Here to Heart c-drama Zhang Han
Here to Heart 温暖的弦 is a 36-episode Chinese drama adapted from a novel written by An Ning 安宁 that tells a long-running romance that spans ten years. Zhang Han (Saker Falco) and Janine Chang (Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace) work together for the second time since playing a couple in The FourTheir characters are called Nan Xuan and Wen Nuan, and their names put together make up the words Warm Chord which is the literal translation for the novel. 

Nan Xuan is a sharp young man who was able to foresee the technological boom. He collaborated with some classmates to create a company and was able to weather the storm despite only 10% chance of success. Wen Nuan is an accomplished career woman who quits her high-paying job in England to work under Nan Xuan as his executive assistant. As it turns out, they were a couple before and Wen Nuang is determined not only to help Nan Xuan at work, but also to rekindle the love that they have lost. 

The rest of the cast include Jing Chao, Zhang Jia Ni, Zhou Qi Qi, Jin Ze Hao, Liang Da Wei, Ji Xiao Bing, Guo Zi Qian, Ma Qiu Zi and Li Xin Zhe
The Starry Night The Starry Sea 2 premieres October 2017
A romance between an ordinary woman and the king of the merpeople begins during the Tang Dynasty. Starring Feng Shao Feng, Haden Kuo and Bosco Wong. 
Zhang Ruo Yun Qing Yu Nian
Tencent Pictures celebrated its second year anniversary on Sep 17 and held a press conference in Beijing themed, "Together, We Achieve Beyond." It's hard to imagine that the company is only two years old, then again so is Tencent Penguin Pictures, and both belong under the giant umbrella of Tencent. 

Hence, it's not at all surprising to see that it has struck deals with bigger, more reputable companies to produce a long line of dramas and movies, many of which are based on novels and comics belonging to Tencent subsidiaries like China Literature and Tencent Dong Man.
The Brightest Star in the Sky 夜空中最亮的星 has dropped the darkest set of character posters. I couldn't resist the urge to brighten it up a bit, even then, it's hard to see. For a drama about aspiring celebrities, I suppose it signifies the dark times before the stars become stars. Filming is nearly complete in China and the cast and crew are readying for the next leg of filming to take place in Mexico, USA, etc. 

Huang Zitao plays Zheng Bo Xu, a young idol with a lot of fame and a big ego. He is arrogant and not easily tamed. He has a passion for music and a relentless persistence. Despite the pressure that he faces at work, he acts like it's nothing and refuses to show that he's having a hard time. 
Where Winter is Warm, Where Summer is Cool Ratings
Nothing Gold Can Stay continues to take the lead in primetime and will likely do so for the rest of its run, so perhaps it's time to talk about the rest of the shows. Where Winter is Warm, Where Summer is Cool is next in line based on rankings. The show celebrated breaking 6 hundred million views after one week of airing, and it's also the only other one on the list that has managed to break 1.0% in ratings. Numbers seem to be dwindling as the week progresses which puts it in the same range as the newly-premiered Delicious Destiny and Ping Fan Sui Ye, both of which are close competition.
The King's Woman Episode 23 Drama Recap
Our long wait ends! Li Er finally opens up her heart and accepts Ying Zheng. It's amazing. Great episode all around.
Hospital Ship k-drama Ha Ji Won
Koreans love for medical dramas never fades and as such, another drama has premiered this summer offering a more melancholic feel and lots of drama between young Doctors striving for success and recognition.
The Golden Eyes Zhang Yixing
Lay playing the romantic lead in Operation Love may not have done well in ratings, but he's onto the next challenge as he confirms as the lead in the upcoming drama adaptation of The Golden Eyes 黄金瞳. On his weibo account, he posted, "The end is also the beginning, dark is also light, the road to the expedition, fearlessly, I come. [并不简单]"
Ordinary Person Character c-drama
Ordinary Person Character 凡人的品格 is a 40-episode Chinese drama starring Lin Yong JianJiang Xin (Ode to Joy), Tong LeiLiang Zhen Lun (Princess Weiyoung) and Zheng Jia Bin. The title gives a pretty clear depiction of what to expect, though I've often seen that simpler dramas can turn out to be surprise successes when done well. 
Lost Love in TImes Xu Hai Qiao
Joe Xu Hai Qiao who plays the second lead Yuan Zhan in Lost Love in Times seems to be having issues with the way that his character is being portrayed on the show from his lines being changed to scenes being cut. 

