Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying Drop First Photo of Their Second Child
They say that good things come in small packages. For famous Hong Kong celebrity couple, Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying, their new bundle of joy has just arrived a few days ago (May 29). It seemed like it was just yesterday when they announced the great news back in December during Jordan Chan's concert in Taipei.
Ma Yili Thought to be Spotted on a Date with Co-Star Wu Haochen Who's 18 Years Her Junior
Breakups can be tough, but once you’ve said "I Do" and put a ring on it, things are so much harder … especially when that breakup is prompted by someone straying from their marriage vows. Nonetheless, things seem to be looking up for actress Ma Yili who appears to have finally moved on from now ex-husband Wen Zhang. The couple decided to call it quits last year after staying married for more than a decade. Prior to that, cracks have already began to show in their relationship especially after Wen Zhang was caught having an affair with actress Yao Di.
C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings (week starting May 25)
CSM59 Cities + Online

As expected, Love Designer has become the new ratings leader with CSM59 ratings over 2% compared to the rest of the shows on TV. Autumn Cicada comes in second with its finale hitting 1.9% and 1.6% on its respective channels. Police dramas Burning and Trident have also premiered on primetime. 

Love Designer also takes the lead online along with its leads Dilraba Dilmurat in 1st and Johnny Huang Jingyu in 6th. I personally feel like web dramas are a lot more interesting lately just because of the many new releases vying for a spot in the top 10. 

And the Winner is Love starring Luo Yunxi and Yukee Chen takes the crown as the top web drama online just after TV dramas Love Designer and Autumn Cicada. Pan Yueming and Tong Yao's Get Married or Not that airs on the state-run CCTV lands in 4th followed by The Romance of Tiger and Rose in 5th. Zhao Lusi has also moved up the rankings from 6th to 3rd. I guess one can never have too many rom-coms as another one premieres with Mr. Fox and Miss Rose starring Zhang Yaqin and Ren Youlun rounding up the list in 10th. 
Chinese adaptations of Korean dramas have been the trend for years now with Pretty Li Hui Zhen from She Was Pretty and Prince Coffee Lab from Coffee Prince as just some of the examples. Another adaptation is coming our way with modern romance drama, Use for My Talent 我亲爱的小洁癖 (literal translation: My Dear Neat Freak)which is said to be a remake of Clean With Passion For Now.
51-Year-Old Annie Yi's Husband Tells Her to Quit the Girl Group Survival Show if She's Not Happy Anymore
I know talent survival shows like Youth With You, Produce Camp 2020 and We are Young have been all the rage these past few years but another niche type of survival show seems to be on the rise thanks to shows like South Korea’s Queendom and Road to Kingdom paving the way. Yup, I’m talking about comeback battles from established boy/girl groups or singers which might be going mainstream if more and more viewers tune in.  
zhao liying hit the gym
Who would’ve thought that Zanilia Zhao Liying was hiding some amazing biceps beneath her Legend of Fei costume eh? That’s some serious arm goals right there. 
Challenges at Midlife Boasts an All Star Cast with Lei Jiayin, Yuan Quan, Zhang Yixing and Jia Nailiang
In a story of second chances, director Jian Chuanhe brings us Challenges at Midlife 落花时节, a drama based on a novel by Ah Nai 阿耐 where two former friends get another shot at making things right - a chance to honour a father’s legacy and a chance at love. Given Jian Chuanhe's penchant for dramas that veer away from the “tried and tested” path of portraying reality in a raw form, it might be wise to expect the unexpected especially once you clap your eyes on the drama's stellar cast. And let me tell you now, you’ll be hard-pressed to get past the array of serious talent the drama was able to pull together. 

But then what else did you expect from the same director (Jian Chuanhe) - writer (Ah Nai) tandem that brought us the much loved series Ode to Joy 欢乐颂, China’s little ode to Sex and the City, and last year’s surprise hit All is Well 都挺好 about the dysfunctional Su family? 
After Many Casting What Ifs, Li Yifeng and Yukee Chen Confirmed for Fantasy Drama 'Mirror Twin Cities'
After months of speculation, is the mystery behind who will star in the upcoming costumed drama Mirror Twin Cities 镜双城 finally revealed albeit a wee bit unofficially? 
He Jiong Takes Back His Praise of Ouyang Nana’s Acting After Backlash
I’m not qualified to comment on artist’s performances” says popular host He Jiong after the Go! Fridge 拜托了冰箱 episode of him praising cellist Ouyang Nana’s acting skills recently aired. His comments seem to have landed him in hot water with viewers who disagreed with him but what’s the fuss really?
We are All Alone

