Liu Shi Shi Angelababy Yang Mi Ni Ni - Four beauties of China

Four 四 is considered inauspicious in Chinese culture because of its association to the word death ; yet the number is often used to rank the best of the best. 
2016 Chinese TV series Crazy Queen Huang Shi Qi

Crazy Queen 疯狂天后 is a fun comedy set in ancient China about a modern-age woman who wakes up in the body of an empress during an atypical time in history where women rule. As the empress, she even has an inner court of thirty male concubines vying for her affections.
Hua Jianghu Zhi Buliangren

I like Hao Mei from A Smile is Beautiful so I naturally gravitate towards any news of Zheng Ye Cheng, the actor who plays him. Otherwise, one look at the horrid costumes and shoddy stills and my normal reaction would have been to head straight for the door. Yet here I am, still writing...
Oh My General 2017 chinese drama

Oh My General 将军在上 is a Chinese TV series based on the novel by Ju Hua San Li 橘花散里 starring Ma Si Chun and Sheng Yi Lun
I stopped paying attention for a few days and an avalanche of news came tumbling along.

Ken Zhu got married. A big congrats and a bigger thank you to him for giving fans a chance to see F4 members Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu reunited again, bringing about such a fond sense of nostalgia for the Taiwanese version of Boys Over Flowers. It's called Meteor Garden you guys, watch it if you haven't yet. 

Now, where is Vic Chou

Zhang Han Zhao Li Ying in Boss and Me

Boss and Me 杉杉来了is a 34-episode Chinese TV series adapted from a romance novel written by Gu Man 顾漫 starring Zhao Li Ying and Zhang Han.
A Smile is Beautiful drama review

Love O2O 微微一笑很倾城 is the sweetest feel good romance that fades angsty school drama into oblivion. It starts with a first meeting, a first date, a first kiss and a first love between two people that fit each other like a glove.
2016 Chinese TV series Mr. Delicious Mis Match

Mr. Delicious Miss Match 火柴小姐和美味先生 is a Chinese TV series about passionate individuals who become close through their common passion for food.
Battle at the Dawn 2016 Chinese period drama

In 1946, the Communist party finally gains a stronghold in Harbin, yet the police face danger on all fronts with the Nationalists, the Japanese, bandits and even the common outlaws threatening to disturb the peace.
2016 c-drama Novoland Castle in the Sky

Legend of Chusen, Ice Fantasy and Novoland: Castle In the Sky are three fantasy series having a go at becoming this year's summer blockbuster, though you can add The Mystic Nine even if it's not a xianxia.

Kristy Zhang Han Yun has gone from the ill-fated Princess of Lanling King to play another princess who is the object of the hero's affection in an ambitious 80-episode historical TV series called Chong Er's Peach 重耳传. 

Guo Jing Ming 郭敬明 is best known for Ice Fantasy but he has dabbled in many genres, one of which is a popular romance novel called Rush to the Dead Summer 夏至未至.
2017 c-drama Yi Lu Fan Hua Xiang Song

I started a watchlist of modern c-dramas and felt the need to emphasize the word modern since it's so unlike what I usually watch. 
Yang Yang in A Smile is Beautiful

Just One Smile Is Very Alluring 微微一笑很倾城 is every gamer's dream come true. I'm no gamer and I still fell in love with the premise. 

It alternates between realities in a way that reminds me of W-Two Worlds minus the suspense thriller so it's quite perceptive for the show to do well, turning up the cute in a light-hearted college romance.

A Smile is Beautiful episode 1 recap

Episode 1 begins in the City of Jinling where a team of fighters battle a ferocious monster. A few perish until a female warrior and her arrow-wielding comrade take down the creature with their seamless attacks.

The architecture rebuilds itself and the dead regain a life. As it turns out, the people of this world are merely avatars in an online game.

Sword Master 三少爷的剑 is a 2017 Tsui Hark 徐克 film starring Lin Gengxin and Peter Ho in what seems to be a promising production made for wuxia enthusiasts.
I usually go to c-dramas for my period drama fix and k-dramas for everything else. This is admittedly for thinking that c-dramas weren't up to par, at least from what I've seen before.

That said, I tried my first modern c-drama this year and it is ah-mazing. A Smile Is Beautiful is simply cuteness overload and here I am, writing up a watch list because of it.

Just One Smile Is Very Alluring

2016 Chinese TV series A Smile is Beautiful

2016 Chinese movie The Great Wall

The Great Wall 長城 is an epic science fiction movie in an American-Chinese collaboration led by Matt Damon and Andy Lau and directed by none other than Zhang Yimou whose works include wuxia masterpieces Hero and Flying Daggers. 

There is not much development in this episode that is more introductory than anything else.