu Ge
Jin Dong and Hu Ge have been everyone's favorite pair of brothers since Disguiser and Nirvana in Fire, and in spite of their sparse interactions, the few times that they actually get together are fan service galore.

On June 19, Jin Dong uploaded a bunch of their selfies and said, "Parting ways so quickly in the beginning of spring, meeting again in Milan. Thanks for visiting. Don't play anymore, come back. Remember our recent agreement. @HuGe You know it." Hu Ge replied, "When I return can I be your grad student~~~~~~ big brother (quietly)."

They were also seen bantering just the other day when Hu Ge demanded to know the mastermind that photoshopped his face(s) into a picture with Jin Dong. Distance sure seems to make the heart grow fonder when it comes to these two. Now if only Hu Ge can follow big bro's advice and come back to acting. It would be amazing to see them in a drama.
Shanghai Picked Flowers Chinese drama Peter Sheng
DMG Entertainment presents Shanghai Picked Flowers 十里洋场拾年花, a Chinese drama set during the year 1910 in Old Shanghai. It follows an inconsequential paparazzi who becomes a bigshot in the industry and his involvement with ten female celebrities whose glamorous lives are accompanied by a dark side.

Peter Sheng Yilun (A Lost Love in Times) headlines as the main protagonist. Qin Hai Lu, Li Zong Han, Ma Su, Chen Zi Han, Gan Ting Ting, Liu Yan and Wu Jin Yan star in their respective arcs in the overall story. 

Shanghai Picked Flowers
It finally makes sense why the promotions seem solely focused on Sheng Yilun given that he is essentially the that glue that binds all. It's honestly a little worrying considering how the actor has been shown to have a limited range, often coming across as stoic and not much else

Really, the only way I can see this working is if he functions more as an observer than a direct participant as the drama and romance unfolds. Then again, there's always a chance that he might actually be really good. It's not impossible.

Release Date: TBD

Rate your favorite Chinese dramas in 2017.
Tianmi Baoji Luhan
This one popped up out of the blue, but I think that it could work given the universal appeal of stories revolving around ordinary people with big dreams. The stage takes place in a martial arts school, much like the very successful Whirlwind Girl, and it brings together students from different walks of life, each having their own reasons for training. 

It goes without saying that we can expect a lot of heart, energy and plenty of hand to hand combat. Luhan (Fighter of the Destiny) takes the lead as Ming Tian (translates to Tomorrow). He is the dependable big brother and someone who never gives up once he steps onto the ring. Guan Xiaotong (Xuan Yuan Sword) is Fang Yu, a queen whenever she's in competition. The rest of the cast includes Pei Zi Tian, Ivy Shao Yu Wei, Zhao Yue and Li Meng Meng

Tianmi Baoji 甜蜜暴击 is produced by Huace Film & TV, Jinxi Film & TV and Mango TV.  
Rush to the Dead Summer
This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone by now but Princess Agents has finally made its way to number one and it continues to climb in ratings to reach an episode high of 1.48% this week. Rush to the Dead Summer fights the long-running White Deer Plain for the primetime spot, sometimes winning sometimes not. The newly-premiered shows seem to be faring well in general with My Ruby My Love just next in line. 

The lower half of the spectrum is made up of Female ButlerLittle Valentine and Midnight Diner. Rankings move around quite a bit among the three but I'm becoming curious about Female Butler which seems to be slowly but steadily rising. Interestingly, Mark Chao's father-daughter tearjerker started airing mid-week (Jun 14th) although I can't say for certain whether it had any impact on the numbers. 

I actually tried watching A Life Time Love but lost the appetite for it after being greeted with an opening scene that brought back memories of Song of Phoenix (not good). I couldn't get very far after that but I plan to give it another shot because presupposed bad acting aside, I have a biased appreciation for the main leads. At least the show is in the top ten, which is at par with its predecessor Operation Love.
Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost Filming
On June 15, Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 held its opening ceremonies in Hengdian and we finally get to meet the rest of the cast aside from Yang Zi (The Destiny of White Snake) and Deng Lun (Ode to Joy 2) who were already confirmed as the leads.

Yukee Chen Yuqi plays the kind and brave Demon Princess Liu Ying, a role not far from her endearing potrayal in Princess WeiyoungLeo Luo Yunxi plays Ren Yu, the other ship to a complicated romance. Also part of the cast are Wang Yi Fei, Liao Jing Feng, etc. I actually like the casting choices, but it's unfortunate that whoever edited the photos seem to have something against them. Update: First character posters have also been released.

The production is a collaboration between a number of companies one of which includes Kun Chu Pictures, run by CEO Li Kun who is only aged 29. That said, it'll be interesting to see what comes from such a youthful team in general. Zhu Rui Bin takes the reigns as Director while Zhang Yuanang writes the screenplay. Dian Xian who is the author behind the source novel will also be involved with the script and other creative decisions. 
Legend of Yun Xi
We finally get one character poster for the upcoming drama adaptation of Legend of Yun Xi 芸汐传 confirming Ju Jing Yi as the lead. I mean it was practically confirmed from all the telltale signs in the past but this one definitely makes it official. The announcement comes on Jun 18, which also happens to be the singer actress's 23rd birthday.

