The King's Woman: Episode 27 Recap

The King's Woman: Episode 27 Recap

For Li Si's involvement in framing Han Fei, but taking into consideration his past service to Qin, Ying Zheng punishes Li Si with fifty hits with the plank. He should use the rest of his life to repay Qin. Li Si is just extremely thankful to Ying Zheng for sparing his life.
DramaPanda weekly c-drama ratings
Nothing Gold Can Stay widens the gap against the rest to break 3% in ratings on Dragon TV, and that's not even counting that its simultaneous broadcast on Jiangsu TV is also close to breaking 2%. Online views have followed suit to surpass more than 6 billion views. Where Winter is Warm, Where Summer is Cool dropped below 1% but still managed to maintain its lead against Delicious Destiny and Ping Fan Sui Ye
In Youth c-drama Leon Zhang Yunlong
In Youth 趁我们还年轻 is a 40-episode drama that tells a story about young people in the workforce. Alternatively, its Chinese title translates to While We Are Still Young. The series stars Leon Zhang, Qiao Xin, Liu Rui Lin, Maggie Huang and Daisy Dai Si wherein everyone except for Qiao Xin are managed by Jaywalk Studio

The story begins when Lin Zi Yu was fortunate enough to get a position at Feilin, an accomplished PR firm with a good reputation. Unfortunately, she immediately gets on the wrong side of her boss Fan Shu Chen who is a genius in the field. At the same time, the company faces corporate leakages such that Fan Chu Chen suspects that Lin Zi Yu may be the culprit. Of course, along the way, the two are bound to start falling for each other.  

The plot is nothing groundbreaking, but I definitely think that the drama has potential if only for its very likeable cast that fits the bill of the inspired youth learning and growing alongside each other. The posters are thoughtful in depicting the characters and their myriad of emotions as they deal with life's experiences. 
Gulnezer Bextiyar Fendi Milan Fashion Week
It's a been a week of fashion frenzy due to Milan Fashion Week, and among the stars in attendance are a number of Chinese celebs who flew all the way from China to Italy. First up is Gulnezer Bextiyar who is the new brand ambassador for Fendi

Detective Dee 3 Movie Presscon
Detective Dee The Four Heavenly Kings 狄仁杰之四大天王 held a press conference in Beijing last Thursday, September 21 where they dropped a teaser trailer and announced that the movie will premiere on July 27, 2018.
Dilraba Dilmurat Dolce Gabbana
Between Dilraba Dilmurat and Gulnezer Bextiyar, the ladies from the Uygher minority group in China are set to take over the fashion world on an entirely new stage. Just days after Gulnezer became the brand ambassador for Fendi, Dilraba also flies to Milan upon the invitation of fashion house Dolce & Gabbana to showcase their 2018 Spring Summer Women's Collection as a special guest. 

The actress expressed her anticipation and said, "For this trip, I am definitely most excited about walking the runway. I will not trip. hahaha" And of course, before her long flight, she arrived at the airport appearing casually chic for a quick pictorial. Dilraba currently plays an imperial consort in The King's Woman, and it looks like she's channeling the same persona on the runway. She's wearing a crown (catch a sneak peek here)!
The King's Woman Episode 27 Drama Recap
Li Er looked absolutely gorgeous and amazing in this episode. Her dark red outfit suited her so well. She looked badass and fierce, and ready to take some people down.
Raymond Lam as Monkey
Just within this year, I can count Eddie Peng's Wu Kong, Huang Zitao's A Chinese Oddyssey, Owodog Ao Quan's Monkey King and finally, Aaron Kwok's multiple blockbuster films as the Monkey King yet again. The Legends of Monkey King 大泼猴 puts the monkey count up to five, and without further ado, let's see what this one is about.  

Raymond Lam as Monkey, tameless and passionate, dark and explosive as the king of demons. He was just a soul that passed through to this realm from another place, and found himself as a rock in Flower Fruit Mountain. After three hundred years, he was reborn as Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. 
Fan Bing Bing Forbes 2017 Celebrity List
I don't know why, but I tend to find rankings like these to be a thoroughly enjoyable read, clicking on one every time I see one. Forbes China has recently published their picks for the top 100 celebrities based on earning power, exposure and overall influence, and Fan Bing Bing being the queen that she is takes the throne for the fifth year in a row.   
Sun Yi Dong Zi Jian welcome their baby girl
I still remember Sun Yi and Dong Zi Jian announcing their marriage through a pictorial back in May. They neither confirmed nor denied the news of pregnancy at that time, but I guess there really was a bun in the oven since the newly-weds just welcomed their baby girl into the world today. According to Sun Yi's manager, mother and child are in very good condition. Unlike the wedding announcement that was plastered across the covers of Marie Claire, the couple seem to be keeping it low-key this time with not a single picture on weibo except for this one that's being shared on media outlets. 
Happy friday! We've got a good mix of dramas this week from a workplace romance between a girl who lies and the guy who can sense lies to a time-travelling doctor from the Joseon era. And then there's a look at what's been going on in The King's Woman. Thank you to those who contributed:)

The Fox's Summer

The Fox's Summer moveee

The Fox's Summer (Fox Fall In Love) is a delightful drama that has a bit of a slow start, but after a few episodes, the ball gets rolling and it hooks you. The bones of the drama is riddled with our favorite cliches, ranging from classic selective amnesia, the evil step sister and the controlling conglomerate grandmother. Thankfully, because of great writing and acting, it all comes together feeling freshly executed. 

