I'm sure almost everyone suffered from sleepless nights, so when fans heard that their precious idol Yang Zi was having trouble sleeping, they came to the rescue!
After almost a month on the air, yesterday’s ending to the romantic drama Find Yourself came neatly wrapped up with a bow with the expected Fanxing and Yuan Song reconciliation a lot of fans have been waiting for. 
It’s not such a secret that Dilraba Dilmurat is ready to fall in love. The actress has openly admitted to that in some of her interviews in the past. Now that her name is once again on everyone’s lips thanks to Eternal Love of Dream that’s currently on the air, folks are once again very interested in her personal life – particularly, how her love life is faring. 
Far from the usual gloomy vibe that hospitals have, the posters for tvN drama Hospital Playlist (Wise Doctor Life) are radiant and carry a positive aura. 
Actress Zheng Shuang has been pretty focused on work ever since splitting from her manager boyfriend Zhang Heng a few months ago. Since then, the normally private actress has been photographed attending a lot of events and even opened up her own Weibo account to allow fans a better glimpse of her life and work. 
There are two things that most women are uncomfortable revealing about themselves - age and weight. For celebrities, the latter might even be a sensitive topic but Yang Mi clearly doesn't think so.
Despite her frank say it as you see it attitude, the charming Zheng Shuang sure has a soft side. 

Staying at home can be pretty boring but the actress made use of her time by cooking for her parents. She also tidied up a bit and organized stored things which is when she must have uncovered precious fan letters from the last ten years and finished reading all of them! That's so amazing, to think that your idol did not only read your letter but also cherished it all these years is just pure love from the actress to her fans. 
Romance is found in an odd place as a woman falls in love with artificial intelligence, yet her encounter with its creator sends her spiralling into doubt and confusion. 
Oh dear, it’s mission abort for long time Running Man series regular Lee Kwang Soo as it’s just been announced he’ll be needing to take some time off from his commitments to focus on recovering from his injuries.  According to South Korean media, the actor was involved in a car accident over the weekend which resulted in him getting a fracture on his right ankle. Turns out the actor was going about his schedule normally when his car was hit by another car attempting to run a red light. 
As someone who once thought of taking the path of a Public Relations Officer in my university days, workplace romance Perfect Partner 完美关系 is a welcome sight! It's like fate has given me the chance to peek at what my life would have been had I pursued it. 
Revenge is best served cold in this girl-crush series about the ups and downs of friendship and love. 
CSM59 Cities + Online

It was surely a tough competition for TV dramas but the story of the three brothers in New World comes out as the victor and sets a new record of 2.644% while landing in 2nd place online. Meanwhile, Find Yourself sets another all-time high of 2.533%, making it the second placer in CSM59 ratings. The series also ranks 4th online while its lovable leads Victoria Song and Song Weilong retain their rankings from last week. Court Battle gave a good fight, achieving 2.355% while moving from 8th to 7th in online rankings. The newly premiered Chinese Bestiary also did pretty well with 1.364% as its highest number to date.

iPartment 5 reclaims the top spot from Under The Power which drops to second place. Female lead, Tan Songyun, takes the second place from her co-star and on-screen love interest, Ren Jialun, who falls to the 3rd place while Eternal Love of Dream star Dilireba makes a leap from 6th place to 4th. Huang Zitao and Jackson Yee's Forward Forever lands itself 10th place while Jackson Yee stays in 5th place.
The drama Find Yourself’s 下一站是幸福 swan song drops tomorrow night and I bet everyone’s on tenterhooks to find out how exactly will the show’s writers manage to turn around what has been an exasperating turn of events for those firmly on team Fanxing-Yuan Song.
Ariel Lin has definitely come a long way from her My Secret Garden 我的秘密花园 days playing Fan Xiao Min. Honestly, I can only remember very vaguely the drama’s plot because well, it’s been years. But the show holds a special place in my childhood memories because it’s what got me hooked on Taiwanese dramas from the start. *lol* I’m aware for most people, it’s probably Jerry Yan and Barbie Hsu’s Meteor Garden that put Taiwanese dramas on the map. But not for me though, as it’s My Secret Garden all the way! But honestly, I don’t think any of us had an idea back then of just how far up in the industry the spirited Xiao Min will soar. 

For this month, Ariel Lin is on the cover of Elle Taiwan’s February issue and opens up about growing up in a broken family and how her mum inspired her to reconcile with her estranged father in an exclusive interview for the publication.
As the coronavirus outbreak continues to affect so many lives, it's always nice to know that we still get good news out of this. One source of good news would be Hu Ge who responded to a medical personnel who is also a fan of his when she tagged him in her post on Weibo. 

The medical personnel had "Hu Ge's wife" written on the back of her protective gear. She captioned it with, "Another patient was discharged today. Many patients have manifestations of anxiety and depression, to treat a sickness, must also treat the heart. Our heavy protective clothing causes distance between us and our patients, we will make every effort to alleviate the heavy atmosphere in our hospital ward. Jia you, jia you (expressing encouragement)."
With the surge in popularity of Korean and Chinese dramas for the past years, it seems like Taiwanese dramas are getting back on top of the game with its latest popular drama, Someday Or One Day 想見你. Just in case you missed it, the story is about a 27 year-old woman named Huang Yu Xuan played by Alice Ke (Marry Me, Or Not?) who has been grieving the loss of her boyfriend named Wang Quan Sheng played by Greg Hsu (A Sun).
I'm sure a lot of fans have missed Zhang Zhehan after his stint in Legend of Yun Xi and they can now squeal in delight with his impending return in Everyone Wants to Meet You 谁都渴望遇见你 which premieres tomorrow!

It seems like love is still in the air even if Valentine's Day has already just finished. Joe Chen and her non-showbiz boyfriend, Alan Chen, were just one of the millions of couples celebrating the season of love happily. It can be remembered that these two started dating last December thanks to the Chinese reality show, Meeting Mr. Right 2