Her management company posted on weibo, ""#SNH48 #JuJingYi 618 Birthday# She is the walking library with a photographic memory in Detective Samoyeds! She is Fei Shuang Princess in Novoland: Castle in the Sky who is unrelenting when it comes to love! She is the adorable and demure Song Jia Jia in Mr. Swimmer! She is the understanding yet love-crazed Lan Yin in Xuan Yuan Sword..." But gah... why so stingy with the posters? 
Once Upon A Time Yang Yang

In celebration of this special day, a number of productions have been quick to share their versions of a father and son bonding moment. From trying-to-be-stern dads to doting fathers, which one do you like best? I choose Liu Yi Jun from Lost Love in Times. He trumps everyone with so many kids!
Genghis Khan William Chan

The press conference for Genghis Khan 战神纪 was held on June 17 in Shanghai and it was an event filled with little details about the film, the most important of which was its premiere date on December 22, 2017.

Although still six months away, the first stills featuring William Chan (Lost Love in Times) as Genghis Khan, Jelly Lin Yun (Beautiful Flower Reborn) as his love interest and Hu Jun (My Little Valentine) as the villain are eye-catching to say the least and it gives off a feel that is very much in tune with its Mongolian roots. 

Forest of Secrets Korean drama
Have you ever read a drama title and thought to yourself, "this would be such a great title for a book!" No? Okay, I guess that's just me then because Forest of Secrets seems to give off a mysterious and dark intonation that would be perfect for a gothic novel.
Victoria Song Shaquille O'Neil

It was around noon time on June 15 when Shaquille O'Neal posted a message on weibo asking f(x) member Victoria Song to marry him. He said that Angelababy used to be his favorite but she's married so now it's Victoria Song and he went, ".... will you marry me?"
Beautiful Reborn Flower

I have no idea if either of the leads can act but they sure are pretty to look at, matching well with the flowery concept even before I knew what the drama was all about. In fact, Jelly Lin Yun (Fights Break Sphere) ranked 14th out of the 100 most beautiful faces of 2016Song Weilong (Untouchable Lovers) may not have made the list but he definitely has the visuals. 
Nothing Gold Can Stay Sun Li

Nothing Gold Can Stay 那年花开月正圆 has released a set of character posters to introduce the major players in the upcoming drama that follows the life of the richest woman in Shanxi. This is not a story about palace schemes and catfights but a story about a woman who dares to dream big and expand her business offshore. Some character descriptions wouldn't make sense if I leave out the details so just a heads up that there will be spoilers. 

Sun Li plays Zhou Ying, a brilliant woman beyond her time. Relying on street smarts and strong instincts, she is accepted as a woman apprentice in the Wu Family to learn the ropes of doing business. She becomes the esteemed head of the household after her husband Wu Pin dies an early death and she has had to depend on herself to support and grow a failing business. 

She is practical, insightful and bold, and the choices that she makes play a crucial role in her road to success. She is immensely loyal to her love and chooses to remain alone throughout her lifetime in order to protect it. 
Hu Ge Honor 9

With Hu Ge jetting off to the States to pursue a higher education, any news about him is welcome news, and I was pleasantly surprised to see him sporting a smexy new hairstyle. On June 12, Hu Ge was back in the public eye for the launch of the Huawei Honor 9 smartphone that was held at the Oriental Sports Center in Shanghai wherein he dressed and carried himself like a true executive. 

If you happen to be waiting for this cool new gadget then good for you, but I know where I've set my sights on. To be frank, the specks of gray make Hu Ge seem old but as the saying goes, men do age like wine. You can check out the cheeky advert here.
Love's Lies Chinese TV series

Love's Lies 真爱的谎言之破冰者 is a 30-episode Chinese TV series starring Luo Jin and Feeling Pan Zhilin. It begins when an average white collar worker gets caught in the middle of a narcotics delivery gone wrong. She is Dou Dou, the recipient of the package sent by her ex-boyfriend Jin Yuan who ran from their wedding seven years ago.
Here to Heart c-dramaHere to Heart c-drama
I'm realizing more and more that just about everything is a drama adaptation based on a novel, and that I seem to be missing out big time just cause I have not read a single one (notes to self to pick one up and start reading!). That said, here's one more such drama to add to the list. 
The Journey from Tonight is White
The Journey from Tonight is White 路从今夜白 is a 30-episode Chinese drama adapted from a novel of the same name by Mo Wu Bi Ge 墨舞碧歌. It is headlined by rising stars Chen Ruo Xuan (Novoland) and An Yue Xi (LET's Shake It).