Hu Ge's cat almost 8 years old
Sorry for the lack of posts, but it looks like I'm back to posting about Hu Ge and his cat (or cats if you've seen my other posts)! His drama Game of Hunting ended a couple weeks ago though I can't say that it's that big of a loss as the show never managed to live up to the hype. Nevertheless, it's still sad to see Hu Ge go as we probably won't be seeing much of him for a while while he's on hiatus. 

Lucky for us, he's been quite good about posting on weibo. Just yesterday, he shared the most adorable photo of him staring at his cat with puppy dog eyes and it's captioned, "You are about to turn eight years old already, can you take one look at me."
It's such a busy month with so many dramas to keep up with. Is it safe to say that there is no longer a drama drought when it comes to c-dramas? 

Where The Lost Ones Go

First Impressions Where The Lost Ones Go
Where the Lost Ones Go can probably count as the indie equivalent to A Love So Beautiful and it's perfect for someone like me who thought that I'd already outgrown school dramas. The opening scene sets a melancholic tone as the female protagonist attends a wedding and reflects on life. She thinks back to a nostalgic time in the year 2007 when she was a young college student who meets a boy. The entire episode is really about their first meeting that maybe shouldn't have happened since the episode is titled, "If I hadn't met you." 

I enjoyed the acting, the music, the artsy vibes and the irresistible clichés which worked for the drama and given where the story's headed, a box of tissues might be in order. The hair doesn't do the main guy any justice but it seems to be part of the charm. Despite not being that kind of drama, it manages to end with a cliffhanger too, and I’m looking forward to more. 
First Impressions Just Between Lovers k-drama
Melancholically dreamy with an atmosphere that's just right for winter, Just Between Lovers is perfect for a dreary winter or stormy night. 
Jiao Jun Yan dating Director from Medical Examiner Dr. Qin
Jiao Jun Yan and Director Xu Ang are in the spotlight after being spotted dating by the paparazzi. Both worked together in Medical Examiner Dr. Qin which earned praise for both the director and the cast led by Zhang Ruo Yun, Li Xian and Jiao Jun YanThe paparazzi pictures show Xu Ang waiting to pick up Jiao Jun Yan after she got off from work and going grocery shopping together with her mom on a separate occasion. 

Yes, it's so great to see them back together even if it's just half of them! I might need some help with the dates but the last time we may have seen Lay Zhang Yixing together with EXO was as far back as their EXO’rDIUM concert, which Lay didn't even get to finish due to other commitments. EXO's comeback came and went without him for similar official reasons though the elephant in the room is undoubtedly due to tension between China and Korea. Nevertheless, if it's politics that kept the group apart, it's politics that have brought them together again as the two countries renew ties. 
She Kills Huang Xuan Fan Bing Bing
Director Cao Bao Ping has a follow-up movie for the critically-acclaimed The Dead End which rose to fame in 2015 and it has just confirmed Fan Bing Bing and Huang Xuan as the leads. A picture of the script was shared on weibo to reveal the working title which translates to She Kills 她杀 and it seems in keeping with the prevailing theme that initially started out as a gripping crime drama. 

I feel like this pair will have a lot to offer as Fan Bing Bing is often tantamount to box office success and Huang Xuan is showcasing his acting talents everywhere these days with the currently-airing Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy and soon-to-premiere movies like Youth and Legend of Cat Demon. She will be playing a woman with many secrets while he will be her undoing as a man who is only after the truth. 
Mark Chao Yang Mi H&M China
In keeping with previous years, H&M China will be launching their New Year Collection and they've chosen Yang Mi and Mark Chao from the hit drama Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms as their new endorsers. Both are amazingly photogenic and comfortable with each other behind-the-scenes that it's easy to see why they had so much chemistry as Bai Qian and Yehua and why they keep getting reunited for work. Now if only the powers that be could also reunite them in a drama! The fashion editorial will be released early next year.
Win the World to air on ATV

Asia Television (ATV) which has ceased broadcast since April 2016 will be announcing its rebirth on December 18 as it seeks to bring back classic variety shows. Onto their new roster of dramas, the first one on the list is Fan Bing Bing's upcoming historical epic Win the World, which is much-awaited because of the A-list actress' attachment to the project and also because it is the work of the creative team behind the highly-successful Empress of China

ATV has shelled out approximately RMB 17 million (approx USD 2.5m) for exclusive rights to air the drama in Hong Kong. There were rumors that TVB was also interested to acquire the rights but couldn't close due to the price. Although no broadcast date has been announced, it is expected to air on the same day as China. 

