xing fei tang xiaotian reunite
Relive the feels from last spring’s campus hit Put Your Head on My Shoulders as its stars Xing Fei and Tang Xiaotian reunite to bring you a much more grown up drama adapted from the novel of popular young writer Dong Ben Xi Gu 东奔西顾
yang mi bai yu medical drama
Thank You, Doctor 谢谢你医生 which promises the anticipated collaboration between Yang Mi and Bai Yu was among the first batch of dramas to halt filming with the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in China back in January. As the entertainment industry slowly gets back on its feet, the list of productions that have resumed work in major studios like Hengdian and Xiangshan Film and Television Town have also grown since March. 
aaron yan
Appreciate the hard work of the epidemic prevention staff and all the trouble police and medical personnel go through. Wearing a mask is for your own protection and it’s really not that hard to work together for the good of the community” laments former Fahrenheit member and Taiwanese actor Aaron Yan. The reason for his complaint on social media? A woman who looks like she just didn‘t give a fig about keeping herself or everyone else around her safe.
skate into love school days

CSM59 Cities + Online

Broadcast was halted for a day this week as China observed a day of mourning on April 4 in memory of those who died due to the coronavirus. The top dramas on TV seem little changed. 

If Time Flows Back continues to lead followed by Skate into Love in second. However, it's the opposite online with Skate into Love being the most-watched drama. I've been loving the show's fluttery feels so far, so I'm a little worried to see the recent complaints about how the story's deviated from the novel for the sake of manufactured angst. Also promising some angst is the newly-premiered As Long As You Love Me which takes over the 10pm slot for Guardians of the Ancient Oath.

Pan Yueming's Candle in the Tomb: The Lost Caverns shoots up to third online which also makes it the leading web drama for the week. My Roommate is a Detective inches up to 4th. Its main protagonist Hu Yitian makes his way into the celebrity rankings in 9th place. The Skate into Love couple are both in the top 10 with Steven Zhang Xincheng in 1st and Janice Wu in 8th. 
cecilia liu
Quarantine lockdown aside, the yellow daffodils blooming in the park and the stunning sea of pink cherry blossoms everywhere mean only one thing ... that spring is just around corner! Considered the season of growth and new beginnings, it just seems quite fitting that Elle China’s May cover girl turns out to be Cecilia Liu Shishi who herself is experiencing a revival in her career after a two year hiatus from the industry.
skate into love
Cool toned blues complimenting each other. These two sure clean up well!

First it was the Ashes of Love references popping up here and there. Now, it's couple style dressing. The drama Skate Into Love 冰糖炖雪梨 is turning out to be quite a treasure trove of hidden themes, and I for one am totally in for how the show's production team is trying to keep things fresh and interesting. 
mulan liu yifei
After its sudden postponement just a couple weeks before its March release in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the live-action remake of Mulan seems raring to finally hit the big screens with a new release date on July 24, 2020. Director Niki Caro shares, "Once it is again safe to gather, to sit in a movie theatre together and share the experience of of a great story, we will be there. And we can’t wait to share Mulan’s journey with you all. Worldwide. On big screens." 
Candle in the Tomb: The Lost Caverns 鬼吹灯之龙岭迷窟 recently premiered with Pan Yueming as the main protagonist Hu Bayi. Being a fan of the book series, Pan Yueming says that The Worm Valley 云南虫谷 was the first book he read after randomly picking it up from the bookstore for a long haul flight in 2006. Once he started, he just couldn't stop and keeps a copy of the book to this day. 
luo yunxi bai lu love is sweet
Earlier this week, the tight knit cast of the drama Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 bade a bittersweet goodbye to each other as filming finally wraps up for the romantic drama following the slight delay caused by the coronavirus lockdown. And spotted livening up the last set? It was Leo Luo Yunxi who plays Yuan Shuai in the drama giving his leading lady Bai Lu an impromptu  twirl .. okay I’m not sure what that “pick up twirly” attempt was  but he very definitely carried Bai Lu in his arms like they do in the movies with an arm under her legs and another around her back. *UwU*
hu yitian my roommate is a detective
My Roommate is a Detective 民国奇探 opened with Hu Yitian's main protagonist waking up a murder suspect and running from the cops. He comes face to face with Leon Zhang Yunlong's police inspector and attempts the lamest snake kung fu before getting himself knocked out in one punch. 
kim tae hee hi bye mama
Kim Tae Hee’s super cute TV daughter in the tvN drama Hi Bye, Mama was recently the focus of heated discussions amongst Netizens because of his gender. Yup that’s right. HIS. Seo Woo Jin, the child actor who plays Kim Tae Hee’s daughter is actually a boy. 

yang mi
We may be used to seeing them all dolled attending red carpet events and jetting off to all these glamorous places for their holidays. And yeah, sometimes it’s hard to picture them doing normal things, but maybe the life of a celebrity isn’t super different from ours most of the time? 
Serenade of Peaceful Joy wang kai
After a fake out that had everyone thinking that Held in the Lonely Castle 孤城闭 would air last month on Hunan TV, it's for real this time as the show announces an April premiere and a new title. 
crystal liu
Okay let me rephrase that to be more inclusive - Crystal Liu is a certified pet lady. It’s no secret that the Mulan actress is obsessed with cats, or animals for that matter. Not only was it was reported in the past that she and her mum work closely with non profits to take in strays and find them forever homes, but you just need to hop on over to her social media page to see for yourself just how much she loves ‘em. 
maybe it's love
It's been a year and four months since About is Love first aired. This little web drama with a cast of fresh faces may have familiar tropes like the CEO with OCD who finds love but it found its niche of viewers who fell for the story and became invested in not just one but the three main couples. And good news, it's coming back for a second season!
lareina song wine
If anyone were to earn the title of nation's little sister in China, then it would likely go the few former child stars who now hold their own as actresses. Guardians of the Ancient Oath star Lareina Song Zu'er is one such example having drawn much attention as a kid when she played little Nezha in Prelude of Lotus Lantern.
tao luhan kris
Well! Just in time for an afternoon cuppa is Kris Wu and Luhan’s newly dropped and freshly brewed song "Coffee". Yup that’s right. The former EXO/EXO-M bandmates just released a new collaboration together, and what’s even better is that fellow Chinese ex-band member Huang Zitao even helped to promote the pair’s new drop on his own social media account explaining how he's listened to the song over a hundred times! He wrote, "Leader played it once, Lu Ge played it 100 times for a total of 101 which is why I'll just listen to my new song later hahahaha." In response, Luhan said that the year's worth of coffee is all on him.
joe chen alan chen
Long distance relationships can already be hard as it is. But love in the time of Corona ... whilst on LDR? Even harder.  

Because of the sweep of lockdowns triggered globally by the pandemic, Taiwanese actress Joe Chen and her boyfriend Alan Chen have been forced to spend a longer time than normal apart from each other. Joe is from Taiwan while Alan is from Malaysia. With Taiwan and Malaysia now restricting entry and exit through its borders, guess the two lovebirds won't be celebrating Joe's birthday this year– their first as a couple, together.