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They say that it's better to promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate but i guess not everyone gets that. The last quarter of the year seems to be Li Yitong's moment as three of her dramas - Blossom in Heart with Deng Lun, Royal Nirvana with Luo Jin and Sword Dynasty with Li Xian - have aired. 

A netizen left an insulting remark on Li Yitong's Weibo page saying that she feels sorry for Li Xian because he is acting alongside an actress who just can't get popular. I guess at first glance, you'd think that the person is a fan of the actor but Li Xian's supporters were quick to comment that a person who says such words can't be a true Li Xian fan. 
ling long fantasy drama
The posters are out and I don't know if they're doing it on purpose (of course they are, who am I kidding?), but Lin Yi is looking mighty fine as a young monarch in the xianxia series Ling Long 玲珑And here I was worrying he'd look bad in a wig! 
qing yu nian joy of life
Joy of Life 庆余年 which airs on Tencent and iQIYI is no doubt one of the hit dramas right now and if its numbers aren't proof enough, then the fact that its online platform is looking for ways to make more profit is evidence enough. 
sun yizhou
Seeing the goofy side of celebs is always a welcome treat and recently, Sun Yizhou gave a glimpse of himself in a silly situation. A video clip of the actor is making rounds on the internet where he can be seen trying to blow out six candles on a cake. The funny thing is, whenever one dies, another candle comes alive.
godfrey gao
The most wonderful time of the year is already approaching, where family and friends get together for this joyous season. Things have not been easy for Godfrey Gao's family and friends who have to spend their Christmas without him for the very first time. 

Even if Godfrey is not here anymore, his family and friends just recently celebrated Christmas together because they know that he is up there in spirit, watching and smiling. The photo above has everyone pointing towards a Christmas wreath shaped into letter G, the nickname that Godfrey's close friends fondly call him. 
li xian
There's always a first time for everything and Li Xian gets to experience just that in his first foray into the wuxia genre in Sword Dynasty 剑王朝.
After the mishaps that took place during the Cosmo Glam Night last December 3, you would have thought that veteran host Zhu Dan would have learned her lesson. 
deng chao chen he luhan
You know you're true friends with someone if you can post ugly photos of each other with confidence. This was exactly the case with Keep Running cast members Chen He, Deng Chao, and Luhan who have been doing this as a sign of their friendship since 2015. 
Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures
It seems like the popular Chinese historical drama Story of Yanxi Palace is gearing for a global audience once more with its spinoff, Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures 金枝玉叶, coming to Netflix! 
great escape yang mi wei daxun
In the past two years alone, Yang Mi and Wei Daxun have had quite a few interactions as the two participated in the the same variety shows together: Great Escape and Who's the KeymanThe rumour mill has been in a tizzy of excitement today as news broke that Yang Mi and Wei Daxun have been spotted entering the same hotel albeit separately in Shanghai. 
joe chen
In case you missed it, top Taiwanese actress Joe Chen is officially dating her co-star Alan Chen thanks to the reality show, Meeting Mr. Right 2.
It's very poignant seeing the title of Godfrey Gao’s old drama Remembering Lichuan 遇见王沥川, now that he’s passed. In the days following his passing, the drama’s unofficial Weibo page started to actively post updates and tributes to the actor. Now that everyone’s had the chance to let the sad news sink in, friends and fans have started to also turn their attention to seeking the justice he deserves now that he’s no longer able to do so. 

Sure, Zhejiang TV has already issued a statement chronicling the events that happened on that fateful evening – just a mere eight days of keeping mum about the entire thing.  But fans still maintain that something smells fishy and are now clamouring for the network to release the detailed video of the night in a bid for transparency.

"We insist only on one thing, not because it will get results this way, but because we firmly believe that doing so is right. We have a responsibility to let honesty be rewarded and to keep good folks from suffering. If good people are not rewarded, then we cannot really blame them. If good and honest folks can no longer speak, our world will go dark” posts good friend Gabriel Lan on his IG stories. Other accounts like Remembering Lichuan's unofficial page have also posted similar sentiments on social media in a move to seek the truth under the hashtag "speaking up for Godfrey together".

Andrew Lien too, who also appeared in Remembering Lichuan together with Godfrey posts a series of emojis to echo Netizen’s sentiments of boycotting Zhejiang TV - "1📢10, 10📢100, 100📢1000, 1000📢10000 📢🌆, 🌆📢🇨🇳, ❌👀📺. I’ve failed math exams since I was little, even the subject I couldn’t understand. Whenever I see numbers I get a headache. Are there any good hearted people who can explain this to me?” I think he’s trying to be ironic here but Netizens commenting on the post are pretty much saying that everyone spread the word across the country to boycott the “killer” network.

Godfrey has been gone for almost two weeks now, but wrapping our heads around the fact that he’s gone hasn’t gotten any easier. I’m sure his friends and fans also feel the same way as tributes continue to pour in for the actor. More than that, since Godfrey is no longer able to demand justice for himself, I hope that the cry for justice on his behalf will finally bear fruit so he can finally rest in peace. #RememberingGodfrey indeed.

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CSM59 Cities + Online

It's a joyous day indeed for the cast and crew of Joy of Life because it climbs from 6th place last week and overtakes TV drama Second Time is a Charm to claim 1st place online. The star of the show, Zhang Ruoyun, ranks 1st along with actress Song Yi who plays his witty sister Ruoruo in 10th. Xiao Zhan has yet to make an appearance on the show but continues to stay within the top 10 with his The Untamed co-star Wang Yibo. Similar to last week, other shows in the top 5 include costume dramas Once Upon A Time in Lingjian Mountain, Royal Nirvana as well as Nie Yuan and Song Yi's forensic thriller The Listener
novoland eagle flag author jiang nan
Thanks to the rising awareness around mental health disorders, we are finally shining a light on the importance of educating people about what mental illness means and why breaking down the stigma is necessary for those suffering from the illness to get the help that they need. Admittedly we’ve still a long way to go, but now that these conversations are finally being made, it’s good that more and more people who are suffering from the illness are lending their voices to bring attention to this cause. 
It looks like the year isn't just ending without surprising us! Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying will be having a wonderful addition to their family next year.
heechul zhu xudan
Okay. Let's not jump to conclusions because they're probably just hanging out as friends. Also, everyone who knows Super Junior's Kim Heechul, would know that he's that one idol who is friends with everybody. And by everybody, I mean EVERYBODY. 

So it comes as no surprise for him to be seen unabashed with another female celebrity. (BUT BUT, don't they look cute together???) 

Please check back as more premieres are announced.

sword dynasty chinese web series
Sword Dynasty (Dec 6 iQIYI)
A story revolving around a young man with a seemingly ordinary background who dreams everyday of overthrowing the ruling regine and assassinating the King who stands at the epitome of power. Starring Li Xian and Li Yitong. 
To Get Her fantasy rom-com
What if you're given the chance to go on a virtual adventure, will you take it? 

As a big fan of Isekai anime (the kind of anime where the characters are summoned to a fantasy world), To Get Her 惹不起的殿下大人 has already secured its spot in my heart. The 30-episode drama follows a story of a young couple whose love is tested in a strange way.