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In this day and age where so much of everyone's lives is visible through social media, it's led to a culture where it's become too easy to assume. If a couple don't display their affection publicly, then there'd be rumors that they've broken up. 
It’s a girl for soon to be parents Tavia Yeung and Him Law!! So sorry to kill the suspense for y’all but I’m just happy to be passing along some joyous news since hearing some positive and uplifting things is very much needed right now. 
Social media hacks are increasing day by day and if you’re a celebrity or an influencer who has a ton of followers, the chances of you being targeted are even higher. That’s the hair raising situation Go Go Squid! actor Li Xian found himself in when several notifications of attempts to reset his IG password and access his account popped up on his email.
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CSM59 Cities + Online

As the new wave of dramas settle in,  If Time Flows Back takes the lead over Skate into Love on TV. Both have managed to pull in CSM52 ratings above 2%. Lucid Water Lush Mountain lags in the 1% range. Guardians of the Ancient Oath at the 10pm slot completes its run with CSM52 ratings also above 1%. 

Both Skate into Love and If Time Flows Back also lead online in 1st and 2nd while web dramas Love of Thousand YearsWinter Begonia and the newly-premiered My Roommate is a Detective round up the top 5. We have new blood in the celebrity rankings as Zhao LusiHuang Xiaoming, Steven Zhang and Janice Wu make the list along with their respective shows. Yang Zi who doesn't have a drama at the moment enters in 9th place. 
What do you do when life throws you lemons? Well, aside from a quick little detour for some tequila and salt, you try your best to make that metaphorical lemonade of course. Take chances, take risks, make changes and figure out what you want and what makes you happy. Then make it happen. As they say, live your best life and all that. ‘Course I know the theme of this drama is a step in a different direction from the usual xianxias, historicals and rom-coms we all love to watch. But in this scary and super unpredictable situation we’re all facing, not gonna lie and say that this (the drama's central theme) hasn’t crossed my mind.
Please check back as more premieres are announced.

sleuth of ming dynasty leads
Set during the 14th year of Chenghua Emperor's reign, Tang Fan, a sixth rank official and Sui Zhou, an embroidered uniform guard, join hands to crush a conspiracy to maintain peace and order for the people. Starring Darren Chen, Fu Meng-po and Liu Yaoyuan. 
wu lei dilraba historical romance
Historical drama fans, it's time to rejoice now that we have a new drama to be excited for!

Dilireba Dilmurat (Eternal Love of Dream) and Wu Lei (Fights Break Sphere) will be headlining Chang Ge Xing 长歌行 set during the Tang Dynasty. Zhao Lusi (I Hear You) and Liu Yuning (Singer 2019) are also joining the cast. 
princess weiyoung lee hsin ai
And here I thought this was old news because of the number of times I've heard it but then I realize that Princess Weiyoung couple Tiffany Tang Yan and Luo Jin have not actually confirmed anything in regards to rumors that she has given birth and now the same rumors are trending again. 
Following the success of Taiwanese tearjerker film in 2018, More Than Blue, that made Jasper Liu (Before We Get Married) and Ivy Chen (Tiny Times 1.0) instant box-office King and Queen, will appear in our TV screens soon. The sleeper hit took over many Asian countries that even prior to the rise of the global pandemic cases, it was still showing in other countries even after two years of its original release date.
I guess we won't be seeing a lot of throwback photos of celebrities traveling anytime soon. This did not do any good for Taiwanese power couple, Ruby Lin (Singing All Along) and Wallace Huo (Love Me If You Dare) who allegedly went to Bali despite the crazy global pandemic happening.  
Thanks to his charismatic Hua Zelei in 2018’s Meteor Garden, Darren Chen’s star has continued to shine even brighter, especially now as he lands his very first leading role in a historical mystery drama entitled The Sleuth ofMing Dynasty 成化十四年. And it’s a drama produced by Jackie Chan no less!

Candle in the Tomb: The Lost Caverns (2020)
They’re back! The intrepid treasure hunting trio of Hu Bayi, Shirley and Wang Pangzi returns with yet another action packed adventure in the tombs of Shaanxi. If you’ve missed them, it won’t be such a long wait now as the latest addition to the popular Candle in the Tomb franchise airs in a few days time.

As Long As You Love Me Hunan drama
How willing are you to fight for your love? What if the one you love is the child of your father's murderer? This may sound like it's over-the-top dramatic but that's exactly where the plot of romance drama As Long As You Love Me 爱情的开关 revolves around. 
Did Skate into Love 冰糖炖雪梨 just pay homage to its Honey Trilogy sibling Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉如霜? After Deng Lun's cameo, eagle eyed viewers have been playing a little game of spot the Ashes of Love references as bits and pieces from the popular xianxia drama have been discreetly popping up in some of its episodes.
my roommate is a detective
After a not so stellar 2019 following the scandal that sent his popularity plummeting, it looks like 2020 is all set to be the year of actor Hu Yitian's comeback into the industry what with two of his dramas already hitting the air when we're just almost three months in!
zhou jieqiong
Today, Pledis Entertainment just announced via an official statement that a lawsuit has been filed against Zhou Jieqiong aka Kyulkyung, a former member of the girl group PRISTIN, for breach of contract.  The singer-actress has been with Pledis Entertainment since starting her career in the K-pop industry, and an exclusive contract exists between the two parties. It is also thanks to the efforts of Pledis and her Chinese management company XCSS Entertainment that she was able to secure a spot not only as a contestant in Korea's Produce 101 but also as a mentor on Idol Producer, her very first acting gig in Miss Truth and a supporting role in Legend of Fei
imperfect love cdrama
Thanks to the success of dramas like Ode to Joy and its sequel, female-centric dramas have been steadily gaining more ground amongst audiences. While I for one am still totally down for women taking the world by storm type of stories, I’m excited to see that the soon to be released Imperfect Love 不完美的她 offers viewers a different take to the genre as it moves us away from the usual trope of coming of age stories and "cosmopolitan women finding love and fulfillment" currently populating the industry.  
tony leung shang chi

If you’re a Marvel fan, chances are you might already know that Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Chiu-Wai will be making his Hollywood debut as the iconic The Mandarin in the MCU film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings opposite Simu Liu. Originally slated for a 2021 release, filming work has been underway in Australia where the acclaimed actor has been spotted. But now that the coronavirus has made its way down under, filming has also ground to a temporary halt with the company ordering the suspension of all activities in keeping with the federal government’s ban on non essential activities and the closure of its borders to non citizens.