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Wen Tian Lu Xing Zhao Lin
Compared to the initial poster, we've got a much better looking batch of stills for Wen Tian Lu 问天录 though it still seems to be your generic fantasy wuxia about good versus evil. Xing Zhao Lin takes the lead as Zhong Kui as he sets out on a journey to hunt demons with his band of friends and as these things usually go, there's also complicated love lines to be had. 

Jian Ren Zi takes on the role of the leading lady, but she's not just playing one person but three different characters or maybe it's really one character with three personalities. I'm not finding this that interesting at the moment but if Xing Zhao Ling managed to turn The Eternal Love into a hit, who's to say this won't be one too?
Yes! Yes! And yes! This is one detective drama you won't want to miss! With incredible action, humour, and fantasy, Two Cops is a well-rounded show that's worth the watch.
Fu Xin Bo and Ying Er announce baby's birth
Ying Er celebrates her 29th birthday today, December 12, and at exactly 12:12, she uploaded a birthday cake along with the caption, "Thankful for the baby's arrival, the best birthday gift for the year."  Her hubby Fu Xing Bo shared the post a minute later with the comment, "Happy birthday, from today onwards I have two treasures." It's sweet that the reel-to-real couple from Sword of Legends 2 who just got married August of this year get to welcome another happy news so soon and a big congrats to their growing family.  
Fantasy Westward Journey
Fantasy Westward Journey 梦幻西游 is a Chinese drama produced by Tangren that stars Sebrina Chen Yao (Monster Killer 2) and Simon Gong Jun (Lost Love in Times) as seasoned gamers who inadvertently come to possess superpowers in real life.

So I caught the ten-minute long trailer thinking that it would be another Just One Smile is Very Alluring with the whole students bonding over gaming but then it turned out to be more like Power Rangers when the team bands together to fight a greater evil. And then Chan Yao's character also happens to be dealing with a dual personality and if you've seen one too many dramas like me, it's quite like A Different Kind of Pretty Man 2. I still might watch this though. 
Zhou Dongyu Thousand Faces of Dunjia
Zhou Dongyu, Ni Ni, Yuen Woo Ping and Tsui Hark participated in a photoshoot themed around their upcoming movie The Thousand Faces of Dunjia 奇门遁甲 and the ensuing stills are enchanting, eclectic and an exquisite mesh of traditional and modern. If fashion editorials are going to be the new way for films to be promoted, then please keep them coming because it's a feast for the eyes. 
Black Knight Korean drama First Impressions
It definitely gave me more than I expected with gorgeous cinematography, and the Kim Rae Won 'effect' that has me anxiously waiting for the next two episodes. 

Tribes and Empires celebrates 4 billion views and moves up to second in web rankings. With Game of Hunting just ending its run, we should see a new first placer soon and all signs point to Tribes and Empires taking over. A Love So Beautiful is the little web drama that continues to get much love as both its leads are now in the weekly top ten with Hu Yi Tian in second and Shen Yue recently making the list in tenth. 

A couple more dramas have ended with the more notable one being My! Physical Education Teacher as it was also a drama that was consistently in the top five. As Flowers Fade and Fly Across the Sky inherited the slot but barely made it past 0.5% with its makjangy plot. Meanwhile, I Am Not An Elite just broke 1.0%, maybe it's worth a look? 
Rise of the Phoenixes Filming Wrap
The Rise of the Phoenixes 凰权弈天下 finally wrapped in Guizhou after almost two hundred days of filming. As the main leads, Chen Kun and Ni Ni were among the last to finish their scenes and both were crying by the end of the journey. Chen Kun was always the fan favorite to play the titular lead and he has expressed his love for the character many times before that it's no wonder that he would become emotional at the thought of goodbye.  
Yang Mi short hairdo
Yang Mi uploaded a selfie showing only half of her face (coz that's her thing) to show off her fresh new hairdo. She comments, "Short hair lalala."
Meteor Garden 2018 Dee Hsu Dylan Wang

Dee Hsu announced on weibo, "I can finally reveal that I'm in Meteor Garden! Just as a side character but at least I'm playing the sister. Those who guessed that I'm playing the mother, I am against you."  Along with the news comes the instant familial connection to the original Meteor Garden as Dee Hsu is Barbie Hsu's younger sister. The 39-year-old star who is best known for hosting the long-running Taiwanese variety show Kangsi Coming is known for being quick-witted, sassy and a tad intimidating which makes her casting as Dao Ming Si's older sister Dao Ming Zhuang quite a fitting choice. 

Today was her first day of filming and she shared some photos of herself with Dylan Wang 'Dao Ming Si'  and the rest of F4. There's also one of her and Producer Angie Chai. Dylan Wang shared her post on social media and said, "Jie Jie (older sister) is too awesome, can't lose face." Darren Chen who plays Hua Ze Lei said that his character wants a beautiful sister too.