Psychologist Chinese webseries

Psychologist 双面心理师 is a 12-episode Chinese web series starring Qiao Zhenyu (Hero's Dream), Tina Tang Yixin (Taichi Master) and Qi YiIt tells the story of Xia Mu, a gifted psychologist and Ou Yang Xin who are lovers and partners in uncovering a criminal operation. K plays an essential role in driving the story forward. 
Angelababy pregnancy photos

On April 26, Huang Xiaoming posted photos of his wife Angelababy flaunting a full baby bump along with the caption, "Nothing much, just thinking that being a mom is not easy! All the moms in the world are great, I love mom(s)."

Ever since the couple welcomed their baby boy up till Angelababy's first public appearance looking no different from how she was pre-pregnancy, the actress has been bombarded with all sorts of rumors from faking birth to surrogacy. It's ridiculous that the couple should even bother with accusations though the timing of the picture is good in the sense that it finally puts the speculations to rest. 
Crystal Liu Huang Xiaoming

Huang Xiaoming and Crystal Liu recently graced the Tissot press launch held in Beijing dressed elegantly in a matching all black attire as they showcased the Swiss watchmaker's latest line of wristwatches. Huang Xiaoming has been the luxury brand's global ambassador for years and was followed by Crystal Liu at the end of 2015. 

A look further back and you might remember that the two were the titular lovers in the classic wuxia series The Return of the Condor Heroes. It has literally been more than ten years since then and it's nostalgic to see them sharing the spotlight even for a brief moment. 

Since admitted their dating status last December, Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin have seemingly become relationship goals. Their chemistry onscreen has worked well in numerous occasions and they even have their latest hit drama Princess Weiyoung to show for it.

I hadn't expected a collaboration this soon but it looks like it's right around the corner as the two have signed up for 
The Way We Were 归去来, an upcoming Chinese drama slated to begin filming in June. Everything aside, I already know that it's a pairing I won't want to miss. 

The couple have filmed a short teaser to give an insight into the story that revolves around the second generation rich and powerful and their experiences studying abroad. There are complicated relationships and a secret that drives a wedge between the main couple leaving them with a difficult choice. 

Rather than going abroad for some out-of-the-country shots, filming will be concentrated in the US featuring locations like San Francisco and Los Angeles though there will also be location shoots in China and Cambodia. 
Yang Shuo Gu Li Na Zha

Gulnezer Bextiyar (Fighter of the Destiny) and Yang Shuo (Ode to Joy 2) are the new leads for the upcoming Chinese TV series Retourner Le Monde A Toi 归还世界给你, which is being touted as a fashion suspense idol drama. Somehow I can't envision the two as a couple nor can I imagine what a fashion suspense idol drama is supposed to look like. However, they do make a very attractive pair and are a shoo in for a theme around fashion. 

The drama began filming Friday, April 28 (Asia Time) with the cast appearing to unveil the filmmaking equipment. The show is expected to be shot in China and France
Wallace Chung Healing Love

Healing Love 幸福的理由 is a 55-episode Chinese TV series that sets itself apart with a theme around musical healing. Wallace Chung (Liang Sheng, Must We Be Sorrowful) who is also listed as a producer headlines as the main lead and he even took violin lessons and the like to get into character. Qiao Zhenyu (Hero's Dream), Wang Xiao Chen, Chen Ran also star. 

The story revolves around a musical genius who falls into despair after being afflicted with a hearing impairment. He returns to his country to teach instead and meets a language therapist who helps in his road to healing, yet the journey is riddled with difficulties complicated by a disapproving father, an obsessive ex and corporate problems. 

I can't say that I'm convinced to watch this at all, but General and I is proof that Wallace Chung's charisma has no limits and for that, I might just tune. Call it a coincidence but Wallace Chung previously released a song with the same Chinese title as the drama. 
Lee Min Ho recommendations
Considered one of the biggest Hallyu stars in Korea, he's a name you can't escape, making waves in Korea and internationally as well; a fashion icon, ambassador, actor, and singer, Lee Min Ho wins the hearts of ladies everywhere. With his military enlistment date drawing near (May 12), fans are already missing his absence as the actor takes a 2 year break with his enlistment and says goodbye to his 20s.
Song of Phoenix
The countdown to Song of Phoenix 思美人 is down to two days and if you are in the mood for heavy palace politics, this this may just be the show that you are looking for. This 81-episode Chinese drama revolves around the legendary life of Qu Yuan who is known in history for his great literary works. It premieres this Friday, April 28, 2017 on Hunan TV. The best part is that it is broadcasting simultaneously on Viki for anyone looking for subs. 
Madam Tussauds

On April 24, William Chan appeared in Madame Tussauds Shanghai to unveil his personal wax figure. It is a moment that is sure to bring back nostalgia not only for fans of the actor but also fans of The Mystic Nine because it immortalizes the show's hero "Lao Fo Ye" in his trademark military fatigues and signature stance. 

It's not perfect but I actually think they got pretty close this time though I doubt that anyone can ever compare to Yang Yang's in terms of likeness. For one, they failed to include William Chan's killer dimples.  
Fighter of the Destiny
If you think that Because of Meeting You left competition in the dust when it aired last month, then think again because In the Name of People is literally making a killing. After breaking past 4.0 less than two weeks ago, it has surged past 5.0 and last I checked, it's at 6.0! It makes you wonder just how high it can go especially as the finale approaches this week. 