It’s time for female-led dramas to flex its muscles because if there’s one genre that’s slowly but surely gaining a foothold in the industry, it’s this. If you’re game to see a strong kick arse woman determined to make her own mark in the world, then this drama’s for you! Starring Qin LanGodfrey GaoWang ZiyiDavid Wang YaoqingKara HuiGuo Xiaoting and Zhang Yanyan, the 36 episode long We are All Alone 怪你过分美丽 is a story about one woman’s struggle and the challenges modern professional women have to face in the workplace. 
First Impressions: Dinner Mate
Food and love collide in this latest drama based on a popular web series.
The Romance of Tiger and Rose Star Zhao Lusi Talks About Acting in Sweet Romance Dramas
While typecasting is not usually a good thing, it seems to have worked well for Chinese actress Zhao Lusi who's repeatedly starred in dramas that fall into the trend of light-hearted romances that don't take itself too seriously. 
Good Cop Dirty Cop: Chen Xiao and Wang Yibo's Modern Police Drama Gets Underway
After Wang Yibo was spotted at a script read-through last week, Being A Hero 冰雨火 finally holds its boot ceremony today to also confirm that Chen Xiao will indeed be starring in the police drama. 

Chen Xiao is quite a versatile actor who's dabbled in many genres before so casting both as the leads should offer an interesting match up. Meanwhile, Wang Yibo has appeared in mostly costumed and romance dramas for his recent works so I’m glad he's dipping his feet in a different genre to play a cop this time. The added bonus of seeing him in uniform doesn't hurt either. *lol* Supposedly, Wang Yibo put in a lot of effort to build his muscles and also cut his hair short to prepare for the role so that should be a real treat for many of his fans.
Netizens Raise Heavy Similarities in Yang Zi's Newest Ad to IU's Love Poem

Oh dear.

Eagle eyed netizens have just pointed out that Yang Zi’s latest endorsement of limited edition “Purple” wedding photo albums closely resembles the concept for South Korean singer-actress IU’s 5th mini album Love Poem which was released last year. From the ad’s overall dreamy vibes set in a gorgeous floral garden, the lavender theme and styling, and even Yang Zi’s poses down to the balloons both stars were holding, the similarities are admittedly uncanny.
Joe Chen and BF Alan Chen Immediately Quash Rumours After Joe's Post Quoting a Break Up Song
Seriously, what is it with the grief that some of actress Joe Chen’s fans have with her relationship with beau Alan Chen? Sure, the pair got together when they both participated in the reality dating show Meeting Mr. Right last year. And while the happy ending she got when she found her Mr. Right on the show had some fans dubiously questioning whether that ending was just scripted, the slew of gushy and sweet posts on their social media should be enough to clue you in to their happiness.
C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings (week starting May 18)
CSM59 Cities + Online

Put Johnny Huang and Dilraba Dilmurat in one drama, and I'm pretty sure we can expect to see it topping the charts and so it has as their newly-premiered Love Designer is this week's top drama online. Serenade of Peaceful Joy garnered 2.6% in CSM59 ratings on its final day of airing to retain its lead among the TV dramas. Love Designer which takes over its slot on Hunan TV averaged around 2.4% and seems poised to become the new drama to top primetime. Autumn Cicada trails with ratings around 1.7%. 

Now that Legend of Awakening has ended, The Romance of Tiger and Rose which also just premiered this week is now the most viewed web drama. Light romances set in ancient times seem to be a crowd favorite with My Dear Destiny and Fake Princess also in the top 10.

With her new drama, it's no surprise to see Dilireba as the top celeb this week.The Romance of Tiger and Rose female lead Zhao Lusi enters in 6th place. Jaywalk Studio actress Zhuang Dafei rounds up the list in 10th with her two dramas Closer to You and I Don't Want to be Friend with You released one after the other in the past two months.   
Raymond Lam Too Old to Play Main Role in the Kung Fu Cult Master Sequel? Wong Jing Responds
During his recent livestream, Wong Jing who directed and wrote the screenplay for the 1993 wuxia film Kung Fu Cult Master addresses casting concerns over the New Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 倚天屠龙记 movie that he is producing. After Raymond Lam was revealed to be the new Zhang Wuji, a character that was portrayed by international star Jet Li 27 years ago, many felt that it was a miscast because of Raymond's age (he's forty) and that the cast as a whole feels older in general. 
And the Winner is Love (2020)
Adapted from author Junzi Yize’s martial arts novel of the same name, the drama And The Winner is Love 月上重火 brings us back to the pugilist universe, where one man’s endless ambition to master the “nine styles of the lotus god” surprisingly brings together two people out to stop him from further wreaking havoc in the pugilist world.