What are the chances of seeing two of your favorite actors acting all cute together? In fact, even seeing them in one project is asking for too much yet my childhood fave Jackie Chan and my latest crush Yang Yang are set to appear in the movie Vanguard 急先锋 which is among the high-profile movies coming out for Lunar New Year 2020. 
eddie peng
Taiwanese Canadian actor Eddie Peng recently popped into the set of popular talk show A Date with Luyu (鲁豫有约). Aaaaaand because Luyu is often regarded as the “Chinese Oprah”, you can be sure that this will be an "anything goes"/ anything under the sun type of conversation between the two. Eddie had quite the unexpected answer when Luyu asked him “what is the one thing that you wished you could get back, anything at all” – he answered “my first love”.  That was definitely a great segue to launch into Eddie’s love life which he thankfully talked about rather candidly as well. 
The rumour mill is at it again! If there’s anything that will surely capture people’s attention, it’s musings of a romance .. or break-ups. But let’s stick with romance shall we? Word of a relationship between actor Song Weilong and model Zhao Jiali have been making waves when the two were photographed together after returning home from holidaying overseas. The two were said to behaving “like a couple in love” thus sparking dating rumours. 
detective chinatown 3
Gong Xi Fa Cai! Celebrate the Lunar New Year this year by joining uncle and nephew crime solving duo Tang Ren and Qin Feng as they liven up the streets of Tokyo in the third installment of the Detective Chinatown film franchise.  
The ever beautiful Chinese actress Qi Wei and her Korean actor husband Lee Seung-hyun have given the public glimpses of their daughter in the past and she has always caught netizens' hearts given how adorable she is. 
the twin flower legend
Without doubt, historical dramas are back and here to stay.

romance in the rain reunion
What an apt throwback Thursday! After almost twenty years, the cast of Romance in the Rain 情深深雨濛濛 were spotted hamming it up in front of the cameras together once more. But don’t expect a reboot of the drama to be the reason for this reunion, because this gathering is for a special New Year’s Day performance for Dragon TV’s Spring Gala airing on the 25th. Chinese broadcasters are known to spare no expense pulling out all the stops for their elaborate holiday programs created especially for the lunar celebration so I’m anticipating what performance the foursome have prepared for the show! With only nine more days to go, you can be sure that everyone is busily running around for the preparations.
For a show that's already had to deal with plagiarism allegations in the past, you would think that the next step would be to exercise extra caution, right? Wrong. 
karry wang tfboys
When you're young, good-looking, and under the spotlight, it's expected to see your name floating around and hounded with dating rumors, such is the case for TFBOYS member Karry Wang Junkai
You Are My Eternal Star c-drama
"Thousands of stars are twinkling up in the heavens, but only you and your dreams shine the most.”
new world
At the onset of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, three brothers find themselves on divergent paths as the entire nation prepares for the coming of a New World 新世界. While investigating the murder of his fiancée Jia Xiaoduo, police officer Xu Tian walks down a path that results in his unexpected involvement with the liberation of Peking by the Communist Party. When the stakes are high and family relationships, love, national interests, and personal beliefs are at odds with each other, the brothers Jin Hong, Tie Lin and Xu Tian each make choices that take them on radically different journeys from each other.
joy of life fan xian yan bingyun
Spoiler Ahead: Do not read this if you’ve not yet finished Joy of Life 
ever night 2 xuanhuan
"It's us against the world."

Picking up from where season one left off, Ning Que and Sang Sang’s epic story continues in Ever Night 2 将夜2 as they face a world who wants Sang Sang dead.  After malevolent forces expose Sang Sang’s identity as the person the prophecy names will usher in eternal night, everyone is out to get her. 

zhang yixing tang wei ming dynasty
If you've been waiting for Lay Zhang Yixing to appear in the popular period drama Ming Dynasty then I bring you good news: it's tonight! 
ming dynasty
CSM59 Cities + Online

Ming Dynasty never disappoints as the drama takes another remarkable achievement of hitting 2.288%, making it the top TV drama and third in web rankings while its male lead Zhu Yawen ranks 8th in the celebrity list. Nearing its end, The Best Partner also achieves an all-time high of 2.311%! Wow, It's even higher than Ming Dynasty's highest number! It was also so close to getting the top spot for web rankings but ended up in second place. Still not bad, right?

Meanwhile, Han Geng's romance drama Still not Enough is also showing strong numbers and even ended the week with 1.805%. Maybe the variety in TV offerings has resulted in ratings to be spread across the dramas. Rebirth of Shopping Addict is doing remarkably well at the 10 pm slot as it manages to stay above 1% throughout the week. 

Even though it has already ended, Joy of Life remains the leader of the pack online. Xiao Zhan ranks 1st in the celebrity list while male lead Zhang Ruoyun goes down to 4th place. Detective Chinatown enters the web rankings and lands in 5th place while Bai Yu's new drama Fairyland Lovers snatches the 8th spot. 
I can't believe what I'm about to write right now... Kim Jongdae, EXO'S CHEN IS GETTING MARRIED! I repeat, he is getting married!

Chen himself delivered the shocking yet happy news through a handwritten letter he shared in EXO's Fancafe. In the letter, he said that he's found a girlfriend that he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He admitted how nervous he was about his relationship status and had carefully discussed it with his agency and fellow EXO members before mustering up the courage to tell it to his beloved fans.

He also admitted that a blessing came on his way, implying that his girlfriend - or fiancee rather - is pregnant. Despite being taken aback at first, the blessing became his source of strength. He thanked his members for being genuinely happy for him and his fiancee, and thanks his fans for the love he's been given even though he thinks he does not deserve it. (You deserve it!!)

His agency, SM Entertainment, soon confirmed the news of the wedding and pregnancy and said that Chen and his non-celebrity fiancee will have their union in a private ceremony attended by family and close friends.

I'm super shocked when the news first came to me. I cried both happy and sad tears but I'm sincerely glad that he's found the love of his life. The girl has not been officially identified but some EXO-Ls are wondering if she is the same girl that was said to be spotted with Chen two years ago in a jewelry store. If that's her, then wow, I'm surprise how they kept their relationship under the radar especially since rumor has it that they've been together since 2015. 

Anyway, whoever she is, I send my warm congratulations to her and to Chen! I just can't wait for the wedding ceremony itself, imagine having EXO members singing at your wedding. Eek! I'm so excited! 

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Fit for a mystery drama, the edgy teaser announcing the leads of the Chinese drama adaptation of The Murder in Karotei / Kairoutei Satsujin Jiken 回廊亭 is both captivating and curious. It's also a bit more upbeat than I expected. 
iPartment 5 (2020)
Dubbed as China's answer to America's FriendsiPartment 爱情公寓 is returning for its 5th season. The youths who called iPartment their home return once again as much older forms of themselves and having a much better direction in life but with the same silliness. A marriage is about to happen but of course, they just wouldn't let a joyous occasion pass by without some funny occurrence, right?

One of them appears to have matured enough to shed off his playboy side and stay loyal to his lovely girlfriend while the others are just enjoying their singlehood, the new season bringing brand new troubles and surprises in their lives.