One of the underdogs of dramas that have premiered recently, Reunited Worlds is a pleasant surprise with excellent pacing, amazing cast, and fantasy elements that add a layer of intrigue and melancholy.
The King Loves k-drama
Im Siwan's long anticipated comeback is a historical melodrama that's sure to test his acting chops and leave us all chewing and biting our nails - my poor, fickle heart is weak against these historical romances and tragedies!
School 2017 (kdrama)
Oh be still my heart. There's nothing to make a summer more romantic and reminiscent than a light high school drama that promises lots of innocence and youthful dreams. Adding to the hit success of the franchise, School 2017, Hierarchy of Grades (literal title) aims to make a name for itself this season, sending all our hearts soaring with giddiness.
Legend of Fuyao Yang Mi
Woot! Yang Mi is back in her first period drama since Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms looking fierce and powerful in Legend of Fuyao 扶摇皇后. Truth be told, I already know that I will be watching this regardless of the plot, what more when the story takes place in a fantastical world. I'm happy that the costumes are quite striking though seeing Ethan Ruan for the first time in ancient garb does take some getting used to. 

Yang Mi plays the titular role of Fuyao who aside from saving the world and all that good stuff falls in love with Zhang Sun Wu Ji, the eldest grandson and the Crown Prince.
The First Half of My Life
We're seeing higher numbers across the board for one of the most interesting weeks in a while. Aside from the obvious ratings win for Princess Agents, The First Half of My Life has been breaking its own records to hit 2.1% and 1.4% in both networks. I knew that Jin Dong has his charms, but I didn't expect a premise about ordinary people going through life changes to do so well. Perhaps it's time to add this to the watchlist? 
Age of Legends
Age of Legends 橙红年代 features William Chan and Sandra Ma in character as the 'guangrong' couple, a term that stands for honor and glory that is a combination of the names of their respective characters as Liu Zi Guang and Hu Rong. The two may be bruised and bloodied but oozing with an intensity that fits this modern-day drama exploring crime, suspense, action and legend. I really don't that there's much else that needs to be said other than to feast your eyes because we may be in for something legendary. Who knew that dirt and grime could be so seductive? 
Rakshasa Street

Rakshasa Street (Aug 2 Youku)
A story about guardians and humans fighting a world full of evil in a place called Rakshasa Street. Starring Jiro Wang and An Yue Xi. 
Legend of Yun Xi filming
Legend of Yun Xi 芸汐传 held their opening ceremonies in Hengdian, China on July 10 and we finally get to meet the entire ensemble headlining this upcoming youthful idol drama. 

Ju Jing Yi (Detective Samoyeds), Zhang Zhe Han (Chao Ge), Merxat Mi Re (Demon Girl), Lin Si Yi (Fighter of the Destiny), Xu Jiaqi, Deng Cue Cong, Liu Jiong Ran, Xie Lei Lei, Wang You Shuo and Lu Xing Yu (Legend of Chusen) attended the event and even wore matching Yunxi shirts as a show of solidarity.
Crystal Liu
After the post on Hu Ge's cats that I wrote a while back, I knew that another one was due when I came across Crystal Liu's profile pic on weibo. If you didn't already love the actress before, then the fact that she has such a big heart for furry friends should automatically score some points. 
Queen Dugu Filming
I've been referring to this as Empress Dugu for the longest time but it turns out that it is not about an empress but a queen, which is equally regal if you ask me. Queen Dugu 独孤皇后 wrapped during the beginning of this month and it stars Joe Chen and Chen XiaoPictures are quite sparse for this low-key production but not any less telling of the cast and crew's camaraderie on set. 
Princess Agents Poster
It's a good week to be watching Princess Agents 楚乔传 as all the build up from previous weeks culminate into the most epic moments - some tragic, some shocking and and some utterly satisfying. The show had a great run as it settled into the 2.0 territory in CSM ratings and breaks 3.0 in another nationwide metric to reach a high of 3.16%. It is being dubbed as the first drama for its timeslot to rank number one in the ratings game within the last two years and also the first to hit over 30 billion views while still on the air. Impressed yet? 