There are several things to love about the drama, with a personal favorite being Li Yan Shu, played by Tan Song Yun as the main female character. Her character acts with dignity, holding to her principles, maintaining a sense of fun and mischief. Li Yan Shu’s signature giggle had me giggling as well! 

While The Fox's Summer isn’t perfect, the 46 episodes flew by and is great to squeeze in during a lunch or night of relaxing. - Contributed by Andrea Kurzee.
Guo Min Da Sheng Huo c-drama
Guo Min Da Sheng Huo 国民大生活 is a 40-episode Chinese romance drama that tells a story of a Beijinger and Shanghaier who fall in love despite differing ideologies that clash every so often. It stars Ryan Zheng (Wong Fei Hung), Yuan Shan Shan (Above the Clouds), Ken Chu, Xiao Liu Jia and Eric Wang
Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors
Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors 天泪传奇之凤凰无双 has all the makings of an epic historical drama with its heavily ornamented costumes and vibrant color palette. Don't let it fool you though, because this tells a story that is literally out of this world as it brings science fiction elements (aka aliens) into ancient China.

The King's Woman Episode 25 Recap
Li Er senses that someone has entered her residence, and she reaches out for her sword. Before she can get a hold of it though, her attacker strikes her from behind and it knocks her unconscious. Li Er's attacker has excellent martial arts skills, and I'm pretty sure he is Xia Hou Yang, the leader of Dan Ding. As Li Er is taken away we see the scarf Jing Ke gave Li Er fall to the floor, which surprised me a little. The last time we saw it, Li Er was using it as a blindfold when she and Jing Ke did their pair sword technique. She must've taken it back with her to the palace. I think it tells us that even though Li Er has grown to love Ying Zheng, she does still treasure her relationship and memories with Jing Ke.
Ma Ke
Here's a new round of pretty except for maybe the one with the doll that is creepy as heck. All things aside, Ma Ke and Zhu Xu Dan are owning their respective photoshoots with Cosmo Bride and Robb Report. He was the villain in Journey of Flower that everybody loved while she was the villain in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms that everybody hated. I'd say that the two extremes are a testament to their talent and charisma that shined through even as supporting characters. 

Ma Ke has since headlined quite a number of dramas since from Song of Phoenix to the upcoming New Dragon Gate Inn. Zhu Xu Dan took the lead in the webdrama Painting Heart Expert, and she's also got a bright career ahead of her as a talent of Jaywalk Studio
The Majesty of Wolf  Darren Wang Li Qin
The Majesty of Wolf 狼殿下 has wrapped after over five months of filming that took the cast and crew from Shangri-La to Xiang Shan. The drama has been setting itself apart for being a one of a kind fantasy wuxia that follows the love story between a wolf boy and a noble lady. I'm not familiar with the cast aside from the two main leads, though I have to say that their couple pairing is something that is worth anticipating.

If there was an actor that could play the wolf boy, Darren Wang would easily fit the bill, and it looks like he's got the intense stare down to a tee. Li Qin may have been a supporting character in Princess Agents, but she certainly showed off her versatility and acting range, which ought to bode well as she plays the leading lady. The rest of the cast includes Zang Hong Na, Xiao Zhan, Zhang Xin, Zhao Cui Wei and Ma Dong Chen. Now the question is, how long will post-production take for this to finally air?
Fendi Gulnezer Bextiyar
Gulnezer Bextiyar posted on weibo, "From today onwards, please call me #FendiBrandAmbassadorNezha#! [挤眼][挤眼] Next, I will be together with @FENDI, bringing everyone more beautiful fashion highlights ~..." Her appointment makes her the first Chinese ambassador for the Italian luxury brand, and judging from her absolutely stunning photos, it's a perfect fit. For her first appearance, she'll be catching the runway show for the Fendi Spring Summer 2018 Women's collection at Milan Fashion Week.
Never Gone 致青春·原来你还在这里 which was made into a 2015 film starring Kris Wu and Crystal Liu is getting a drama adaptation, and it has recently unveiled Yang Zishan and Elvis Han as the main leads. 

The two are quite close in age to their film counterparts with Yang Zishan (30) being only a year older than Crystal Liu (29). However, she just seems to bring a mature vibe that I'm not sure will fit a romance drama that begins during the school days. In fact, the story is based on a novel written by Xin Yiwu 辛夷坞 whose works have been adapted into the So Young 致青春 drama and movies, since well, it has a very youth-oriented theme.