Rather than talking about the obvious winner again, it seems fitting to turn the attention to Fighter of the Destiny, which in spite airing late from ten to midnight has managed to beat out a number of primetime offerings to rank at number three. 

Luhan leads the VLinkage top ten celebrities to pull in another win for the show while his leading lady Gulnezer Bextiyar trails closely at fifth place. Lu Yi is right in between at number three. I imagine the network execs should be busting out the champagne because all the shows mentioned above air on Hunan TV.  
Our Time Will Come Chinese movie
Our Time Will Come 明月几时有 is a Chinese movie that brings to life a piece of history. Set in 1940's Hong Kong, it revolves around Fang Gu, an ordinary school teacher who turns into an extraordinary fighter, determined to defend her countrymen from Japanese occupation. 
Operation Love

There is only one more day until Lay Zhang Yixing turns into a time-traveling loverboy in Operation Love but before we get to see him, we get another present first as the show shares the sheet music to its theme song Wish "Qi Yuan" composed by none other than Lay. 

While largely known for his smexy dance moves, Lay has actually been shown to have a passion for music composition since his EXO Showtime days so it's nice to see that he's able to put it to good use here

I can play Mary Had a Little Lamb at best so lest this be wasted on me, I'm resharing instead. The piano arrangement is done by Kang Xiao Kang and performed by Song Si Heng and the music video has made its way to youtube too. 
Aaron Kwok Wedding

Most of you have probably heard about Aaron Kwok's wedding already, but I'm writing this at the behest of a friend so just in case you haven't heard.... On April 18, 2017, Aaron Kwok bid his bachelor status goodbye. He is what you would call Hollywood royalty on this side of the world and also known as of one the Four Heavenly Kings that include Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung and Leon Lai
Crystal Liu Once Upon A Time

After placing Yang YangYang Mi and Mark Chao on the covers of their recent issues, Harper's Bazaar China concludes the final leg of its Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms campaign with a stunning shoot featuring Crystal LiuThe actress also shares a candid interview about her role in the upcoming movie Once Upon A Time translated here 

Despite the call for Crystal Liu to play the beloved heroine, one of the biggest if not the biggest question was whether or not she had the acting credibility required to bring an iconic character to life. It seems like we'd actually have to see it to believe it but what remains largely uncontested is how she is and always will be a goddess.
Rush to the Dead Summer
It's been almost a year since Zheng Shung won everybody over as the beautiful and brainy gamer in Just One Smile is Very Alluring. She has stayed away from the spotlight since then though it looks like the wait is finally over with her comeback project Rush to the Dead Summer slated to air this summer. 

She plays opposite Cheney Chen (Disguiser) to tell a story from the time when they were students to adulthood. It's reminiscent of Just One Smile in a way but the somewhat poetic character reveals indicate that it's going to be a complete one eighty in terms of plot. 

I love that L'Officiel Hommes literally promotes its upcoming May Issue by hashtagging Luhan's birthday and today, April 20 is his actual birthday. The recently-turned-27-year-old actor is proving to be a triple threat in the business - dropping his new music video On Call on the same day, fighting for the sake of good in Fighter of the Destiny and bringing laughs through the variety show Keep Running, all in a month's work.

To top it off, here are some pictures taken by celebrity photographer Chen Man who shoots a concept around a casual day on the streets of old Beijing. We see Luhan doing all kinds of stuff from flying a kite to riding a bike to chilling. To be honest, it's coming across as a little too underwhelmingly candid but it's Lu Ge and he's always a welcome sight. On a completely different note, he does not look a day over twenty to me.   
Hero's Dream

The upcoming Youku web series Hero's Dream 天意之秦天宝鉴 has released its first set of stills featuring Oho Ou (Legend of the Cat Demon), Li Yu Xuan, Li Gan, Yu Ji Wei and Zhang Rui (Rule the World) as their Qin Dynasty counterparts. 

Any true blue history buff will probably recognize the names Han Xin, Zhang Liang, Xiang Yu and Jing Ke as their stories have been passed down for generations. It seems that the show will focus on the characters' younger days with Oho Ou taking the lead as the great warrior Han Xin. Zhang Rui guest stars as Jing Ke, the assassin who tried to kill the Emperor of Qin. Filming began in Hengdian last March and is expected to wrap in four months. 
 72 Floors of Mystery Zanilia Zhao

Zanilia Zhao will be joining the variety show 72 Floors of Mystery not as a guest as initially rumored but as a regular member of the cast. And here I thought she meant to take a break from showbiz after working non-stop, but hey, no complaints to seeing more of Li Ying. Besides, it'll be interesting to see her try her hand at variety. 

Zanilia Zhao's addition makes her the only female cast member and I know the show's striving for originality and all, but I can't help but get Running Man vibes. In a way, it's hardly surprising that she'd join because she has previously worked with the show's creator Nan Pai San Shu in The Mystic Nine

Now that the team's complete along with the likes of Kris Wu, Leo Wu Lei and Simon Yam, it's shaping up to be an incredible lineup you wouldn't want to miss. The eyecandy is reason enough for me to watch and it'll be an added bonus if it's actually goodWilliam Chan who has been Zanilia Zhao's leading man twice is the first guest star though it isn't clear whether they will appear together given that filming started weeks before this announcement.