Spy drama Mask continues the strong performance from last week with CSM52 ratings that haven't dipped below 1% even once since its premiere. Sweet Dreams garnered CSM Nationwide ratings of 2.2% which counts as another series high. After months of inactivity, tv shows at the 10pm slot are starting to show signs of life. Both Meteor Garden 2018 and Legend of Fuyao have managed to break CSM52 ratings of 1%. 

Online rankings continue to be led by Legend of Fuyao and Sweet Dreams. Third place goes to cop drama The Drug Hunter. For a drama that is led by Yu Hewei aka Cao Cao of Advisors Alliance, I expected more in terms of viewership ratings, but it looks like the numbers game really isn't so easy to predict. Meteor Garden 2018 and The Destiny of White Snake came in fourth and fifth place. Both premiered on July 9.  
Meteor Garden Episode 6 Highlights

With Lei in Paris, Dao Mingsi pulls all the stops to get Shan Cai's attention and it seems to be working. But what if Shan Cai sees someone who resembles Lei? Will she start to realize that her unrequited crush still lingers?
A recent excerpt from a talk show has been circulating lately of a father, Mr. Lee, who's talking about his famous daughter. In the video, the host asked the 65 year old man about his daughter. He claims she is a popular 30 year old actress with over a hundred million net worth but she has refused to meet him or support him financially. 

So what's a father to do when his daughter ignores him completely? You might say move on with your life but Mr. Lee chose a different path. He went on a talk show to air his grievances and to ask his daughter for 50 million yuan in monetary support! 

Some facts that were revealed on the show was that he was separated from his wife when their daughter was only 2 years old and the child went on to live with the mom. It was also revealed that, for a while, he received a monthly stipend from the wife for a year and that he has been 6 months sober.

This has piqued the interests of many and there have been many guesses but t
he netizens have narrowed it down to Mao Xiaotong. Neither she nor Mr. Lee have confirmed this as of writing, but a netizen has also leaked back in March that Mao Xiaotong's father Li Chao was preparing to sue his daughter for abandonment. The production has purposely kept the details of the actress secret to protect her identity. 
Peace in Palace, Peace in Chang An postponed
Peace in Palace, Peace in Chang An 天下长安 which stars Qin Junjie (Spy Hunter) and Zhang Hanyu (Against the Light) was all set to premiere as a primetime drama beginning July 16 on CCTV8. On July 15, an announcement was made to inform viewers that the premiere has been postponed. 
Spiderman Tom Holland F4
So it's really F3 when you think about it. Dylan Wang, Darren Chen and Caesar Wu headed to England for Wimbledon and they ran into Tom Holland aka Spider-Man (uhh.. I love Tom!). This is so random that I never would've imagined a Marvel and Meteor Garden crossover, but it's such a treat. Tom Holland shared their selfie moment on his official weibo page. 
Fan Bingbing racy pictures not her
Fan Bingbing who is engaged to Li Chen has been the victim of recent tabloid headlines like "Fan Bingbing and xxx??" and "Alleged Fan Bingbing intimate pictures exposed."' There were even pictures to back the claim that the actress was indeed sexually involved with another man. Gossip such as this can spread like wildfire and her studio has been quick to issue a response. 
Meteor Garden Episode 5 Recap
If in the last episode, everyone was shy to profess their love, well they sure garnered up doses of courage in episode five. Not only does Lei realize how far he is willing to go for Jing, Dao Mingsi also finally admits that he is hopelessly crushing on Shan Cai. 
The Rap of China Season 2
The Rap of China 中国新说唱 Season 2 premiered with the original coaches and one sparkling addition to the team. In the days leading up to the premiere, there was skepticism on whether it would actually be able to air due to the show's controversial nature, but it seems like the show has managed to clear all hurdles after all. 
Dao Mingsi Dylan Wang
Dao Mingsi and Lei mend their friendship and treat each other as brothers again, but it doesn't stop Dao Mingsi from being negatively affected by Lei's growing friendship with Shan Cai. Luckily, the two don't clash head-on but poor Shan Cai seems to find herself becoming the innocent casualty. 
Story of Yanxi Palace
Story of Yanxi Palace 延禧攻略 is a 50-episode Qing Dynasty drama that revolves around a palace maid with a spunky attitude, street smarts and a kind heart as she navigates the dangers around the palace to eventually become a concubine of Emperor Qianglong. 

It is led by a predominantly female cast with Qin Lan (Let's Fall In Love), Charmaine Sheh (The Leaker) and Wu Jin Yan (Untouchable Lovers). Nie Yuan (The Legend of Xiao Zhuang) is playing Emperor Qianlong. Also in the cast are Tan ZhuoWang YuankeZhang JianiSu QingLian LianLi ChuyuanJiang ZixinPan Shiqi and Li Ruoning
The popularity of Legend of Fuyao 扶摇皇后 has turned the attention to its two leads Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan, and it turns out that both have a story to share about the day they first met. Apparently, Ethan Ruan has been harboring some hurt feeling towards Yang Mi since their first meeting around 3 to 4 years ago for a commercial shoot.
Meteor Garden Episode 3 Recap
Tensions ran high between the two men by the end of episode two but their big confrontation seems to have fizzled with no proper resolution. Episode three seems to be a chance for Dao Mingsi to redeem himself and even as he tries harder, Lei still holds a special place in Shan Cai's heart. 
Mark Chao Li Xian
Li Xian recently took a selfie with Mark Chao and described the moment as a dream come true. I did not know he was a fan of Mark and looking at them side by side, I see two handsome hunks flashing their brightest smiles for the camera. Their teeth... are so white. 

Mark Chao reacted to Li Xian's weibo post by saying, "Big brother will take you to watch Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings." I don't mine Mark's shameless plug to promote his upcoming movie because I'm all sorts of excited to watch it. It is the third film in the Detective Dee series and the second one led by Mark Chao. 

There's been an unfortunate tragedy on the set of The Untamed which is a new drama starring rookie actors Xiao Zhan and Wang YiboA fire broke out at 9pm on July 11th while the cast and crew were filming in Hengdian World Studios. The fire which spread as wide as 300 square meters affected other productions as well before it was completely extinguished at around 11pm (see pic). According to reports, the two people who passed away were members of the crew. Deepest condolences to their families. 

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Meteor Garden 2018 Episode 2 Recap
The feud between Shan Cai and Dao Mingsi is escalating. Or is it the love between them that is escalating? Or will it be Lei and Shan Cai's love story in episode two? If this was a race to win Shan Cai's heart, it certainly looks like Lei has already won. 
Ma Tianyu Qi Wei Humans
Ma Tianyu and Qi Wei are teaming up for a new drama, Humans 完美芯机人, a futuristic drama revolving around artificial intelligence. The information has yet to be made official but once confirmed, this will be the fourth time that the two will be working together. 
Hu Yitian wraps Handsome Siblings
Hu Yitian just wrapped filming for Handsome Siblings 绝代双骄 after 150 days and he is already feeling nostalgic. His new drama is based from the wuxia (martial arts) novel, Juedai Shuangjiao by Gu Long.
Come and Hug Me Favorite Scenes
The tears flow freely when watching Come and Hug Me starring Jang Ki-Yong and Kim Ki-Joo. Those rare scenes when our leads forget their predicament and just allow themselves to freely be the kids they couldn't be when they were growing up, are all the more heartwarming and amazing as if the audience is given something they need to treasure. The shy and vulnerable love Nam-Moo and Nak-Won couldn't continue to have ruptures through their sweet moments as adults, love making all our hearts giddy.