Warning: There will be spoilers till episode 48. 
I thought that Elle's lovely ensemble featuring Yang Mi, Cecilia Liu and Jing Tian was impossible to beat, but Marie Claire has an equally enviable lineup as it has snagged goddess couple Crystal Liu and Yang Yang for their August Issue. Parts of the interview have been translated below including questions on their upcoming movie Once Upon A Time.
Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu are slated to headline the drama adaptation of Cry Me A Sad River 悲伤逆流成河 based on a novel of the same name by Guo Jingming 郭敬明. I harbor a lot of spillover love for the two leads ever since Sword of Legends, and even though Beauty Private Kitchen flopped to the point that it was taken off the air, I really think that a project reuniting the pair has the potential to become a commercial success. After all, third time's a charm, right? 
Peace in Palace, Peace in Chang An Zhang Hanyu

After 154 days of filming, Peace in Palace, Peace in Chang An 天下长安 is another show that has called it a wrap this month, and it features a polished and traditionally-styled cast of characters. Rising star Qin Jun Jie (born 90's) will be playing off the acting abilities of well-loved veterans Zhang Hanyu and Li Xue Jian. The former is to be his subordinate and advisor while the latter is his father with whom he harbors complicated feelings. 

Given that the story revolves around the founding of the Tang Dynasty, expect an ambitious retelling of the events of the past that follows Li Shi Min as a young man until he becomes a great leader. In dramaland, it kind of means he will be sporting a mean beard later on in his life though it will definitely be interesting to witness the transformation of Qin Jun Jie over a ten-year timeframe. He's no stranger to playing a king before (think Legend of Dragon Pearl), but this one promises to be a lot different. The cast also includes Han Dong, Shu Chang and Yao Xing Tong
Tianmi Baoji Luhan
Tianmi Baoji 甜蜜暴击 is a 40-episode Chinese drama that packs a punch as it revolves around a group of kids who become friends through their shared passion for combat. It is headlined by Luhan (Fighter of the Destiny), Guan Xiaotong (Novoland), Pei Zi Tian, Ivy Shao Yu Wei, Zhao Yue and Li Meng Meng.
Tiffany Tang See You Again
The character descriptions for See You Again 时间都知道 seem to paint the three main leads as interesting individuals while many of the remaining cast are either men who are greedy for money or women crazed for love. I'm not sure what to make of that though I am looking forward to the star-studded lineup starring Tiffany Tang Yan (Princess Weiyoung), Shawn Dou (Princess Agents) and Yang Shuo (Ode to Joy 2).

Tiffany Tang plays Shi Jian, the titular heroine in a drama where time is a prevailing theme such that even her name is a homonym for time. She defied the concept of time when she turned from being a 31-year-old woman into a young woman and relived ten years of her life once more. She is confident, intelligent and also stubborn enough to keep her own ideals. 
Dynasty Warriors Movie
Another movie inspired by the Three Kingdoms is on its way, one that the producer describes as a movie unlike any other period film. It is produced by China 3D Digital Entertainment Limited who acquired the rights from the Japanese gaming company Koei for their popular series of fighting games called Dynasty Warriors. 

Producer Stephen Shiu Jr shared on weibo, "Filming The Romance of the Three Kingdoms has always been a childhood dream of mine. Up until I entered the movie industry, I have never given up on the concept, but how to come up with something new? That problem always bogged me until four years ago when I thought that a movie based on a game would give off a very different feel, so I went to Japan to negotiate the rights to Shin Sangokumusō. It took about three years to get the trust of the Japanese to give us the rights to make a movie..."
Youth c-movie Huang Xuan
Youth 芳华 is a Chinese movie based on a novel of the same name by Yan Ge Ling 严歌苓 that relives the 1970's through the story of a military art troupe. It stars Huang Xuan (Hunter), Vivi Miao Miao, Elaine Zhong, Ora Yang Caiyu, Li Xiao Feng, Wang Tian Chen, Wang Ke Ru and Sui Yuan

Liu Feng is modest and kind, the type of person who is always at the service of others and generally well-liked by everyone. He Xiao Ping who came from a farming village is often discriminated against and treated as an outsider. Liu Feng, He Xiao Ping and the other members of the troupe tell a story of idealistic youth, passion and romance.

The movie is directed by Feng Xiao Gang with a screenplay by the novel's author Yan Ge Ling. Feng Xiao Gang who headlined the movie Mr. Six as a man in his old age refers to Youth as Mr. Six' youth. Perhaps he meant it metaphorically though it can also be taken literally since it is after all inspired by people and events from the director's younger days.