Legend of Sun and Moon Filming Ceremony
We learn two things today. First, that the casting rumors pairing up Dilraba Dilmurat and Shawn Dou are true (yess!!). Second, that it has finally begun filming. Shawn Dou was present for the opening ceremonies of Legend of Sun and Moon 日月传奇, which as the title implies is about a legendary story about two well-known deities. 

The production team has been preparing for this movie for two years and they are introducing it as a fantasy romance comedy. I wasn't expecting comedy, but a little humor is always welcome especially in the face of a sad love story. If it goes by the Chinese folklore, the main couple are separated as the heroine ends up on the moon. Dilraba Dilmurat wasn't able to attend as she's currently in Europe for Milan Fashion Week. 
The Flame's Daughter Stills C-drama
The Flame's Daughter (Mar 1 Youku) 
First Episode Recap The Legend of Dugu c-drama
I found my two favorite characters. They're both kind of evil, one more of a straight up villain than the other, and they both make equally intriguing personalities. Granted the plot and cinematography is nothing out of the ordinary, but I'm invested enough to want to keep watching.     

Here are this week's drama finds.

Oh My General

Oh My General Couple MOVEEE
Oh My General begins with a general returning from a victorious battle and is commanded to marry a prince. The prince is a good for nothing, womanizing, trouble causing, spoiled brat. Everything the general is not. It is hilarious when they first wed and also very sweet as their relationship develops. The scenes and costumes are very stylistic and bold. Every scene has a meaning. It is so refreshing to have a well-written drama, with none of the predictable nonsense melodrama. (I'm just hoping it has a conclusive ending, rather than the wtf endings we've been getting lately!) - Contributed by Judy.
First Impressions Go Go Waikiki Korean drama
Hilarious meets adorable in this slapstick comedy drama that's bound to warm any bitter winter. 
Dolce Gabbana Chinese brand ambassadors
TFBoys member Karry Wang Junkai was appointed as the new brand ambassador for the Asia Pacific region of Dolce & Gabbana this month and coming off the heels of the announcement is his female counterpart which has recently been confirmed to be Dilraba DilmuratAt ages 18 and 25, both certainly embody the fresh and youthful look fitting for their respective niches and bring their individual vibrance in showcasing the the brand's bolder designs. It seemed only a matter of time before they formed an official partnership with the brand as they've worn Dolce & Gabbana on several occasions with Dilraba even walking the runway last year. The news is well-timed as a lot of stars are jetting off to Italy for Milan Fashion Week which runs from Feb 21 - Feb 27, 2018. 
Da Jiang Da He Begins Filming Wang Kai
As of Feb 20, Wang Kai has started filming for his next drama Da Jiang Da He 大江大河 where he reunites with the production team that casted him in his breakout role for Nirvana in Fire. A big part of me wishes that this were a historical drama instead but it counts as a period piece as it goes back to the late 1970's until the early 1990's to detail a revolutionary era in the history of China. Directors Kong Sheng, Huang Wei and Producer Hou Hongliang were also present at the opening ceremonies along with actress Tong Yao whose profile reminds me of Zhang Ziyi. She will be playing the character Song Yunping though it's unclear whether she's the leading lady or a supporting role (it seems more likely that it's the latter).

The Chinese drama world is fairly accessible because of several great blogs and streaming websites, but music is a different story. To me, it is an unchartered territory, something I would like to get into and, learn more about -  venturing alone is a tad daunting. 

Many of you are knowledgeable about this topic and it would be grand if you'd share discoveries. Do you have any recommendations? Any genre and type of band (mainstream & low-key) would be great. 
Negotiator is a newly released Chinese romance drama. The story revolves around Tong Wei, a woman who is bold, vigilant and never loses a battle. She crosses paths with Xie Xiao Fei, a self-absorbed successor of a large conglomerate, hellbent on opposing her on the negotiation table. After watching the first couple episodes I'd say the story is intriguing, with a mix of seriousness and flamboyancy.
Character posters Yan Shi Fan Huang Zitao
Yan Shi Fan 艳势番之新青年 is an upcoming drama that covers a pivotal change in a history of China and as expected, there are quite a lot of characters to depict the ambitious undertaking. Huang Zitao takes the lead Chong Liming, a member of the imperial family. He has returned from studies abroad and becomes embroiled in the political struggles in the country. After clashing with gangsters and corrupt Qing officials, he realizes the importance of friendship and fighting for one's beliefs.
Sword Dynasty Chinese animation
Sword Dynasty 剑王朝 slipped out of my radar when it was first announced but it is turning out to be a pleasant surprise the more I learn about it. It is a live action drama adaptation based on a novel turned animated series that stars Li Xian (Tientsin Mystic) and Li Yitong (Bloody Romance). I don't necessarily see a resemblance between the stars and their animated counterparts, but I can definitely see both as the sword-wielding heroes. The novel is about a man determined to takedown the Qin Dynasty. I hope we don't get the same end that Jet Li met in the movie HeroFilming began last year on December 28. 