Last week, he posted, "What? Lines were changed? Usurp the land? Excuse me! The mouthed words don't even match, cant you see? @LostLoveinTimes." He later commented on his own post by adding, "In the scene where Zhan and Xia were drinking, Xia asked Zhan a question, but where was Zhan's response? Excuse me, this scene had a second half, right? Where did it go?" 
The King's Woman Episode 22 Recap
Many thanks to Anne for writing the recap for episode 21!
Fan Bing Bing Li Chen engaged
There's quite a bit of news on Fan Bing Bing lately, what with her highly-anticipated historical epic Win the World wrapping just the other day and her upcoming movie Sky Hunter with boyfriend fiancee Li Chen in full swing of promotions. But the biggest one is this, Li Chen got down one knee to propose and she said yes, on her birthday no less!
Eternal Wave Aaron Kwok
Eternal Wave 密战 is a Chinese film set during the anti-Japanese occupation era starring Aaron Kwok, Zhao Li Ying and Zhang HanIt follows the main protagonist Lin Xiang who is a spy working underground to reestablish what was destroyed ruing the Battle of Shanghai. He meets a simple yet patriotic young lady who becomes his partner as they infiltrate the enemy as a couple. Apart from that, they cross paths with Liang Dong, a man whose motives are unclear. 

Both Zhao Li Ying and Zhang Han have played the Republican era spy in Rookie Agent Rouge and the upcoming drama Saker Falco respectively, so this one seems to fall right into place except on a much bigger scale. And really, Aaron Kwok is Aaron Kwok. The rest of the cast includes Zhang Lanxin, Simon Yam, Zhu Yi Long and Yu Xiao Guang
It's time for another round of first impressions, we've got two Candle in the Tombs, both of which seem to be boasting quality productions with Jin Dong as the elder Hu Ba Yi and Ethan Ruan as the younger version. In the meantime, if you're not caught up on the episode recaps of The King's Woman, below is a zippy review on the drama. 

Candle in the Tomb

Candle in the Tomb First Impressions

The first series Candle in the Tomb, hooks you in straight away by introducing you to the two main characters, Hu Bai Yi and Wang Kai Xuan aka. Fatty. Their venture into a hometown grave sets their path to joining an expedition with Shirley Yang in search of her father. The expedition leads them to many life or death situations while depending on each other and suspecting each other. Is Shirley who she says she is? Is there anyone else in the group hiding information? Could Hu Bai Yi be falling for Shirley? Most of all, will they come out alive, unscathe and filthly rich? - Contributed by Judy. 
Jin Dong second baby
There were recent rumors that Jin Dong is now a father of two after a message supposedly sent by him to close friends circulated the internet. It says, "2017.9.12 My baby, welcoming you to this world, wish you good health and happiness forever. Mighty mom, always be happy and beautiful".
The Liquidator
The Liquidator 心理罪之城市之光 is a Chinese film adapted from the Profiler series of novels written by Lei Mi 雷米. It is taken from City Lights, the last part of the series that brings together a genius profiler and a cop in the midst of another thrilling psychological chase. 

The story begins when the city is perturbed by an onslaught of serial killings which are brutal and ceremonial in nature. Fang Mu joins forces with the police to get to the bottom of the truth and along the way, he realizes that his old high school classmate Jiang Ya hides many secrets. At the same time, an entity called City Lights enacts a vote using the internet to determine the life or death of a famous lawyer. 

Bai Qian and Yehua reunited in New York
Michael Kors, thank you! After announcing Yang Mi as their global endorser, the fashion brand recently showcased its Spring 2018 Collection at New York Fashion Week and it has paved the way for a run in between Yang Mi and Mark Chao. Seriously, I'm over the moon because I'll take a Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms reunion in any way that I can. 

The King's Woman Episode 21 Recap
Hi guys, I'm substituting for this episode to get us a little closer to the very talked about episode 23, which is still a mystery to me because I haven't seen it yet, nor episodes 19 and 20 for that matter. I rely on Bamboo's recaps too 😓. 

After getting frustrated with the snail-paced romance between Ying Zheng and Li Er, it was surprising to see a complete one eighty in the way they interact with each other (a lot must have happened in the past two episodes). Gone are the forceful chin grabbing and perpetual long faces and instead, Ying Zheng and Li Er chase each other around like a happy couple. Sure, he still gets passive aggressive and occasionally manipulative, but for someone like Ying Zheng, that's just the norm.