Xue Haojing The Smiling The Proud Wanderer Ren Ying Ying
The premiere draws near for the latest drama adaptation of The Smiling, The Proud Wanderer 新笑傲江湖, yet the show has been stingy with promos as only a handful of character posters have been unveiled. It's a good thing newbie actress Xue Hao Jing has taken initiative to drop an informal self-introduction of herself through a photoshoot where she's looking every bit the badass swordswoman. Not much is known about her other than that she's 23 years old, 172 cm tall and has been practicing traditional Chinese dance for twelve years. With A-list actresses/dancers like Zhang Ziyi carving out successful careers for themselves in period pieces, it seems like dancing is the perfect prerequisite to start a career in wuxia. I'm quite excited to see what she brings to the table as Ren Ying Ying. Surely, it ought to turn out better than what Yu Zheng did for Yuan Shan Shan.  
Negotiator c-drama broadcast ratings
It was an uneventful week in c-dramaland with most of the shows preempted and web rankings barely moving from last week in light of Lunar New Year festivities (oops, just learned that it's because the source wasn't updated at all). 

Negotiator accumulates 4 billion views online as of today and emerges as the ratings leader among the primetime shows on television. Peace Hotel is a very close second with ratings also past 1.0%. I was expecting much more from Memories of Love which had the combined star power of Wallace Chung and Aaron Yan but the show seems stuck within the middle range while K9 Coming continues to lag. 
The first weekend of the Lunar New Year has passed and the big premieres that were released on Feb 16 have been quick to give updates on their respective performances at the box office. As of the writing of this post, Monster Hunt 2 leads with 1.35 billion followed by Detective Chinatown 2 with 1.102 billion. 

I remember not being a fan of the hair at first, but I take it all back because the jet black waves look so good on Huang Zitao who is intensely imposing as the battle-ready hero in his upcoming drama Yan Shi Fan 艳势番之新青年. It's no wonder that most of the promos have been focused on him though we also get one single photo of leading lady Hu Bing Qing who stands out equally in an all black outfit.
Li Yi Feng wraps filming In New York
After around five months of working, Li Yi Feng wrapped filming for In New YorkI could tell from the background that he's no longer in New York as he has been back in Beijing for months now. As the star of the show, he was the one of the first in the cast to be present when the drama started filming in October and has filmed over 800 scenes since then. He's finally off work just days after the Lunar New Year, which may spell some some time off for the popular actor as he mulls over his next project. 
Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost Poster
Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 is a 60-episode Chinese drama adapted from a novel by Dian Xian 电线 that tells a love story between gods and goddesses. So I hear that the drama is not really like Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms but I can't help but approach it with the same expectations just because it seems like it could be the next big hit in the fantasy romance genre. The soft, ethereal look is visually appealing, the heart-wrenching romance and criss-crossing fates seem complicated enough to make an intriguing plot and the first meeting between the girl with no feelings and the prince should make for hilarious encounters. 

It stars Yang Zi, Deng Lun, Luo Yunxi, Yukee Chen, Wang Yi Fei and Zou Ting Wei. Did I mention that I like the cast? I especially like the main leads who are lovable on their own and even more adorable together. There are rumors that it was supposed to air in March or April of this year, neither of which have been confirmed and the latest news it that Hunan TV has bought the rights to the drama. The hype is certainly there and I'm praying that it doesn't disappoint. 

New Dragon Gate Inn Ma Ke
New Dragon Gate Inn 新龙门客栈 is another remake of a popular wuxia classic that was most recently made into the 2011 Tsui Hark film starring Jet Li. In the upcoming drama adaptation, Ma Ke takes the lead as the titular protagonist Zhou Huai An. He is a righteous man who carries the weight of the world and a member of the Embroidered Uniform Guards, yet he leaves the organization to journey into the martial arts world.